Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WhAt A mOnTh! UpDaTe AnD tY's BiRtHdAy

BaBy UpDaTe
First off we have been trying to decide between two stroller/car seat combination that we wanted and we finally made a decision and are so happy with it. We ended up getting this brown and blue Graco brand one. We did some research and decided Graco is the brand we felt the safest with especially since the other one we were looking at got a recall on it. The other awesome thing about this one we decided on was on sale for $150 originally $220 because they were getting a new pattern. I am so glad we got it while it was this pattern and that we got it on an awesome deal! I feel very good about this one it is sooo sturdy and I just know he will be the safest he can be. I love buying stuff for the our baby BOY!
Thank you Ty for putting it all together. I can't wait to take out little man on walks I am so glad he will be born during the warm weather. Haha poor Ty I made him pose with the stroller with me I am such a nerd but I am allowed to be extra excited cuz I'm gonna be a mommy and I can't wait!

SuPeR bOwL sUnDaY
Superbowl Sunday February 7th we had a fun get together with some of our cute friends. Some of the people were cheering for New Orleans, some people didn't care either way and Ty and I were cheering for Indiana. We totally thought the Colts had it so easily and after that first quarter its like they weren't even there anymore. Even though our team lost we still had a lot of fun watching the game, watching the fun commercials and eating a lot of yummy food. Plus it was kinda cool that New Orleans won just cuz of everything that city had been through so I will let it slide this once. There was sooo much delicious food and it was just fun hanging out and talking. I was impressed with the commercials especially the Doritos ones.

All the delicious food, Me and Ty, me and Ty again, Kari and Eric, A football cheese ball that the talented Runge made, and Runge and the other guy friends she brought with her. Toni was also there along with Carl and Mark.

February 12-February 13th- FaMiLy ViSiToRs
On Friday February 12th at about ten o'clock my parents and brothers and sisters came down to visit me and Ty and Chris and Em over Valentines/Presidents Day weekend. I love when they come to visit it is always so much fun. They decided to come down that weekend so that we could all go to the parade of homes together. My parents have always loved the parade of homes and like to come down to St. George sometimes to see theirs and I guess my mom rubbed off on me because I am so in love with going to these homes it is so much fun and I can't wait to see the ones up North this summer. I also rubbed off on Ty cuz he loves the huge houses too. So Friday after they got here we just hung out and talked for a while until it was time to go to bed. Staurday the next morning Ty and Dad went and got donuts for breakfast and the tickets for the homes and at about 9:30 we were on the road headed down to a day full of St. George homes. We spent the whole day from about 10:00-7:00 (when they closed) looking at a bunch of homes in the St. George area. I took a ton of pictures and will do a post shortly on those so stay tuned for some of my favorite homes, rooms, decorations and organization ideas. We all had so much fun spending the day together and my mom and I were in heaven with all the cool decoration ideas, and the kids actually did really well too and enjoyed the homes. The little boys loved the playrooms, pools and theater rooms. After the parade of homes we headed back to Cedar and ate dinner at Chilies. Yummy. The rest of the night was just full of just talking and hanging out.

This is all of us having fun on Saturday in St. George. While we were down there one of the homes was by the Arizona border so we decided to take pictures by the Arizona sign. Also there was this really cool little town thing in Virgin, Utah that we had to stop and take a picture of cuz it was so cool. I wish it was open to go look at. That top picture is of the kids on the swings in this cool gazebo that was in the backyard of one of the houses.

VaLeNtInEs DaY-ChInEsE NeW yEaR-PrEsIdEnTs DaY
The next day was Valentines Day! Our Valentines was partly going to the parade of homes together and then spending all day together on Sunday. After church we exchanged gifts and then just relaxed and watched some movies together. I got Ty a card, a shirt and some chocolates. Ty got me some beautiful roses, chocolates, a pillow and a movie. Thank you Honey. I love Ty so much and am so grateful for everything that he has ever done for me. I am proud to call him my Valentine and I have so much fun celebrating our love. Later that night we also celbrated Chinese New Year. My little brother is in a Chinese emersion program at school and is learning Chinese and all about the culture so we decided we would celebrate it for him and he loved it. We had chinese food for dinner and then had chocolate covered fortune cookies and have chocolate covered strawberries for valentines. What a fun holiday combination. After dinner was all done and cleaned up we went over to Chris and Emily's and watched some TV shows and Emily made up some pineapple upside down cake for dessert. When we got home the little kids went to bed and My parents, Ty, and I and Amanda and her friend Amanda watched "Accidentally husband" this is a really good movie by the way if you haven't seen it it is worth renting.
We love our Valentines Gifts! Thank you honey you totally spoiled me I LOVE the roses and a week and a half after valentines they are still looking awesome!

The next day was presidents day so I didn't have school and Ty didn't have work so it was an awesome day off. We hung out all morning and then went to lunch with the family before they left to go back home. Thank you so much for coming down and visiting us we can't wait until you come down again over Easter! The rest of the day Ty and I just spent together enjoying time just the two of us and no work or school being in our way. It was awesome. We went window shopping and then later on went to Wingers for a dinner date. Thank you for such a fun Valentines Weekend honey you are so sweet!

NeW nEpHeW
On Tuesday February 16th my sister had her little Boy Sebastien Timothy Rochon. We are so happy he is finally here and healthy. He was two days late and Ty wishes he was just one more day late so they could have shared the same birthday but it was close enough and no one should ever wish lateness upon a pregnant lady. His big brothers are loving him and I just can't wait to meet the little guy. My mom is up in Canada right now visiting and meeting the little guy right now. My parents now have 4 grandchildren and in May they will have 6! 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.

My new nephew! He is such a cute little guy!

FeBrUaRy 17th-Ty'S bIrThDaY
February 17th way my cute husband Ty's 25th Birthday! Tuesday night after I got home from work we went over to Chris and Ems house and TY got to have some birthday cake and ice cream a day early. We decided to have cake the night before because we wanted to share with Chris and Em and we weren't going to be in Cedar the night of his actual birthday. Later on that night Runge and Toni came over for some cake too. Runge and Kari gave Ty a cute piggie bank for the baby for his birthday. They didn't know what to get him so they thought this was cute and it so was and Ty loved it.

Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday dear TY happy birthday to YOU!

On Ty's birthday I had to go to school until 1 o'clock and I felt so bad that I wasn't going to be with him during that time but luckily it allowed him to sleep in on is birthday and enjoy a relaxing morning. Also before I felt for school I decorated the kitchen in balloons and a banner so when he woke up and came to get breakfast he would see it! I was so excited to get a text from him saying he loved that I decorated for his birthday. When I got done with class I picked him up some delicious pastry pub for lunch and then I went and got him a tres leches cake from costa vida because that is his very favorite cake in the whole world and that is the only place I can find it in Cedar. He was soooo surprised when I brought him home lunch and the cake it was so cute how grateful he was. We ate lunch together shared the cake and then I gave him his first present which was some sweet Under Armor tennis shoes that he wanted. After all this we packed an over night bag and made our way down to St. George.

We got down to St. George went to a few stores and then went to a 4:05 showing of Shirlock Holmes. We have been wanting to see this but it was already out of theaters in Cedar so Ty was so so excited to find out it was still playing in St. George. After the movie we went to the hotel to check in and get ready for dinner and the rest of the night. The hotel room so so nice and had a king size bed which is always awesome! When we got to the hotel I gave Ty his next present which was a shirt that he looks so handsome in. Then we went to Dan and Brooke's to visit them and the kiddos because Ty wanted to see his fam on his birthday. It was a lot of fun spending some time with them since we hadn't seen them for a few months. Thank you Brooke for letting me borrow all those maternity clothes I wore one of the shirts you let me borrow on Sunday and loved it! After a few hours of visiting we were off to Texas Roadhouse for some delicious birthday dinner. After dinner I gave him his last birthday present which was a game for his PSP. He also got a card and some money from his parents, a card and money from his grandparents, a cute card from Oaklyn, a card from my grandparents, and a game called Fact or Crap that we are soooo excited to play from my parents.

The next morning we slept in for a little while then went to a breakfast buffet at JBs then we went to some stores and just enjoyed each others company. We even went to Ross and got me some maternity clothes and a belly band from target thanks honey. Then before we made our way back up to Cedar we stopped at the Verizon store and we were able to get Ty an early upgrade on his phone which he was sooooooo excited about because I let him spend the money to get a Droid. He absolutely loves this phone and I have to admit it is really sweet. It has so many cool apps and has the internet and everything. Happy Birthday baby you got so many cool presents and a new phone you are spoiled but you so deserved it. I hope that you had sooo much fun on your birthday getaway I had fun planning it and spending all that quality time with you. We then drove back to Cedar and both had to work that night which was really hard after spending all that time together with no interuptions but luckily we got Friday all together as well so we were pretty spoiled with all the time we got with each other this week. Thank you for all your love and all the fun you had with me this week. You are the cutest and best husband ever.
Dinner, movie, cool hotel room and opening presents! Isn't he so handsome on his birthday :)

FeBrUaRy 19th-MoRe PaRaDe Of HoMeS
On Friday February 19th we made our way down to St. George once again (man we are spoiled) to meet up with Chris and Emily and went to a few more Parade of homes after I got home from school and did some homework. We got to see about four more houses and it was really fun. After the houses were closed we went to Mongolian BBQ for dinner with Chris and Em and it was sooo delicious. I had never been there before and I just loved it and can't wait to eat there again. When we got back to Cedar Ty and I rented Fame and had a fun movie night in together. Seriously honey thank you for all the time you have spent with me and thank you for all the attention.
These are some pics of us during the parade of homes on Friday. Haha we loved this sign and had to get out of the car to take a picture with it. Oh and that is my prego belly at almost 29 weeks. I also made Ty pose by that sweet Jeep because I just loved it and wanted it.

FeBrUaRy 24th
And last but not least today is my little brother's 20th birthday! Happy Birthday buddy. He is currently living in Maryland doing his AIT training for the Utah National Guard. We miss you and are so proud of you! We hope you had an awesome day! I can't believe you are already 20. We can't wait to see you when you move back to Utah in May!!!!!! Love you buddy!


  1. What a CUTE couple you two are..... lucky baby to have you both!!!! I can't wait to see the little guy!!!! I bet he'll be a stud!

  2. you guys look great.... It really is sad you live 10 mins away and we never see you :(. btw my aunt and her whole family live in virgin. love it.

  3. I miss Adam so much.



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