Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our GrAdUaTiOn !!!

Both Ty and I graduate from SUU on Saturday May 2, 2009. We were so lucky to have both of our parents and some of our siblings there with us. I can't believe that I am a college graduate I feel like I just graduated high school. 4 years already? It was so fun for Ty and I to be able to walk together. We are in different colleges but since we are married they let us walk together. I loved it. It was awesome sitting next to the love of my life as we listened to the speakers and completing this big step in our lives. Our commencement speaker was President Thomas S. Monson. It was such an uplifting speech and I could have listened to him for hours. I felt so lucky to have graduated this year to have him as my speaker. I will nEvEr forget his words.

It was a really beautiful and special day after all the ceremonies we went to cHiLiS for dinner and back to our house for some cake and ice cream for dessert. We had such a CUTE cake and man was it good. Thank you Lin's Bakery :)

I graduated with a Bachelors with a major in Physical Education and a minor in Health Education.
Here is me and Ty and my cute mom and dad. And look at that fun cake :)

Ty graduated with a Bachelors with a major in Spanish and a minor in Criminal Justice.
I love all the pictures it really was so fun to have our families there. I like the picture of us and ty's cute parents and Dan and Brooke and the kiddos. Thanks Dan and Brooke and Kids for coming. It meant so much to us. Oaklyn was so cute she kept waving to us the whole convocation with a huge smile on her face but then once it was picture time she did not want to smile haha, Con Man was full of hugs and Londyn just wanted our balloons and looked as cute as ever. I wish I would have gotten some pictures of dinner at Chilis but oh well it was really fun and my little siblings were there celebrating with us.

Thank you Mom and Dad Jacobs and Mom and Dad Ulrich for all of your support throughout our lives we couldn't have gotten through school without you.

So NoW wHaT? Well I want to hopefully start this fall on my teaching licence which should only take another year so I would be completely done by spring or fall of 2010. While working on my license I want to find a job I can use some of my education on. And as for Ty he is going to go to law school this fall. It will be a three year journey that we are excited about. We will keep you posted on where we get into law school soon so stay tunned.


  1. CONGRATS!!! That is so neat both of you graduated at the same time. Best of luck on the rest of your adventures.

  2. Congratulations you guys! It's on to the next step now. Have you decided on where Ty will go to law school?

  3. Congrats to both of you...we are so proud to be parents of college grads!!!!!!!!!! Ty, U of U Law School - how cool is that! Double congrats!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you both...Mom U.

  4. Congrats to both of you! Miss the occasional wave as we pass in our cars! Keep holding down the fort at Sunset.

  5. I'm very very jealous of the graduation...if only I were done. Plus I wish my diploma was coming from SUU :) Good job both of you and good luck with schooling to come!



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