Friday, December 18, 2009

It'S a.......

....Little man. We are so so happy to tell everyone that we are going to have a little boy!
Ty is so excited to be daddy to our little guy.

First we had our eighteenth week appointment on Friday December 11th. The appointment ran fairly smoothly we just had the routinely check up and got to hear the heartbeat again of course and of course I was again relieved to hear our little baby's healthy heart. I just love hearing our babies heart it reminds me how blessed I am to have a healthy baby growing inside of me. After the routine stuff we were talking to the doctor and getting answers to some of our questions when the fact that I had been spotting a lot came up. I know spotting is somewhat normal in pregnancy but I still worry and I still don't like it so I brought it up to him. Since I am RH- he decided that I should get the RhoGAM shot (shot to prevent my body from attacking the baby) immediately he didn't even want us to wait until Monday just because he wanted to make sure the bleeding wasn't coming from the placenta having to do with RH-. When he said he wanted us to do it right away it worried me even more, Ugh I am never going to stop worrying am I? I guess that comes with being a mamma.

So after our visit with Dr. Gatherum we went to get my blood work done and then we had to wait a few hours for the results before they could give the shot so we went home, I called in work telling them I would be a little late and we waited for the phone call to go back in. At aboutt 1:00 we got the call to go back in and I got the shot on my hip and can I tell you it hurt BAD way worse then shots in your arm haha my poor bum was sore for a few hours. So hopefully the shot will do its job and my baby will stay healthy and the spotting will stop.

Then on Monday came the FUN appointment. Monday December 14th at about 9:30 am we got to find out the gender of our little peanut. First of all with the next pregnancy when I go in for my ultrasound I am not drinking the water and hour before my appointment a half hour would have been so much better and would have been fine for the ultrasound readings. OH my heavens I have never had to pee so bad in my life. haha. At about 9:30 they finally called my name to go back and get our ultrasound. The first ten minutes the technician didn't have anything on the screan for me to see she was just doing all her measurements while I laid there with Ty by my side holding my hand anxiously waiting until we could see our baby. Finally when she was done with the most important stuff to the doctors we got to the part we were most excited about seeing our baby and finding out the gender. I can't even explain the most incredible feeling that I felt when I saw my little peanut just a wiggling away up on that screen. AHHHH It was the coolest thing I had ever seen or felt at that moment. After she took a few pictures and videos for us to take she asked if we wanted to know the gender and we said we of course wanted to. So to the bum shot she went haha right when that little bum shot came up on that screen we knew what we were having. A BOY!!!! Oh my goodness he was soooooo active he was wiggling all over the place. The technician kept saying how wiggly we was haha I was so happy to see how active he is in there! He was so wiggly in fact that it was hard for her to get a really good 3D picture. I still think she got some good ones but she was getting frustrated haha as soon as she thought she got a good one he would move hahahaha. I loved the ultrasound! I loved this experience. Ty was so cute the whole time he just had a permanent smile and kept squeezing my hand. I love you sweetie and I love you baby boy!

Her is our little man. Doesn't he have the cute profile you have ever seen. (hahaha I am already a bias mommy, I love it). Look at that cute little nose! AHHHH I can't contain myself it is so cute to see him.

This is one of his active shots that is why it is a little blury. He is punching me haha

There is the boy Shot! This is when we knew.

This is one of the 3D shots. His little hands are up by his face. And you can see his nose mouth and eyes pretty clear. I love how his little foot is over his other one. It's so cute.

What a great day that was. I will never forget Monday and the way that I felt all day long. After the appointment we went down to St. George with my brother and sister in law to celebrate and to do some Christmas shopping. Oh and you bet I bought some baby stuff although I was good and only got one thing for now until after Christmas. We bought a Pink Floyd onesie and it is soooooo stinkin cute I can hardly contain myself. Chris and Em and Parker also bought our baby another onesie that says 'Big show off just little daddy' haha cute! Thanks guys. I can't wait to buy our little man some outfits and get everything ready for him to come into our family. I am so glad I had that time with Ty and some family after such good news. Ah What a great day.

This is my pregnant belly on Monday after the appointment. I am nineteen weeks here. I can't believe how much my belly is growing already. I feel so big and I know I'm not even that big yet haha.

Finding out the gender of our baby and getting to see our little guy moving around was such a blessing and a perfect Christmas present! I even put our 'It's a Boy' sign underneath the Christmas Tree!


  1. Yay!!!! You are having a boy! I'm so excited for you guys! I love your baby bump! I'm glad you found our blog! And I would have been freaking out about getting that shot in my bum! You are tough! An epidural will be nothing for ya now haha

  2. I am sooo happy for you! Don't you just LOVE seeing your baby?! I wish I could get an ultra sound every week! Good luck if he is a wiggly one! Just wait until he is big and kicking your ribs and everything else. It actually is such a neat experience and I am so excited for you. You look great!

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the shot and all. I'm only your Mom. We're excited to have another little grandson. I'm getting good at buying boy clothes. He's so cute and you better watch out, it looks like he might have been sucking his thumb, like you were. Love You!

  4. We're excited for you. Now that I have a daughter as well I can't say boys are the best...but I can still say they are the Best first child! Congrats and happy name-choosing.

  5. Hi Whitney! Of Course I remember you:) I believe I told you that you were my favorite bagger over and over again:)

    congrats on the little man on the way. That's so exciting and so grown up of you.

    I'll definitely follow you:)

  6. Congrat's We are excited for you guys.

  7. That is so exciting! Boys are going to be great...I am about a week behind ya:) Now, I can't wait to start buying!



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