Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our 2008

-Started our second semester married
- Went shooting with Dan

-Ty had his 23rd birthday and it was his first birthday we celebrated together as a married couple
- We moved to our home Sunset Ridge
-We watched my siblings and had such a fun sleepover while my parents went to the St. George parade of homes
-Ty's parents Dave and Julie came down and helped us to much with the move
-I read the first Twilight book in 2 days and continued reading the series throughout the year (Iam in love with these books. Thank you Amanda for introducing them to me)
- Celebrated our first married Valentine's Day

-Had a well deserved spring break which was partly spent up north and partly spent in cedar
-Brought Ammon back with us to cedar and spent some good quality time and had some fun sleepovers with him
-My family came down to cedar and spent Easter with us :) it was so much fun to have them here.
-First Easter as a married couple
-bought so many cute decorations and had so much fun decorating our new home

-Spent a night and day in St. George together for a well deserved little get away. We stayed in a hotel, played at fiesta fun and went shopping.
-Survived finals

-Watched my siblings up in Syracuse while my parents went on a little vacation to vegas. It was so fun. We hung out at the duck park, played, went to the dinosaur park.
-Took a job with living scriptures with Ty selling and moved to Phoenix, Arizona
-I looked for a job day in and day out this whole month
-Got a job at Target
-Made good friends (Trevor and Keesa) in Phoenix
-Took an online Chemistery class and lab over summer semester
-Went to the Mesa Temple. It was beautiful

-Phoenix didn't work out best for our little family so we moved back to Cedar in June
- Ty went back to work at Chillies
-I got a new job at Lin's in the deli
-Went up North for a while for my families big summer party Luau. Traci and her family came to visit from Canada

-Ty and I spent our first fourth of July together married
- My family came down to Cedar City visit for the fourth of July and we went boating
-I finished my online Chemistry Class and Lab and got an A in both!
-Spent our first 24th of July married together

-Celebrated our first anniversary in Vegas and stayed at the Stratosphere for three days
-Went to Jeff and Brittany's sealing (what an amazing experience)
-Got our first year anniversary pictures taken by Justin Bowen
-Went boating with Dave and Julie, Amanda and sparky (sparky almost drowned :( ) This family got me to try and love water skiing!
- Started fall semester

- My car accident case from October 2006 was finally settled and we finally got all the hospital bills paid and got a check for ourselves
-We were able to start a saving account
- We bought our Jeep. We love it but it needs some TLC and fixing up

-Spent conference weekend up North with family
- Went to Vegas with Ty's parents for part of my birthday weekend
-Spent the rest of my birthday up North
-I turned 22
-celebrated halloween in both Cedar City and St. George. Hung out with Ty's parents, Zach, Dan, Brooke and kiddos. Ty was a wrestler and I was a disco girl for halloween.
- Went to Dan and Brooke's pumpkin carving party

-Ty got really sick. (The only time he has thrown up since we have been married) it was so sad. I was grossed out. I am bad around throw up. I am going to be a horribel mother if I can;t be near barf
-I started my own interchangable beaded watch band business and I love love love it
- Ty and I got a calling together to be CTR 5 primary teachers
-went to the twilight movie opening night at midnight. Ty came with me what a sweet husband
-We had an amazing but very fast thanksgiving at the Ulrich's
-Decorated for Christmas early :)

-Finished up finals
- Ty took the LSAT Dec 6 and I am so proud of him for taking it
- I got my best college GPA this semester 3.95
-Ty won his fantacy football championship against his brothers
-Spent a week up North over Christmas/New years at both the Jacobs and Ulrich's and had the best time ever
-Traci, Stephane, Ben and Julien visited from Canada
- Ty and I went snowboarding with amanda and her friend. Ty and Amanda taught me the whole time. They are so nice and patient. I had a blast

Throughout the year
- Went on a lot of fun dates and midnight movies
-Made some life long friends
- I got Ty addicted to one of my favorite shows One Tree Hill and we now own 3 seasons
- Ty got both of us super addicted to the TV show scrubs and we just bought the sixth season
-Shaved Ty's head four times
-Whitney Started with Dark hair at the beginning of the year, then blonde in the middle and a mix with blonde on top and a dark shadow box at the end of the year and it also got shorter as the year past instead of longer

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