Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting into ShApE...and more

So I am starting these new aerobic classes that I am super duper excited for. My friend Runge introduced me to this incredible workout. they are free aerobic classes at the SUU PE building. The instructor is super cute and I totally want her body she is such as inspiration. But anyway she offers a whole bunch of classes through out the week. Abs lab (everyone's favorite so she teaches it three times a week), Plyometrics, hip hop (which I totally want to try probably next week), body Pump, and kick boxing! She went to school to be an instructor and she is so amazing at it. It is funny but one of the things I want to do in life is be a PE teacher but I also want to teach aerobic classes to high school students or athletes. :) Probably weird but i really want to work up to that goal. The best part about these classes is that they are FREE! Love it.
So on Tuesday I went with Runge to the Plyometric and Abs Lab. Let me tell you that plyometric class was crazy. It was so hard and I was sore for three days after, but I can't wait to go again. I hadn't had a work out this good since I was in gymnastics. I even work out at a gym three-four days a week and ru 20 min each time I go and this was still so much better and different of a workout. My thighs, hamstrings, calfs and butt were all sore. everything it was amazing. If I didn't work nights I would love to go to all of her classes. Plyometrics is athletic training and jump drills designed to make you jump higher, run faster and increase overall fitness. It consists of 4 30 second drills followed by 30 seconds of rest for an hour and is HIGH intensity. LOVE it! I also went to an abs lab which I loved so much it was full of all sorts of different ab exercises and lasted 30 min.

I just want abs like hers ^ :)
I also am super excited about our newest purchase! We got a Dell Desk Top. I love it so much. My laptop's harddrive crashed after only having it one year and Ty's also needs to be fixed from a virus. Well the day that we took my lap top into the shop and found out it was the hard drive my brother Chris called us and told us about the sale that SUU was having on used desktops so we just had to check it out. We got there and the computers were in awesome shape. We got a nice Dell computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard for only $110! Sweet huh. It was a lifesaver and it looks brand new.
Also this week we finally got the internet. I love having our own we are finally able to get online in anypart of our house. Before there was only one spot in our livingroom that we were able to get in from the neighbor (haha) and if you moved it would kick you out. So now I am able to blog in bed while Ty is sleeping he is happy about that because he used to wait for me to get done and sometimes it was really late. One thing that is kinda a pain is that because we don't have a cable jack in the middle bedroom and don't want our computer in our bedroom or livingroom we had to pay $60 to get a wireless router and card for our desk top. Lame! oh well. Internet is worth it. Silly thing to be way excited about but we love it! Thank you Bresnan.

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  1. These classes sound like alot of fun! Are they free for everyone or just SUU students? I would love to take a class from her, could I get the times of when the classes are?



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