Saturday, November 7, 2009

San Diego Trip Sept.30 -Oct.5 2009

In September my dad called me out of the blue one morning and told us they were going to San Diego and said they got an amazing deal and invited us to come. WE were all of that idea! San Diego with the fam? Heck yeah! It was over the kids UEA vacation from school so we left on Wednesday and got back on Monday. Wednesday we started our drive late so we drove to Primm Nevada stayed at Wiskey Petes and then got up the next day to drive the rest of the way. On our way to our hotel the first day right before San Diego we stopped at the Wild Animal Park/Zoo. It was HOT but so much fun. We got to see a lot of SWEET animals and went on a cool tour train to see all the wild animals roaming out in the open it was soooo cool. Ty's favorite animals are gorillas and they were awesome to see at the zoo. I also really loved seeing the gorillas and the lions. Except the lion looked like it wanted to eat Amanda it wouldn't keep its eyes off of her haha. They also had a cool club house thing you climb up to see a good view of the park and there was a petting zoo area where we got to pet and feed some cute deer. The last thing we did before left was the carousel and yes ty and I road it too :) We are just big kids.
These are all at the Wild Animal Zoo. Ammon and I loved the deer. Ty likes to be silly of corse I think he is a little to big to come out of that egg. We all loved the tour train to see all the animals.

These are a lot of the animals we saw while we were there along with much more. I really liked the turtles one day I want one as a pet :) We think ty likes the gorillas because he has really broad shoulders like them. We found out on the tour that the great white rhinos are distinct and there are only five left in the whole world they have two of them in this zoo. Ty thought that was sad.

After the zoo we were off to the hotel once we all got settled in we went out to dinner at dennys and then went to the hot tub for a little bit and then crashed back at the hotel because we were all exhausted from walking at the zoo. Friday was SEA WORLD DAY! We were soooo excited to go to sea world. Ty had never been before and I was little since I had been we had so much fun.

The first thing we did was go on the ride that takes you up high and spins so that you can see the view of the whole park and a lot of San Diego. It was a really pretty view.

Next we were off the see the sea otters, sting rays and dolphins. We got to pet the sting rays it was really cool they feel all spongy. I was hesitant to touch them at first but it was way cool when I did. The kids liked touching them they thought it was cool. Ty really liked it too. I liked the babies.

Next we saw the coolest show ever the Shamu show with all the killer whales. I can't even explain how cool this show was I got chills through the whole thing. The tricks with the trainers were awesome too. The relationship that the trainers and the whales had was so amazing to me they were like their pets it was so cute. Its amazing that people can train killer whales.

After the show we went to lunch and saw some more of the park.

Then we were off to the kids play area it was cute and it had a huge jungle jim that even my dad came and played in, a few rides and the cool circus mirrors that make you look really tall and skinny or realy short and stout haha it was so fun in there. Also the park was decorated in all fall and halloween decor it was cute.

Next we went to the sea lion show which was supposed to be a comedy show called Sea Lions Live SLL and it was soooo funny those sea lions are really obedient. Last we went to more of the aquariums and saw some sharks too it was an awesome day at sea world.

So when I was little I went to sea world with my fam and they got me a dolphin and for some reason I named it puppy. I LOVED that thing and I had it for a long time but I don't know what happened to it. Well since I didn't have it anymore and sea world memories meant puppy I just had to replace it so I got almost the same dolphin and its name it puppy. :) That night we got panda and chilled at the hotel.

Saturday was LEGOLAND day My little brother Ammon could not go to San Diego without going to this place he loves Legos and just had to go. Zach loves legos too so he was also in heaven. It was a really cute place and I think we all had fun.
They had big lego characters everywhere it was awesome we just had to get pictures of all of them. They even had a lego pumpkin patch for halloween. CUTE

Us with more of the characters. Sponge Bob And the pizza guy were my favorite hahaha

And these are some of the animals made from legos.

We went on lots of cool rides....

And some more rides :)

Since it was October Legoland was decorated for halloween and in the evening they invited all the kids to dress up and they had trick or treating, costume contests and entertainment. There were a lot of workers that were dressed up too. Ammon Zach and Emmy had lots of fun dressing up and trick or treating. Zach also went up on stage and danced in his alien costume to Monster Mash he was very entertaining he was cracking me and my mom up. They looked so cute in their costumes. After the haloween festivities we got dessert ice cream. We then went to this cool area called USA mini land this was sooo COOL! It was all the big cities Vegas, San Fran, Orleans, Washington DC, New York and Southern California and they were mini cities built from legos it was incredible. Im sad I didn't get any pictures because our camera battery died. But it was so cool Vegas and New York were my favorite. Washington DCs buildings were awesome too. They also had little lego trick or treaters in all the cities. This area was for cure Ty's favorite. But we all loved it. We went on one last ride and the gift shop for legos for the boys before they closed we were sad to go. We stopped and go in and out burgers and off to the hotel we went again. Just relaxed and the boys of course played with they new legos.

Sunday was the drive back to Utah but before that we had to go to the BEACH. You can't go to San Diego without visiting the beach first. We all had so much fun running from the waves, chasing flip flops in the ocean, writting in the sand and just laughing together. We all had to atleast get our toesies in, but my dad got further in and then the waves splashed him when he had to chase ammons flip flop before the waves took it away so we got a little more wet haha.

Mom, Dad, Me, Ty, Amanda, Emilee, Zach and Ammon all having a blast at the beach.

More fun at the beach. Oh and don't forget the handstand on the beach pictures its a tradition :)

After the beach we went over to the beach shops and bought some cool San Diego souveniers and road some rides on the cool pier mini amusement park. Ty, me Emmy and Zach road the roller coaster and Ammon road the carousel. We then were back on the road to Utah....only we didn't get quite there we got to Primm and my dad decided it would be fun to stay there again and prolong the vacation one more night. We were all up for that :) We dropped our stuff off at Wiskey Petes and we were off to Vegas for some family dinner at chilies. Chilies is my dad's favorite place to eat out and luckily Ty works there so we get a sweet discount. It was so fun to be on vacation and be with the family for one more night. We then drove back to the hotel and just talked and hung out together.

Monday morning we were up ready and drove the rest of the way to Cedar City. When we got there my mom and I went to some antique shops and lunch and the boys and kids hung out at home and had lunch. It was fun just hanging out just me and my mom for a couple hours. My mom loves this antique shop on main street in Cedar and always gets cool stuff there. We also heard of another one so we decided to check it out. Well it was an atique shop/animal adoption and feeding place. It was the oddest place we had ever been they had huge dogs and cats just roaming around the antiques we just laughed the whole time because it was sooo weird. We still got some cool stuff though so I guess it was worth it. Plus it was time with my mom I just love those times :) Around 4:00 the fam left to get back home up North and then a little later Ty was off to work and I was left at home alone after spending all that time with the fam it was sooo lonely :( Luckily I had some unpacking to do and I called my sis traci and talked to her for like two hours. I just never like seeing family go after visiting. I can't wait until next year when we live closer to our families :)

Thank you mom and dad for inviting us and thank you mom and dad, Amanda, Emilee, Zach Ammon and Ty for such a fun vacation. Ty and I love spending time with you all. Can't wait for the next one when Adam gets home!


  1. what a freakin fun trip!! looks and sounds like you had a blast.. i love all the little collages of pictures that you made.. i need to learn that:) hope everything is goin great for you guys.. we don't get to see you enough:(.. loves

  2. I love your long hair. It is so cute!!!!

  3. you guys travel so much.. it looks like a lot of fun and you th look great!

  4. We had such a great time. I love family trips. I'm glad you guys could come. I can't wait for the next one.



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