Monday, July 28, 2008

The week of the 24th

Ok so now I am only a week behind I am doing a little better. On the 22nd Ty and I both had the day off so we decided that we would go to St. George and pay Dan and Brooke a little visit because we really miss them being right down the street and I was having kid withdrawls :). It was fun we got to see the new place they are living and managing now. They look the same as Sunset Ridge but have palm trees (I love palm trees) they also did their front room differently then the one in Cedar and it is way cute. Brooke you made me want to rearange my front room now, Ty and I were trying to figure out how we would do it when we got back from your house but haven't done anything yet. We hung out with the kids and they showed us that they have a community pool here. It was really cool. It was so fun to go and see them and just visit with dan and brooke.

Ty is so awesome with kids. I love to see him play with Oaklyn and Con the way he does.

Haha ok so Ty took this picture of me at work and I just have to laugh at what we have to wear. I have to wear this goofy hat that looks like a french man's beret. Bleh I look so aweful in it.
On the 24th Ty and I again went to the parade because of my obseission. It was really fun and there were some really funny ward floats and other ward ideas.

This was a funny car. It had thses clowns in it and the car wheels were all wobbley so they were all over the place its hard to explain but it was so funny looking.

After the parade we treked over to the park and hung out at the little fair. We went around to all of the booths and of course got some cotton candy. We also watched a little band and some dancers. Then we both had work. It stunk we were both working on pioneer day but we were still able to have a fun morning.

After Work we decided we would do some of own fireworks. I even lite a few of them but it was kinda scary haha. After doing about six of the fireworks at like 11:30 Ty got a call from his cousin Adam that asked if he would mind coming to the ER to help give Leslie a blessing. We didn't know what was wrong with her all he said is that she was sick so we rushed to the ER so Ty could help Adam and Leslie. So we found out when we were there that they went in because she was having a really hard time breathing and she ended up having a blood clot in one of her lungs. Crazy and Scary. They transfered her into the ICU for 4nights. They also don't have insurance so then now because I am a worry wart I am freaking out that Ty and I don't have insuranc and things could happen at anytime you never know. Also I am so paranoid because blood clots are a side effect of birth control. Ahhhh I am so scared to take my BC now. But when it comes to medical things I freak out for example when I watch the show house and see their symptoms I always think I have those symptoms or have had those symptoms and think I am sick. So anyway Leslie you are in our prayers for a safe recovery and you and adam are in our prayer that you will be able to find a solution to paying your medical bills from this.

On the 26th Em, Ty Parker and I all went to Sonci to get a treat just for fun before Ty and I had work.

Parker loves Ty's slushes!

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