Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy birthday Mom!

So Today was my mom's Birthday and I just wanted her to know how much I love her. My mom is the greatest! she really is. She will do anything for her kids and my dad. My mom puts other people first all the time maybe even too much (mom you deserve a break too :). Here are some of my favorite things about my mom:
1. She is so loving
2. She has always been supporting of me in everything I do even when I don't think I am good at it
3. She is a hard worker
4. She is talented: amazing organizer (read her website it is on my friends and family list- she owns her own organizing business), she makes the cutest cards and scrapbook pages, and she is the most amazing decorator. My mom's home is beautiful
5. She is so spiritual and a great example to me
6. She is so much fun to go shopping with
7. Growing up when I got a little older in my teen years and would stay up later she would stay up with me sometimes (We are both night owls) and now when Ty and I visit she always stays up late with us talking atleast one of the nights we are there
8. She is beautiful (and has the silkiest hair I have ever seen haha I wish I would have gotten her hair and not my dad's course hair)
9. She is very family oriented
10. She is so smart (way smarter than me)
11. She was always teaching me something
12. She makes me want to be a better person
13. she is easy to talk to
14. she will talk to me on the phone everyday if I called that much. A couple times we have talked like 3 days in a row
15. she is good at comforting
16. she will play games with us and watch movies with us
17. she is a super mom... she has to be with 8 kids and still 5 at home
18. she knows everything about mothering and I am sure I will be calling her everyday when I have kids with all sorts of questions I know she can answer
19. she has a huge heart and cares so much for people (She gets very emotional when it comes to christmas stories and spiritual stories :)
20. And most of all she is an amazing mother and I know she is a amazing wife to my dad because he has told us!

I love you mom and I hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. (don't worry you are still young)

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