Monday, July 28, 2008

4th of July

So these are back from the 4th I know I am so far behind but I am almost caught up. After the Luau when we came back to cedar my little sister Amanda came down with us and spent some time just hanging out for the week and then my family came down for the 4th at the end of the week. That week I also got a job. I started Lin's the week of the forth and am still working there now. I work in the deli. It isn't the most gloreous job in the world, but I really like the people I work with and have already meet some awesome friends there. Plus they are really good to me and work well with my schedule.

My family came down on the 3rd and that night we just hung out. The next morning was the parade. Because I will not let my family go on with out going to the parade first. I will not miss a parade ever.

After it was over we went straight home changed into our swimming suits and took the 40 minute drive to Sand Hollow to meet up with Uncle David and Aunt Marcie to do some boating. We had so much fun. But the weather was crazy so we just went out on the boat once that day. Ty did some wakeboarding and is so fun to watch. I wanted to go out and ski but I have only done it once so I was scared to do it in such coppy water. Ty had to leave early to go to work so I just hung out with my family down there. It was sad that he had to leave. We went to pizza factory in St. George for dinner that night and when we got back to cedar ty just got off work so we all went to the fireworks in cedar. It was a way fun day.

And the next morning we went boating again but this time ty couldn't come at all. this time the water was still way coppy so we decided to do a lot of tubing. We used the 3 man tube and Niki my cousin and I would go with each of the little kids. It was the first time that ammon have ever been on the boat and he had so much fun going on the tube. When It was niki, Amanda and I on the tube my uncle David wasn't as nice as he was when we went with the little kids. It was sooooo scary. I don't know if I am the only one that thinks this way but I don't think it is fun to purposly be flipped on the tube. I like a nice fun bumpy thrill ride but I do not like to flip. Not fun. So I held on for dear life and prayed we would flip luckily we didn't so it was fun. haha.

That night Ty, Dad, Mom and I all went to Fiddler on the roof at the shakespeare festival. I am not a big fiddler on the roof fan, but I ended up loving this performance of it. It was so good I got way into it. Now I really want to go to another Shakespeare play so we are thinking mom and dad ulrich need to come down and see one with us :)

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