Sunday, January 24, 2010

25 weeks! BaBy UpDaTe!

As you can tell from the title I am 25 weeks today! yay! I can't believe I only have 15 weeks until our LiTtLe MaN is here. That means I only have 15 weeks to prepare and get everything ready for him. I better get on top of it. I still need to make some blankets, burp rags, paint the changing table and crib to match, make a final dEcIsIoN on colors for his room, find a some cUtE bedding and buy it, find a dresser and redo it all cute like, create some cute little boy vinyl letter for our little guys room, find some wall art for his room, decide on which carseat/stroller combo we want and buy it, find a good rocker on deal, schedule my showers, and i'm sure there is even MoRe I need to do.

my 25 week belly!

I feel like my pregnancy has been going by so fast lately because I am past the sick stage and not quite into the uncomfortable stage so I am LoViNg my pregnancy right now! I have actually been pretty lucky and have enjoyed my pregnancy the whole time. I don't know if it is just because I am so excited or what but I love it and all the tUmS, uncomfy sleeping, peeing all the time, and not being able to bend over is all worth it. It is worth it because first of all none of those things are too bad and second of all I am iN lOvE with this little guy already. I love him so much and I can't imagine how I am going to feel when I get to hold him in my ArMs for the first time.
These are some super cute clothes we have bought for our little guy so far. Top left: We got all these cute nike onesies for only $10 I love them because I LOVE nIkE! won't he be so cute in those. Top right: I picked out the cute little one piece shorts because it is such a cute little summer outfit and I love the rugby look. Ty picked out both of the bull dog outfits and I think they are so so cute. He is going to be our little BuLl dOg. The middle one says "tOuGh LiKe DaDdY" cute huh. The bottom left: This is the pjs I put in Ty's christmas stocking they are daddy and me dino pjs. The bottom middle: The were the very first onesies we bought/got. Yes the one says pink floyd hahaha gotta lOvE it. The other one Chris and Em bought for us.

This is just some more of the random BaBy stuff we have. Top left: last week when we were in St. George we bought his first book and toy. I picked out the book because this is one of my very favorite BoOkS and Ty picked out the cute football raddle because he loves raddles and its soft and of course a football. Ty is already such a cute daddy! He bought the raddle when I was in another store and surprised me with it. I thought that was the CUTEST thing ever. He is so excited to have a boy. Top right: those are a cute blanket and burp rags that my cute mother in law Julie made for him. Aren't they soooo cute I love the hot air bAlLoON theme. When her and Dave were on their trip last week they brought our baby back those funny pee pee tee-pees. Bottom Left: This is the cute blanket that I am so proud to say I made all by myself. This is a huge deal for me because I don't sew I haven't sewed anything since my seventh grade sewing class haha. Now that I made this I want to learn how to sEw and get a machine. This blanket is just a basic two sides blanket with straight stitches but I am so excited I made it. One side is brown with cowboys, hOrSeS, hats and boots on it and the other side looks like a red bandanna. I want to thank my sister in law emily for teaching me how to make it! I bought some more cute material to make some more and I am so excited. Bottom right: This is the baby boy wipes case that I made. I have made these before for friends and family but they have always been girl ones so I put big flowers on them so I was exCiTeD to find this teddy bear to put on a boy one cuz I didn't know what to do for it. Do you like it?

These two bins are full of newborn and 0-3 clothes, onsies, and pjs for our little guy that my brother Chris and Sister in law Emily gave to us because they are done having kids. ThAnK yOu guys you are life savers.

So for the baby update I am loving being in my SeCoNd trimester like I said before its a good time to be able to enjoy it because im not super uncomfortable yet. I get uncomfy but its not bad. My belly feels like it is growing and growing so much everyday in fact people have told me how big I look. Don't you love that?! haha that was sarcasm if you couldn't tell. I love having a prego belly I think it is so cute but I don't love hearing how hUgE I look all the time haha. I've had people ask me if I am sure i'm not having twins or if I'm further along than I am haha I'm always like no just having a big baby I guess. I feel like I am getting my full appetite back and am able to eat regular sized meals again and not as often. I am starting to need tums every night to function haha and get up atleast once or twice in the middle of the night to pee. I can still sleep on my sToMaCh which is nice because I love sleeping on my tummy. I will try to fall asleep on my side but I always end up on my tummy at some point in the middle of the night.

The last appointment we had was two weeks ago and the baby had a good sTrOnG healthy heart beat of 144bpm and they started measuring my belly last time which is exciting. I still have had some spotting issues but I will be getting another RhoGAM shot in a couple of weeks so that should help with that. I have also been having some weird heal issues. My right heal will hurt so bad that I can't put any pressure on it the doctor said to try some shoe inserts to see if that helps and if it doesn't he will have me go to a specialist to see what is going on.

The most eXcItInG update is that I am feeling our little man kicking and moving around all of the time now and I just love it. Every time I feel him I can't help but sMiLe. Ty has already felt him a few times too! He loves it. You should have seen him the first time he felt him he was bEaMiNg it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I feel him a lot when I am in class and I just love it so much and I get so excited every time I forget to pay attention haha. I feel like I get pregnant brain sometimes which I guess is normal but it freaks me out being in school so I check my planner at least twice a day to make sure I'm not fOrGeTtInG anything. That is mostly what has been going on in mine and baby boys life as far as the pregnancy goes. We are just so excited for him to get here and excited we only have 15 wEeKs left. We love buying things for him and can't wait to get the crib and changing table. My mom and dad are giving us a crib and changing table so that is sooooo nIcE we can't wait to get it all painted matchy and cute for him. Thanks again mom and dad for giving those to us. I will have to post pictures when we start getting stuff for his room. We also can't wait for our tax return to come to we can get the carseat/stroller combo! Its so funny the things I get excited to buy now that I am PrEgNaNt. I never thought I would be so excited to buy a stroller! yay!

This is a cute picture of Ty and I when we went down to St. GeOrGe last week just to go shopping and spend the day together. We bought me a bunch of cute maternity clothes because it is officially time to get some mAtErNiTy jeans finally, bought some baby stuff, bought Ty a game and went to dinner at Texas Road house. This picture is us being all sNuGgLy together at dinner! Thank you baby for being patient with my emotion pregnant self and having such a good day with me. I LOVE you!

Today is my mom's Birthday so I just wanted to tell her that I hope she had a happy Birthday and it turned out to be an awesome day for her. She deserves a happy birthday more than anyone I know. We love you mom and we can't wait to see you again. Thank you for everything you do for us, your support and your love! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Also the 18th of January was my sister Traci's Birthday! Happy Birthday I love you and miss you and it was so good talking to you on the phone. Traci is about to have her third boy in three week and I can't wait to meet the little guy.

And last but not least the 10th of January was my little brother Zach's birthday he turned 10. We are sorry we couldn't see you on your birthday but we are glad we were able to sing to you and talk to you on the phone. We love you too and miss you and hope you had a fun birthday!


  1. Thanks Whit! All your pictures are so cute. Uhmm, I got you some shirts just like the ones in the first picture. Maybe I'll give them to Traci now. Isn't that weird? You're looking cute and glad you're feeling better. Love You! See you soon!

  2. How fun!!! Really 15 weeks is going to fly!!! You look so cute with your little prego belly!!! I cant wait for mine to grow bigger!!! Do you feel him all the time?

  3. your belly just keeps getting cuter and cuer... i'm obsessed! haha it was so fun to read about what you have to do to get ready and the cute clothes you already have and so on.. so so cute!!

  4. Look at that CUTE belly!!!! You will be amazed how you find time to get it all done. At this point in all of my pregnancies, I worked wonders! I could take on the world, and have it all done. Good luck!!!!

  5. Hand me downs rock.. baby clothes are so fun, but they grow out of them so quick.
    P.s. You are so cute pregnant!
    P.S.S. I'm excited for you to have the little man.

  6. I'm so happy your pregnancy is going so well! You are going to love being a mom! That is awesome you have those bins of clothes from Chris and Emily! I love the cute clothes you bought for him too! He will be here soooo soon! I'm SO excited for you!

  7. Looks like you are keeping very baby busy! Cute baby belly :) Good luck with the rest.. I'd say it was the worst part of my pregnancy but so so so worth it in the end!



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