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Maddux Tyler Ulrich is here! 4-28-10

This is a post about Maddux's birth story and his first week of life. It is a really long post because I am using this as a journal and I want to remember all the details of this amazing experience. Feel free to read the whole thing, or just parts of it but at least enjoy the pictures of our cute little man.

Monday April 26th
It all started Monday April 26th. Me and Ty went down to St. George with my brother Chris and sister in law Emily just for a last fun visit down there to get some baby stuff, soak in the warm weather and just have a little get away from Cedar. When we were down there my back was really starting to cramp but it wasn't too bad it just felt like the cramps I get in my lower back when I am on my period. We had a lot of fun in St. George and got a lot of much needed things for Baby. That night I had a really hard time sleeping and got up at least 5 times through out the night with my back hurting.

Tuesday April 27th

On Tuesday April 27th I was getting more and more pain but I still went and took my final I had at 11:00. Throughout the final I was uncomfortable but ok. Then to get my mind off the pain Ty and I went to Walmart before we both had work to get some last minutes baby things. Throughout the day my back cramps were getting worse and worse and Ty kept asking me if I was in labor and I was like no cuz they are in my back. Well the day kept going and even though I was getting more pain I didn't know what it was so I still went to work that night. Throughout work I had to stop every once and a while just to breath because the pain was taking my breathe away. Once the pain started getting that bad I decided to text my mom (I text her and didn't call her because I was still at work) to see if she had ever had back labor. She told me she did and asked if I was ok. I told her what I was feeling and she said I should probably call my doctor or go get checked. Well I decided that I would finish up work first. I got done with my shift and went to go meet Ty at the softball fields to see the end of his game. When I got there they were really starting to get bad and almost felt like contractions in my back now but I still didn't know if I should go in. Ty tried to get me to go in to the hospital since we were by it but I told him no and that I was just going to go home and take a shower to relieve the pain and he could go get some dinner for him (I had no appetite) and we would just meet back at home. Well I got in the shower and the pain kinda went away with the hot water on my back then all of a sudden I felt a gush and thought that maybe my water may have broken. Oh my gosh I was freaking out cuz Ty wasn't home so I just kept telling myself it was ok and to just breathe and calm down. I got out dried off and called Ty asking where he was and told him that I think my water had just broken. He said he was almost home and got here really fast. We decided it was for sure time to go to the hospital now. The problem was because we thought we still had time since he wasn't due for 12 more days we didn't have a bag packed. So while I finished getting dry Ty went around frantically getting a bag put together for us. We already packed one for the baby just not me and Ty. Ty was awesome and even though he was trying to stay calm he was kinda freaking out but he got the bag packed really really fast and we were on our way and now my back was by this point really killing me.

We got to the hospital really fast at 9:30 pm. Ty went in got a wheelchair for me and got me in the hospital. We told them that we thought my water had just broke and they got us in a room really quick. They told me to get changed into the gown and I was in so much pain at this point and was getting contractions regularly. Oh man that pain in my back was so hard I hope I never have back labor again. Well once they got my laying down she checked me and said that my water had not broke (So that gush I felt just must have been me losing my mucous plug and I think it was just heavenly father telling me that it was time to go to the hospital). Then the nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 4 and 100% effaced. I was already to the point where I could get the epidural. First they had to get an IV in me and then they called the guy to come give me the epidural the problem was was that he was at home so I had to wait a while for him to get there. I was in so much pain and every time I got a contraction I thought I couldn't make it through this. I just kept asking the nurse and Ty when he was going to get there with the epidural and why he wasn't there yet. (I think they thought it was pretty funny how much I asked where he was and why he wasn't there yet). I was getting so impatient and it seemed like it took him forever to get there, Ty was so good to me and tried to calm me down every time I got a contraction he was so so sweet. He got there and I got my epidural at about 10:15pm so I really didn't have to wait long but when your in pain it sure seems like a long time. Once I got that epidural and it kicked in I felt like I was in heaven. Once I got composure of myself and didn't feel any more contractions I called my mom to tell her I was in labor she was so surprised then Ty called him mom and our sister in law Jess and my other sister in law Emily came and spent some time with me in the room until it was time to push and then she left. But it was so nice to have her there visiting with us. Well they checked me again right after the epidural and now I was dilated to a 6 and 100% effaced. After talking on the phone to my mom and a few other people time had gone by so quickly at about 12:30 they checked me again and I didn't expect it but I was already dilated to a 10 and 100% effaced I was complete and it was time to push. My epidural worked great on the right side of my body but it was never complete on the left side so I could feel it a little bit. It wasn't too bad but I could tell when I was having a contraction.

Wednesday April 28th-Maddux's Birthday
When the nurse told me it was time to push I was so shocked everything had gone so fast. I ended up pushing for about 2 hours. So the labor wasn't long so I was lucky there but pushing for almost 2 hours really drained me I was getting so tired at the end. After I pushed for about an hour they realized that he was posterior so he was face up instead of face down and he needed to turn before he would be about to be pushed out. They then had me push on my side for about a half hour and they helped to turn him but he finally pretty much turned on his own. After pushing for an hour my body was getting really tired and I started getting light headed and dizzy so they had me breathe into a mask in between contractions when I wasn't pushing. Finally He was crowning at about 2:10 am and this is when Dr. Gatherum came in and it was time to deliver him.

Four sets of pushes later our little man was born at 2:23 am Wednesday April 28th. He was so beautiful and the second I saw him I though the looked like Ty (especially his nose and lips were identical to his daddy's. I knew he was going to have Ty's nose cuz from his sonogram profile picture I could already tell). As soon as he was delivered they put him on my chest and started cleaning him up to where I could touch him and kiss him and see him. When he was laying there I looked at him and then Ty and back at him and I just started crying because he was so beautiful and here and I just couldn't believe this whole miracle. If you really think about it child birth is such a miracle and so so special. Ty got to cut the umbilical cord which he thought was really cool and just loved it cuz that's what the daddy does. Right after I delivered I had had a cyst that came back and so the doctor took care of that right then which was nice because I was already numb from the epidural. They then weighed and measured the little man he was 7 lbs and 6 ounces and 19 inches long. He is a skinny little shorty :) They let me hold him for a while. We still hadn't named him but after we looked at him both Ty and I thought that Maddux was the name for him. It was so fun to finally call him by his name. Then they cleaned him up and checked everything right there in the room where we could see him. I was in bed recovering watching and Ty was so cute he was right by the nurse (Katie) the whole time watching every little thing that she did. Ty couldn't keep his eyes off our little man and it was fun for me to watch him like that. Ty is so soft hearted and I knew he was going to be the best daddy he is so good with kids and kids love him. Little Maddux didn't cry much at all he was so alert and little eyes were looking around all over the place but he wouldn't cry. They wanted him to cry to get some of the fluid out of his lungs. Well the nurse said that when she gave him the Hep B shot he would cry but he didn't he was so tough he just didn't want to cry. Then she gave him his first bath and finally he cried a little bit haha. What a funny little thing. After his bath they gave him back to us and he was so clean and sweet. We took a lot of pictures of him and sent them to our family.

Maddux right after he was born. What a little sweety.

Our first family picture in the wee hours of the morning of Wednesday April 28th

After he was all cleaned up and in his little bassinet they brought me some food and man I was starving. My appetite was finally back. After I had eaten and recovered for a bit at about 5:00 am we transferred over to the recovery room and then finally got a little bit of sleep after feeding him.

Then with just about 3 hours of sleep we were up at about 8:30 9ish and it was time to feed the little guy again and change him. I had so much adrenaline still that I wasn't even that tired. I was a little bit stressed because he was having a hard time breastfeeding and it was so hard for me because I was nervous that he wasn't getting the food he needed. That morning my brother Chris and sister in law Emily were the first visitors to meet baby Maddux. They also brought me some flowers which was so so sweet. After they held Maddux and visited for a while they left and my sister in law Jessica then came to visit and see the little guy and brought us some treats. After Jess left then Ty's brother Mike came by for a while and that was really fun to have all these visitors. I was on cloud nine still and just loving our little baby. After some visitors Ty went home and took a shower and brought back some things we needed at the hospital. While Ty was gone I cleaned up a little bit and did my hair and make up so I looked half way decent for more visitors. When Ty got back we just enjoyed our little guy and took a nap. At about 4:30 our friends Runge and Nick came to visit and they brought me a treat and brought Ty some Dr. Pepper. After they left and after I ate dinner my friend Brittney came to visit. After she left our friends Joe and Karli came to visit and hold the little guy. Karli is pregnant too and is due really soon I think holding Maddux made her want her little baby Claire here. Everyone was saying how cute he was and I loved hearing it.

So Ty and I had been taking prenatal classes every Wednesday night for the last five weeks and we still had one left that night. It was pretty funny that we didn't even get through all the classes before he was born. We didn't expect to have him come 11 days early. Well since this class was on car seat safety and baby CPR we didn't want to miss it so since the class was held just down stairs that night Ty decided to go while my friend Jenise and her sister Jessica came to see Maddux and visit. I was sad I couldn't go to the class but I'm glad Ty went and got the information and he got to brag to everyone that we had the little guy early that morning. He got some good info and I'm so glad he went. When he got back from the class we had our last visitors of the night Ty's brother Dan and our sister in law Brooke came up from St. George to see him. That meant so much to us. We LOVED all of our visitors that day and it made having to stay in that one room in the hospital much better. Oh and I forgot to mention it snowed that night and day that he was born. Yup you heard me it was April 28th and it snowed it was crazy. The day went really well and I was so happy and glowing the whole day showing off our little guy. I did have some troubles still with breastfeeding throughout that day and night and that was really hard because I was stressed and thought I wasn't going to be able to but I was not going to give up so after a lot of tears I just kept trying hoping he was getting enough to fill up his little tummy.

Wednesday April 28th enjoying our little man and some of our visitors. Top left: My sister in law Emily (She is due with her second baby a little girl in a couple of weeks. Now I can't wait to come visit her at the hospital). Top middle: Ty changing our little man I think this was after he peed everywhere (oh man boys are so fun to change haha) and we had to change his blankets and is little shirt. Top right: Mommy and Maddux. Bottom left: Daddy and Maddux. Bottom middle: Our friend Aunt Runge and Maddux. Bottom right: sweet baby Maddux sleeping in the touch down position.

Thursday April 29th
The next day on Thursday April 29th the morning was just full of trying to get everything ready to bring him home. First I needed help with breastfeeding because I wanted to make sure he was eating ok before we brought him home. Then Dr. Marshall (Maddux's pediatrician) took him for about a half hour to do his circumcision. Ty and I took a nap while he was gone. When he got back they said that he did great and he wasn't even sad when he was back in the room with us. Poor little guy though that couldn't have felt good :( While he was in the nursery they also checked his blood sugar since he hadn't had a good feeding in a while. They said his blood sugar was good but I was still worried since it had been so long since he ate. They also checked his bilirubin and they said it was intermediate high meaning that he had a little jaundice so they said they wanted us to bring him back to the hospital the next day to test him again. After Maddux was all checked and waiting to go while we waited to get discharged I got ready for the day and cleaned up the room. I then got my vaccine and my RohGam shot. We were kinda cutting it close to get home because Ty had to work at 3:30 that day so we were trying to get out on time. I then had a nurse work with me for a while on the breastfeeding and she was really really nice and helpful she was the best nurse we had the whole time we were there. I then talked to the lactation specialist (Sue-She was the one that taught the breastfeeding class the last week at our prenatal class. She is so helpful) She helped me feel better about the whole thing and she said I could call her anytime if I needed help at home so that made me feel better but of course I was still worried and hoped he would eat ok once we got home. Finally after Ty getting everything to the car and getting Maddux all checked in the car seat they discharged us and let us go at about 3:15 pm. It was so crazy leaving the hospital with three of us but so cool.

Cute little Maddux in his car seat for the first time right before we left the hospital to go home as a new family for the first time.

We got home and Ty had to get ready for work and leave about 15 minutes later that was sooooo hard to let him go to work and leave us when I still felt like I had no idea what I was doing. I really didn't want to be home alone so my sister in law Emily and nephew Parker came and kept me company that night right after Ty left so that made it a little easier but I just wanted Ty home so bad. Once we got home Maddux was finally starting to get the hang of breastfeeding and my milk had finally come in so that was really good and he was eating well. It was so nice to have company and not be alone. Then around 5:30 my other sister in law Jess came over and brought me dinner and my mother in law Julie and father in law Dave got down here and also spent a lot of the night with me. Then they left to eat and came back later that night with a shake for me. Thanks guys. It was nice to have so many people at the house and a lot of help. I even got a break to shower and they took care of him for like an hour so I could relax for a bit. Ty finally got home around midnight and I was so excited to see him I missed him so much. Then right after Ty got home my mom got into town about midnight too. It meant so much to me to have my mom come down that night because it was so late and she was driving by herself and I was so happy she got here safe and the drive went well. I was so excited to see her and so happy she was here to help me. She did have 8 kids after all she knows what she is doing when it comes to babies :)

First or second night home. This was in the middle of the night after one of his feedings. His little yawns were so cute we just had to take a picture.

Friday April 30th
Friday was the next day and it was so fun to have my mom here. Mom and dad Ulrich Ty's brother Mike and cousin Max came over to visit for a while and that was really fun to have them here and hold little Maddux. Max was so cute with him and kept calling him piston cup (this is his nickname from Max because one time we asked Max what we should name our baby and he just got done watching the movie cars so he said Piston cup and he never forgot it. In fact he was kind of upset we didn't name him that for real. but we told him that can be his special nickname just from him. I think he was ok with that). After they left my mom went to the store to get stuff for dinner that night and Ty, Maddux and I went to the hospital to go and get Maddux's bilirubin number checked to see if his jaundice had come down. When we got home Ty's grandma and grandpa Kjar came over to meet and hold the little man so that was really fun to see them too. We just loved all the visitors. Maddux is one lucky little man to have all these people around him that already love him so much. Ty went to work again that day and of course it was really hard for me to let him go but luckily this time my mom was here so it was ok. Emily and Parker came over too and we all hung out all night. Maddux had a rough day when it came to clothes and messes and I probably changed him five different times that day and he peed all over haha. My mom made us dinner that night and it was so yummy it was pork chops and we all loved it. Thank you mom. Thank you for the delicious dessert too. The rest of the night went well but I used my moms help a lot.

Fun pictures on Friday April 30. Top left: Daddy and Maddux hanging out in the morning. Top middle: Maddux sun tanning to get his jaundice down. He loved being in the sun he looked so relaxed and cozy warm. Top right: Cute little naked Maddux I could resist taking a pic he looked so adorable. Bottom left: Mommy and Maddux self-portrait we sent this picture to daddy at work. Bottom middle: Another mommy and baby pic. Bottom right: Maddux chillin in his boppy he loves to hang out in that thing all swaddled up.

Saturday May 1st
Saturday morning we had to go to the hospital again to get his bilirubin checked again because his numbers went up. When we got home we put him in the sun again to try to get it down some more. Then Ty. Maddux me and my mom went over to my sister in laws and brothers house to visit them and little Parker and we hung out there for a while. Ty then had to leave again for work and it was really hard to let him go. The rest of the night mom, me and Maddux just hung out. My mom got us Costa Vida for dinner and took some to Ty at work too. Then that night my mom and I watched the movie Last Holiday. I was so excited when Ty got home from work that night because it was his last day of work until the next Thursday so I was excited for his days off with us.
Pictures from Saturday May 1st and Sunday May 2nd. Top left: Maddux loves his bouncer seat especially when it is on vibrate. Top middle: Daddy loves to hold Maddux like this and I think Maddux likes it too. Top middle 2: Maddux being burped haha so cute. Top right: This is Daddy and Maddux both napping together on Sunday. My cute boys both asleep. Bottom left: Daddy and Maddux. His onesie says "Big Show Off I'm Learning from Daddy" Bottom middle: Maddux naked :) Bottom right: Sun bathing again to bring down the jaundice levels.

We love visitors! Top Left: Cousin Parker & Maddux Top middle: Grandma Leanne (my mom) and Maddux Top middle: Aunt Brooke, Cousin Londyn and Maddux Top right: Daddy, cousin Connelly and Maddux Bottom left: cousin Oaklyn and Maddux Bottom middle: Daddy, Grandpa Dave and Maddux (3 generation Picture) Bottom right: Grandpa Dave, cousin Max and Maddux

Sunday May 2nd
Sunday was a good day too. Ty didn't have to work so I was so so happy about that he was only gone for a little bit for church. Maddux and me and my mom stayed home while Ty went to church to take care of his many piano callings (he plays piano in sacrament and primary and there aren't very many people who play piano in our ward so he decided to go since it is hard to find a sub). When he got home from church we just had a good time spending the day together visiting, taking naps, and taking a lot of pictures. Sunday night Mom and Dad Ulrich came back over to bring us dinner and visit with us one more time before they had to leave to go back up North. It was sad when they had to go and I can't wait to see them again. After they left Chris and Em and Parker came over to watch amazing race with us and mom and after they left mom me and Ty watched a movie called "One Fine day" It was so fun to have Ty home with us that night and just relaxed and hung out.

Mommy and Maddux Kisses
I just love this little man he is so sweet and easy to cuddle with

Monday May 3rd
On Monday it was another great day because Ty was home and my mom was still here too. We had a good relaxing morning and our friends Kari and Runge came to visit the little guy and hold him for a while it was fun to see them and talk for a while. After we were all ready for the day we went out to lunch at Chili's with my mom to get out of the house and to thank my mom for coming down to help. It was Maddux first real outing besides the doctors and he did really good while we had a well deserved relaxing lunch. It was fun to show him off to all the people Ty works with and everyone was saying how cute he was. After Chili's we ran to Walmart to get a few things and then to a store for my mom to help her find some clothes for Hawaii. That night we went over to Chris and Emily's house for dinner and dessert and visited for a while there. Then we came home and just relaxed the rest of the night together and watched some shows.

Our First outing :)

Tuesday May 4th
Maddux's cute little romper outfit he wore on Tuesday. I love this outfit and picked it out shortly after we found out we were having a Boy.

Isn't that face just adorable

Daddy and Maddux cuddle time

Tuesday morning while Maddux was still sleeping and Ty went to the bank my mom and I just hung out for a while and it was really fun to just eat breakfast and talk just the two of us. At about 2:00 it was time for Maddux's first doctors appointment to check his circumcision to make sure it was healing ok. When we were leaving for the appointment this is when my mom left to start her 4 hour drive back home up North. I had such a hard time letting her go and I already miss her so much I can't wait until she comes back down with the rest of my family in about a week. My mom helped me so much through those 5 days that she was here I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you mom I love you so much. The appointment went really well and Dr. Marshall said everything looked good. He now weighs 7 lbs 13 ounces so he gained 7 ounces in a week (this made me feel better about his eating so now I know he is getting enough if he is gaining weight), his circumcision is healing really well, and his jaundice is gone so we got all around great news from his appointment. When we got home we all took a nap until our dinner came and then Runge came over to watch Biggest Loser with us.

Grandma Leanne and Maddux cuddle time right before she had to leave to go back up home up North. :(
This is an adorable picture that my mom took of Maddux when Ty and I were napping and she was taking care of him for us. Isn't he so adorable.

Wednesday May 5th
Wednesday was a little rough just cuz I was really emotional about my mom not being here but luckily Ty still didn't have work so it was good to just hang out the three of us too. The whole day was just relaxing and spent the whole day at home. We were good and took a nap when Maddux napped (I need to do better at this so I'm not so exhausted in the evening). Then right before dinner my friends Taylor and Aubree came over to meet little Maddux and visit for a while. Our friend Natalie Dyreng also came over to see him for a little bit and brought him a little toy and outfit. That night Ty and I watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory and had some good time together while Maddux slept. Maddux is now officially a week old as of Wednesday May 5th. Also it was Cinco de Mayo and it was three years ago today that Ty and I had our first kiss. I love you baby. Look at how far we have come. :)

The cute little outfit Natalie got him. Oh and don't you just love those shoes :)

Thank you to all the people who came to visit and help out and thank you so much for all the ward members for bringing us meals it means so much to us and made it easier to not have to worry about cooking for a while. Thank you to all our family for everything they did for us and thank you mom for staying down here for five days to help. We love you all.


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