Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some new Additions.... or shall I say eXtEnSiOnS!

There are two new additions in my life but of course the most important is our new little niece Ayla Rose Ulrich. She was born yesterday morning 7 weeks early. Scary but from what we have heard mom and baby are doing fine :) I just have to say when Chris sent us a picture of her early that morning my heart just melted. I don't know why but seeing her got me really emotional. I cannot wait to see her and hold her. It is so crazy to me that all of a sudden you have this little living thing that you are responsible for. Isn't creating life just amazing and a miracle?! She is such a blessing for Chris and Staci and we are so stinkin excited for you two that you have this sweet baby girl in your life now. We love you guys and we hope that you will keep us posted on everything and give her kisses from her uncle Ty and aunt Whitty.

And now not even close to as important, but still exciting to me, I got extensions on Friday. I know this isn't a very good picture to see them because of the hoodie but it is all I have of them right now. They aren't super long because of how short my hair was that would look silly and you would be able to tell I have them. And isn't the whole point is for them to look natural? Well anyway my hair was way too short and not getting longer because of the ends just breaking off from damage so my awesome extensions added about three more inches of length. My hair was only to about mu nose (I know crappy and ugly huh I hated it) and now it is an inch past my chin.
I only got them in the front so it is a sharp A-line and super duper cute. even just getting them in the front I had to get a million because of my stinkin hair is way to thick. But I can actually put my hair in a pony tail now and it looks way healthier. I totally love them and I am going to get so addicted. The only problem is they are expensive but hey so worth it. My talented friend Natalie that did my bangs also did these extensions. She is the one that gave me the idea to just do them in the front. And right you were missy I love them. She has been so good to me doing my hair so much lately. I feel like a whole new person with longer hair thanks Nat! You are one of the most talented people I know :)


  1. Your extensions are darling by the way, and you definately are working the bangs! You guys are darling together, we need to get to know you guys better. We see each other drive by, and thats about it. Congrats on the new nieces, those little girls are to die for!!!

  2. thanks so much for the info, I'm way excited to go to the classes this week! by the way your extensions are really cute! and congrats on the new niece!



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