Monday, October 12, 2009

Our 2nd Anniversary!

So our anniversary was on August 31st I am just behind on posting. I can't believe it has already been 2 years. On one hand those two years have gone by so so fast but on the other hand I can't even remember my life without ty. So Ty was super cute and really took the time to plan something special for our anniversary. awwww. I asked him like a month before what we should do and he said he already had something planned I was so impressed and my heart seriously melted. Isn't the husband supposed to forget the anniversary? Well Ty didn't but he is the cutest boy after all. :)

The day before our anniversary was a Sunday so after church we made our way up north and stayed at his parents house. I was getting so excited for the next day and what he had planned. That next morning we made our way to Syracuse and he dropped me off at my moms so I could visit with her while he took care of some last minute things for our date. After visiting with my mom for a while we heard a knock at the door. I saw it was ty through the window on the top of the door and I thought what a weirdo why is he knocking on my parents door silly boy. But when I opened the door I asked what are you doing silly and he pulled a dozen roses out from behind his back and said I am picking you up for our date.....awwww cute huh?! When we were first dating and engaged I was living with my parents in Syracuse and he was living with his parents 40 minutes away in Murray so he would come to my parents a lot to go on dates or just hang out so it was like a flashback. It was a memory that I love.

After picking me up for our date we got some subway and had a picnic at the park in Layton that we had our engagement pictures taken :) Ty had a meaning for everything we did. We went to subway because it is one of our favorite places to eat and the only thing I can eat when I am sick. And then the picnic at the park was because of our pictures. We exchanged one of our gifts for each other after we ate. I gave Ty a aero T-shirt and a aero polo and he gave me a aero polo and an aero jacket sweater thing. Isn't that funny we got each other clothes from aero and didn't even know it?! After eatting and presents we went on a walk at fed the duckies. After the park we ran to target to get some cameras because the battery was dead on our good one.

When we got back into the car I got blindfolded to the long drive that ended up being from Layton to downtown Salt Lake. It was interesting being blindfolded that long Ty and I had a good talk and then I fell asleep for like ten minutes haha I couldn't handle being blind the darkness makes me tired. I got woken up and the blindfold came off when we parked but I still had to keep my eyes closed. Ty guided me with my eyes closed about a block to our destination. When I finally got to open my eyes we were on the steps of the Salt Lake Temple-the temple that we were married in in front of all our loved ones for eternity 2 years ago :) As soon as I opened my eyes and realized where we were I gave Ty a HUGE hug and started bawling. Im such a softy. we walked the temple grounds for a while, talked to the cute old missionary couple, went to the visitors center, talked to a cute sister missionary from Australia and got a quick snack at the Nauvoo cafe yum yum.

Next Ty took me to my next surprise that I spoiled earlier in the day but I was still so excited about it. We went and checked in at the Italian Gondola room at the anniversary inn. The reason why this is so special to us is because this is the exact same room that we stayed in on our wedding night. How sweet is that. After checking in and getting all our stuff in the room we exchanged our other present to each other. I was sooo excited to give ty this present he has wanted it for a while now but he had no idea I got them for him. I got ty golf shoes yay and he got me a cute black hat, the Hannah Montana movie (haha yes I love it), the new Colbie Caillat CD, a freakin cute necklace and a just as cute pair of earrings ( I am obsessed with earrings). After presents we got ready for dinner and got a little dressed up for it. Ty looked to handsome and I tried to look nice for him.

My next surprise was dinner. He took me Downtown to Pf Changs. And the reason why this restaurant is special to us is because we went there for dinner in Vegas for our first anniversary. He really thought of everything. We love to eat here it is probably one of our top places to eat. After dinner we stopped at a gas station and got some treats and a drink each. When we got back to the room he was so sweet to watch Hannah Montana with me and eat treats. Who can say their husbands watched Hannah Montana with them on their anniversary haha thank you honey.

The next morning after the delicious breakfast in bed and after getting ready for the day Ty had yet another surprise for me he said this one was an original not a memory. He took me to the zoo. The funny thing about this is he already had this planned but a couple days before I was telling him how I wanted to go to the zoo and that we had never been together and the next time we are up north after this trip we should go haha. He said it was so hard not saying anything while I was going on and on about the zoo. It was so much fun I love the zoo and there were sooooo many new babies. I love baby animals I just wanted to get in the cage and play with them. I dont know what it was but those baby animals were really getting to me like emotionally I know weird but I kinda had a spiritual experience at the zoo and the weirdest and least expected place ever. I just had a over coming feeling of how grateful I was for the miracle of life of all the beautiful animals and other living things we have in this world with us. Werid I know but it actually was really cool and meant so much to me. I can't wait to go back and check up on the baby elephant, the baby triplet tigers, the baby giraffe and the baby twin monkeys. I love you babies :)

So the original plan was to go home that day after the zoo but neither of us wanted to. We both worked the next day but Ty didn't work until that night and my boss gave me permission to come in a little later than I was scheduled so we decided to stay the night in Murray with Tys parents and hang out with them the rest of the night. We got to go to dinner with them at Italian Village it was really fun and special to go to dinner just us and the parents :) Thanks. When we got back I had an itch to go to the bead store so of course my cute mother in law was a trooper and came with me. I spend forever in there sorry Julie. When we got back I just hung out with Ty and my awesome father in law while Julie went to an appointment. When she got back of course we HAD to play a game. It wouldn't be a regular stay at the Ulrichs if we didn't play a game before bed. Ahhhh I love games with them. Then next day we were up early and got on the road getting to Cedar just in time for me to get to work.

Ty I just want to tell you how truly grateful I am for that weekend. We needed it so bad and I had a blast you are such a sweety and at the same time hilarious. I just love that about you that you can be so sweet to me and also make me laugh all the time. I am grateful for a husband that works so hard for me to provide for me. I am grateful for his smile, for his kisses and most of all for loving me back as much I love him. I am so grateful for these last two years with you and I can't wait for all the many more anniversaries and years to come. I love you this much baby and I will love you that much forever. We just have one more tradition to do to make our anniversary complete and that is anniversary pictures. Hopefully we will get those done soon and then I will post them. Happy Anniversary.


  1. Way waycute! i can't believe its been 2 years. How are you doing and what is new?

  2. You two are so cute and thoughtful of each other! Happy anniversary!

  3. ummmmm I suck, and forgot about your pictures. Do you still want me to do them? Or do you want to wait until the family pics. Let me know. Happy anniversary!

  4. WOW all i can say is WOW! VERY impressive



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