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Christmas & New Years Eve 2009

Warning: sorry this is a really long post due to journaling purposes.

To start off the Christmas Season on November 30th for family night Ty and I got all the Christmas decorations up and Decorated the Tree! I love decorating the tree it is filled with ornaments from Both mine and Ty's childhood. Growing up we both got an new ornament every year. My parents always gave us one that represented something we did that year or an interest of ours that year (I have a lot of gymnastics ones haha but I have a good variety). I loved this tradition and the three Christmas' that Ty and I have been married we have gotten each other ornaments and I can't wait to continue this with our children. This year Ty got me a snow globe with a baby boy in it (it is so cute he said that its our baby in my tummy cute huh?!) and I got Ty a U of U ornaments since he got accepted this year into the U of U law school.
We love decorating the tree we have so much fun doing it together every year! And there is my 17 week baby belly!

I also love decorating the rest of the house. Christmas decorating is so much fun I already can't wait to do it again in 11 months. I know I'm a little crazy haha.
I made those count down to Christmas blocks this year and I am super excited how they turned out. I also made the Mod Podge Winter sign this year and am glad I get to keep that up for a couple more months :)

On Saturday December 19th we had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake to Ty's Best Friends Wedding. Ty actually set Kylie and Brandon up. He is quite the match maker haha. Kylie worked with Ty at chilies here in Cedar and Brandon has been his best Friend since elementary and Ty just thought they would hit it off and boy was he right! They first met at a Chilies softball tournament in Salt Lake in July and they got engaged and were married in December! We drove up the night before the wedding and stayed with Ty's parents then woke up bright and early for their 8:30am Temple ceremony and it was beautiful. It is always so nice to be in the temple with Ty I love every minute of it. They had a luncheon after the wedding at 11:30 in the Joseph Smith memorial building and it was also very beautiful. Congratulations Brandon and Kylie Dennis we love you guys and we hope you had a blast in Hawaii!
They looked so happy and it was just an amazing day! Kylie looked so pretty and Ty and Brandon look very handsome!

After the wedding we visited Ty's mom over at the Lion house and then hung out with Ty's dad for a little while. Before we had to drive back to Cedar Ty's Dad took us out to dinner to Red Robin (we missed mom she had a late night at work), then we went back to the house and visited with Chris, Staci and Ayla for a while then we had to hit the road so we didn't get to Cedar too late. It was a quick one day trip since we had to come back to work for a few days before Christmas break.

After I got home from work on Wednesday Dec 30th we drove up to Murray (Ty's parents) to start our Christmas vacation. We got to their house at midnight and his parents and Mike and Jess were still up when we got there so we visited for a while and went off to bed. To start off Christmas Eve we went to the Lion House with Ty's mom and dad to help with the breakfast that mom was doing for her servers there. It was really fun and I hope we were of some help. I know Ty was cuz he was one of the pancake cookers and he did a fabulous job. It was a delicious breakfast and such a nice thing for mom to do for her workers. After helping Cleaning up we ran to Syracuse to drop off some watches I had made for one of my mom's friend cuz she wanted them before Christmas. We visited with the fam for a while and I got to see my brother Adam which was awesome since I haven't seen him since September (he has been at basic training and AIT back east).

After hanging out for a while we drove back up to Salt Lake for Christmas eve dinner at Ty's Grandma and Grandpa Kjars. It was a lot of fun just hanging out and spending time with family. First we had a very delicious dinner and had fun sitting at the cousin table talkin about TV shows, music and everything going on in our lives. After dinner we went downstairs opened gifts and played some games.

After all the fun at grandma and grandpas mom and dad, mike and Jess and the kids and Ty and I went back to Ty's parents and opened up our Christmas Pjs. In my family Edwin the Elf brings Pjs to us on Christmas eve so of course he brings them to Ty and I. Little Maximo and Gracie got new jammies too and they looked so cute. After max and Gracie went to bed we set out all the presents and then the adults hung out, talked and watched some of Mike and Ty's high school wrestling videos. It was fun watching them wrestle but it was even more fun watching the boys watch themselves wrestle. They were so excited and sooo into it. Cute!
Christmas Eve happenings. The breakfast, opening gifts at Grandma and Grandpas and new Christmas Pjs.

Christmas morning I was like a little kid and woke up way too early just waiting for Max to wake up so that we could go see what Santa brought. :) Max didn't wake up until 8:00 haha I had been awake since 5:30 fell back to sleep and then woke up again at 7:00 just waiting. I can't wait to have a kid next Christmas it will be soooo fun. It was so cute watching Maximo opening his presents he was so excited and I just loved all his excited faces and funny comments. I'm sure Gracie liked her presents too. After the kids Ty and I opened our stockings and presents.
I got a maternity shirt from Ty and Baby boy, my favorite perfume Lucky and a cool hand held sewing machine for my crafts and small repairs from Ty, and Wii Active from Santa. I also got a new electric toothbrush and treats in my stocking.
Ty got a Madden Football game for his PSP from me and baby, a shirt, the movie Forever Strong, a scarf and a beanie from me and Heroes season 3 from Santa. He also got a tie, a baby onesie, a game and treats in his stocking. And Santa brought the game Pit from both Ty and I.

After we opened our presents we got some delicious breakfast. Ty's family always has sticky buns, egg casserole, eggnog and apple cream for Christmas morning breakfast and it is so yummy. Thank you Julie it was amazing. Then Chris, Staci and Ayla got to the house and we watched Ayla open some of her presents. Then we opened presents from Ty's mom and dad. We got the game Bopit, a puzzle, the Lion house bakery cookbook (now my collection is complete) and some money. Thank you Mom and Dad U.
After getting all ready for the day and putting away all the gifts Dan and Brooke and the kiddos got to the house. So it was time to watch the kids open some more presents. Then we watched Mom and Dad open their presents from us kids. Chris and Staci were in charge of the gift this year and they got them a bunch of Rook cards from different decades it was really cool (Rook means a lot to the Ulrichs in fact I am even i the process of learning finally) they also got some treats and gift cards.
After visiting with Dan and Brooke for a while we got all packed up and met my family in Rose park at my grandparents at about 5:00. We visited with my aunts and uncles and cousins for a while and ate some yummy food. Then we drove with my parents down to their house in Syracuse. When we got to my parents we gave the boys their presents (Ty drew Ammons name and I drew Zachs name). then we gave my mom and dad their presents from us kids. We got my dad the Beatles Rock band and my mom a spa gift certificate. Then before the kids went to bed they had to find the pickle in the tree. My family has this tradition that is from Germany that mom and dad hide the pickle ornament in the tree and whoever finds it first gets a nutcracker. I loved this and want to continue it with our kids we even already have a pickle ornament. Zach won this nutcracker this year. Good job Zachy.
The next day was a lazy day at my parents house for all of us. I think we were all really tired from the hustle and bustle of Christmas because we all slept in later than normal. After we finally all got ready mom and I went to Roberts crafts for their after Christmas sale got a slushy at sonic and then went to Tai Pan for their after Christmas sale. At Roberts everything Christmas was 65% off. I got some garland and a really really cute huge snowman. Im way excited about the snowman because I can keep him up through January. At Tai Pan I got a little Penguin Family statue and oh my goodness it is so cute. Its a penguin dad, penguin mom and penguin baby! I just had to get it. When we got home the boys were planning Beatles Rock band. I think that my dads and Tys favorite thing to do together :) The rest of the night was relaxing and mom, dad, Ty and I watched Forever Strong. If you haven't seen this movie you really should its so good.

Sunday just consisted of going to church, napping and relaxing with some family time.

Monday was another relaxing day we just kinda got up whenever we got up and then just hung out. At about one oclock Chris and Em and Parker came over to visit and see the rest of the fam. They also announced what they are having. They are having a GIRL. I am finally going to have a niece on my side of the family and my parents are finally going to have a granddaughter after having 3 grandsons and 2 more boys on the way. They gave my mom and I both a pink stocking with pink and purple candies in it and neither of us got it at first haha (we are slow hahaha) and then we finally realized they were announcing it is a girl. This was a big surprise to us because they were tricky and told us they weren't getting their ultrasound to find out until January 5th but they actually had already found out and were waiting until Christmas to surprise us all. Cute guys! After my dad got home from working we all watched Parker open all his presents from my mom and dad and Zachy because he had his name. Its so fun watching kids open their presents I can't wait for that with our kids. After visiting for a while Me, Ty, Amanda and Adam went to the mall really quick to try to return somethings and to have some lunch. We ran into Chris and Em and Parker their too. After the mall we went to Target and got the CUTEST Bull dog outfit for our little man that we have been wanting to get for a while I'm glad they had the right size this time. Its so cute. I love buying Baby stuff. When we got home from the mall Ty and I drove down to Salt Lake for an Ulrich extended family Christmas party. The Party was at Grandma Ulrich's house and it was so much fun we had pizza and treats and just talked to all the cousins, aunts and uncles all night. It was so good to see everyone I can't wait until we live up here and get to see them all the time. I got so many complements on my cute baby belly from all Tys aunts it made me feel so good :) After the party we went to Ty's parents house just to hang out for a while and play some games. First we played golf (which I won :) ) and then Ty, Julie and Dave started to attempt to teach me Rook again. It was fun and I am getting it a little more but I still need a lot of practice. Thank you Julie for being so patient with me while I'm trying to learn. After some games we drove back to Syracuse to spend the night because Ty was going to be waking up early the next morning for snowboarding.
The Ulrich Cousins with Grandma

On Tuesday morning Ty got up bright and early to get ready to go snowboarding with My brothers Chris and Adam and my sis Amanda. I'm not going to lie I was a little jealous I couldn't go but I am happy I am preggers so it is worth it :) They left at about 8 am and when Ty woke me up to say buy I couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to just stay up and go downstairs when I went downstairs Zach and Ammon were the only ones awake and they were playing playdough so I decided to play with them. I made a little man out of playdough it is pictured above. I was very proud of my project and didn't let the boys wreck it until my mom and dad saw it first haha. After getting ready for the day me and mom were off to Target to go more After Christmas sale shopping. Target was having a sweet sale everything was 75% off. I could have bought sooooo much more than I did pretty easily but I was trying to be good. I got a really cute mini tree, some Christmas bags and tissue paper, some big ornaments, and Christmas cards for next year. My mom got a lot of sweet stuff too. After target we check out Michaels I got a few tree picks there and then we went to Big lots and I got another mini Christmas tree there. I love Christmas sales.. Thank you mom for going shopping with me so much and for showing me all the sweet deals. My mom loves her deals so I guess I am learning from the best even though Ty thinks her shopping obsession is a bad influence on me haha what can I say I am a lot like my mother :) When we got home the boys and Amanda were back from snowboarding and Dad and Ty were just in the front room talking so we had to show them all our sweet buys. I don't think they thought it was quite as cool as we did. Before the kids went to bed Ty and I and the kids played our new game Pit and I think the kids really liked it mostly because you get to yell in that game. Ammon was so funny playing it I think he is a little too young to understand it all the way but he did pretty good and it was just so cute watching him. My cute little brother Zach loves games we always have to play atleast one game with him every time we visit. So cute.

On Wednesday mom, Emilee and I went shopping again. First we went to the DI to try to find a small dresser I could redue for the babies room but no such luck this time they were pretty empty in the furniture department so my mom said she will keep checking for me. Thanks mom. While at the DI we did find a few treasures for some projects for both mom and I. We then went to the Distribution Center and then to Savers. After Savers we went to Hobby Lobby to see if they had any deals on Christmas findings. I got an ornament for baby boy next year :) and we looked around at a lot of cool stuff I love that store. When we got home I fixed a few of my moms watches and then my family decided that before Ty and I left they wanted to go laser tagging and out to dinner. So we went to the Family fun center and played a round of laser tag it was soooo much fun and I think me, mom, dad and Ty got into it just as much as the kids did. We have got to go do that again together soon it was super fun. Ty got first place, mom got second, dad got third, and I got third to last :( Then we went to dinner at the Pizza factory. Thank you mom and dad for all the fun we had while we were up in Syracuse and all the fun we had on Wednesday together I didn't want it to end. After dinner Ty and I drove down to Murray to spend one more night with Ty's parents. We hung out and watched some TV when we got there and then played some more Rook. I can't believe I am finally kinda learning that game haha. Thanks Mom and Dad Ulrich for all the fun we had with you guys during Christmas and throughout the break.

Thursday (New years Eve) we left Murray after running some errands at about 10 am to get Ty back in Cedar in time for him to go to work at 3:30 boooo. I was so sad that he had to work New Years Eve and that I would be home alone. When my dad heard that I was going to be home alone on New Years eve he thought that was so sad so he convinced my mom to come down to Cedar for a quick one day trip to keep me company. So my mom and dad, Emilee, Zachy and Ammon left Syracuse at about noon getting to Cedar at about 4:00. Ty and I got to Cedar at about 2 ran to Walmart and I unpacked everything before my family got here. My fam got to Cedar after Ty had already left for work . I was so excited and grateful that they drove four hours for only a day to spend some time with me and to keep me company. They are sooooo sweet and I was so excited to spend one more day with them before the break was over and we all had to go back to School, work and our everyday lives. Once they got here my mom and I went to the cute little antique store here in Cedar (my mom loves this place!) and we got some really cool stuff. I got a cool plate that I have a project in mind for (thanks mom for Chilies and see Ty. Yum Yum I love me some Chilies and I especially love me some discount. After dinner we went back home made some muddy buddies, played some games, ate some treats, watched the count down, banged some pots and pans and shared some midnight kisses. Ty got home right before midnight so I got my special midnight new years kiss...thank you honey for hurrying home for me.
Our cute server :)

Emmy, me and mom waiting for our food while watching the Jazz game

Our New Years Fun! Oh and that picture of the candy bars has a funny story to it. When we got home from being up North for a week we found these on our doorstep just like this. haha I think a critter enjoyed our Christmas treats.
Midnight Celebration, sleeping, kisses and just hanging out.

Thanks to all of our Family our Christmas/New Years break was amazing and will be remembered forever so Thank you Family!


  1. Oh, I love all the pictures. Thanks for spending so much time with us. We had so much fun and I'm awesome at Laser tag. Just kidding, but I am! We're glad we got to spend New Years with you two. We love you!

  2. Lots of fun! I am glad you enjoyed your holidays! I am so excited for you and TY! It's crazy that living on the opposite end of town makes it so we don't see each other.. lets do better!



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