Monday, March 8, 2010


I can't believe it I only have 9 weeks left! There is so much we still need to do to prepare for our little guy and I feel like we are running out of time. At least we have a car seat and a bassinet thats a start right haha. We still need to paint the dresser, paint the crib, paint the changing table, paint the rocker, and find bedding. And there are a lot of little things that we still need. I feel so unprepared. Does everyone feel like this with their first one or is it just me?

Here is my 31 week belly 3-7-10

Last week I had to go and get the diabetes test done and everything came back great. Yay for not having gestational diabetes! I also had to get another RhoGAM shot to ensure babies safety. We had a regular doctors visit on Thursday March 4th and everything is going smoothly. It was pretty much just a good routine check up except I have to say I was a little depressed this time after the nurse weighed me :( I can't believe I have gained that much weight oh well for a baby it is soooooo worth it :) I just definitely feel the most insecure being this huge luckily the hubby is so cute and says I look beautiful. Thank you honey for always being so sweet to me. Anyway we heard the heartbeat and it was strong as usual which is always a relief to me since I am the biggest worry wart in the whole world. The doc talked to us about kick counts this time I can't believe I am far enough along now that its time to pay attention to that YAY! Speaking of kick counts I am feeling Baby Ulrich all the time he is a maniac in there I tell ya. He punches, kicks, wiggles and adjusts constantly throughout the day and I am just LOVING it! I feel him the most on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays when I am at school and just sitting and relaxing. When I am at work and moving around a lot I don't feel him as much I think the constant movement rocks him to sleep.

The only time the movement drives me crazy is when I try to sleep on my side he goes crazy haha he always kicks so much when ever I am on my side so I am continuing to sleep on my belly luckily we have a very soft mattress so it is comfy. He is also always in my ribs he likes it up there I am carrying very high which isn't too much fun but its not too bad. I still constantly have to pee and get up at least twice in the night. I am also starting to get hot flashes and am just really sensitive to temperature. I was also having really bad heartburn which I guess is normal during pregnancy but since I have never experienced that burning feeling before it was not so pleasant to me. Luckily I am taking Zantac now twice a day and it is wonderful I haven't had heartburn since :) I heard a rumor that if you have a lot of heart burn then your baby will have a lot of hair. Those old wise tails are so funny to me. So we will see if he has a lot of hair or if he is a baldy haha either way I will love it cuz I think bald little boys are so so cute and everyone likes hair so its a win win to me either way I'll think he is the cutest thing ever.
Ty says this is my sassy picture what can I say I am just so excited to have a baby :)

We still haven't decided on a name for our little man and I am getting impatient. I just want to give him a name but we are having the hardest time deciding. The names we are choosing between are Holden or Maddux we both love both names which making it harder to decide. There are so many projects I want to do in his nursery with his name so hopefully we will decide soon if not I guess the projects will have to wait until he is born. What name do you like? Hopefully at least once we see him we will say he looks like a _________!

I have been busy making more baby blankets and I think I am obsessed with it they are so much fun to make and there is so much cute fabric! Now I am going to start making some cute matching burp rags. Also this weekend my cousins are throwing me a baby shower so I am so excited to see everyone and see everything the little guy is going to get. Baby stuff is so much fun! Overall the pregnancy is still good and I am just getting so excited for his arrival day in 9 more weeks!!!!!

This Sunday was such a wonderful day well after the lovely stresses of church that is. Ty and I teach the 4 and 5 year olds and we have a huge class. I love the class but it is for sure a class you need two people in. Well Ty subbed for the piano in primary so I only had his help for some of the time and I had nine kids to myself. I even had to chase one down the hall (being pregnant and in heels might I add). It all turned out good though and I survived haha. The best part about Sunday is that Ty didn't have to work he has been working Sundays lately and I hate it but he finally had one off and it was wonderful we just got to relax together all day I loved it. Tonight was also a fun night together we went on a double date with our friends Kari and Eric and saw Alice and Wonderland. It was really good by the way and I for sure recommend it. :) Thank you honey for taking me out and for such a relaxing rest of the night.

Also I have to take some time to thank my adorable hubby for all the help and support he has given me through this pregnancy. He has been amazing! He has always treated me better than I deserve and now that I am preggers he has just continued being so amazing to me. He helps me so much, he lets me complain, he makes me laugh everyday, he rubs my feet and my back seriously every night (how sweet is that), he helps with the house, he works a lot so we can save to get ready for the babe, he kisses my tummy and he just always wants me to rest and be comfortable. I love you so much and am so grateful for everything you do for me it seriously makes me feel so special! Thank you for being such a hard worker and for still coming home and helping me after your exhausting day. I am also so grateful for all the compliments he gives me. At the time when I feel the most unattractive he tells me how beautiful I look. I married an amazing man! He is going to be the best daddy he is so excited and I just love to see his face light up every time he talks about the babe. Our little man and Ty are going to be best buds and I can't wait to see them together :)

On Friday the 5th of March it was my Dad's 50th birthday! We were sad we couldn't be there for his surprise party but we were at least able to call him and I even sang to him on his voice mail earlier haha. Me singing is pretty scary sorry dad hope you liked it still haha. It sounded like he had a really good birthday which he totally deserves and he was so excited about his present from my shoes. My dad loves anything golf :) We love you dad and we are so happy you had a good day we can't wait to see you next weekend!
My cute mom and dad in San Diego!
Happy 50th


  1. You look so stinkin' CUTE!! I can't wait to see you on Saturday.

    Also, those are some fab-u-lous shoes, missy. :)

  2. you're the cutest pregnant lady ever!! I'm so excited to meet your little guy!

  3. Oh Whit you look adorable!!! I am really exited for you both... i cant believe you are due in nine weeks!!! Are you nervous???

  4. Whitney, you're so beautiful. Can't wait to see you in a few days.

  5. You look so cute! Trust me, you look small for only having nine weeks left! I can't wait for you to meet your little baby! Soon you will be able to sleep however you want and not have him kicking you. Enjoy these last couples of weeks!

  6. Hey, I found your blog through the ward blog. Yay! Also, as far as the heartburn=hair wives tale? for me it was totally accurate. I had terrible heartburn with my first and my third little girls, both of whom arrived with lots of hair. my second girl i had no heartburn, and she was super bald. Anyway, good luck through these final few weeks!! :)

  7. You are getting so close! Good luck!



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