Friday, February 11, 2011

My Valentine Decor

So Since I am in love with blog stalking especially design and decor blogs I decided that I would get a little more into the Valentine decor this year and make some of my own with some ideas and inspirations from my favorite blogs. Being a stay at home mom is so much fun and I am loving it but I needed to keep myself busy while the babe is napping and while I am stuck inside all day with this winter weather so why not start crafting I thought?! :) Now I just need a craft partner so I am not doing all by myself. haha. So anyway off I went to the dollar store, a couple craft stores and my own craft drawer and got to work. Now don't judge me I am just starting out on this whole DIY thing so practice makes perfect right?! I'll get better and I am sure I will re due some of them next year haha. So here is what I came up with.

 This is the top of my entertainment center. I cropped out the TV cuz ESPN was on or something I don't know haha. Anyway The Ulrich sign (present from our wedding), the big U (got on a good deal at a boutique in Cedar City last year) and the "God Bless America Sign" (Got it from our wedding) stay up all year round. Then I added the cute garland that I got at Roberts last year on sale after Valentines Day and the cute wooden blocks that I also got at Roberts last year. You could totally make these easily though and I totally would have if I was crafty last year haha. Then I added in the cute lovey dovey willow tree statues and my awesome free printables I got from the wonderful world of blogging. First I spray painted the frames that I already had, red, white and pink and I love how they turned out.  I got the printables from Organize and Decorate Everything and My Yellow Sandbox (Originally, going from left to right, they are from: The Fickle Pickle, Today's Fabulous Finds, and It Is What It Is.)

 I love this cute little mom has had ti forever and gave it to me when I was in high school and it stayed in my room at home until I got married and then she gave it to me to go into my very own home. It means a lot to me. I might repaint the sides one day we will see. The decor on this table is simple. I just used my white IKEA vases and sticks to spruce up my Love sign that I got from Roberts last year (This is something else that I would have loved to make if I didn't already own easy especially if you have a cricut or Silhouette) I might even make some for people for gifts. 

 I recently got a silhouette and am in LOVE with it and this was my first project that I did with it. I got this idea, "love birds" from the lovely Shelly at House of Smiths. She has a vinyl company and has so many cute ideas and I was like "Hey I can make that with my silhouette and make it my own with a little different birds and lettering" and here it is. I just found a branch and bird that I liked at the silhouette store and bought them with my gift card that came with my machine so they were FREE and then I used a cute FREE font that I already had on my computer and cut the vinyl that I already had so that was also FREE! wahoo! I love my antique windows and it is so fun to spruce them up each season with some vinyl and pictures. The Ulrich Vinyl that my mom cut for me a couple months ago stays up all year long. Oh and BTW I got these cute antique windows in Cedar City a couple years ago at a antique store for only $12 a peace! Great deal since I have seen them as much as $30 for just one before. 

 For my other window I just printed off a cute family picture of us that my little sis took of us just on my home computer with photo paper which I already had so that was FREE again and then I just cute me some cute hearts with the silhouette on some Vinyl that I already had and walla! Also the Est. 2007 and our names stays up on the other window...Thanks again mom for making those for me.
This is in my long hallway from the kitchen to the living room right below my cute antique windows. So don't judge me about this table I plan on painting it, but I have to wait until it is warmer outside and when I decide on a color (I am thinking red? what do you think? please give me some input). I actually got the table at the DI for only $20 I couldn't pass it up and I can't wait until it is all cute and redone. Anyway onto the V-day decor. I have had this vase full of branches from my backyard up since Thanksgiving with different colored ribbons on it and I just slapped a red ribbon on it and it looks Valentinie. I then added that cute little V-day girl I have had forever (it was a valentine present from my mom when I was in Jr. High and I love it), the cute little vases that I got from the dollar section at target and filled them with heart picks from the dollar store, and some old and cheap frames and FREE printables. Again I spray painted the Frames, pink, red and white and I got them from the DI and dollar store. I got the Printables from Organize and Decorate Everything and Tatertots and Jello (Originally, going from left to right, they are from: Barn Owl Primitives, The Fickle Pickle, and Less Cake More Frosting)
 In my kitchen I needed a little something something Valentinie in there so on top of my microwave I added a red candle, some fancy glasses filled with marbles (all those things I already had), and a printable that I made which was inspired by 320 Sycamore. I just used a cute font that I already had on my computer and printed it out, put it in a dollar store frame that I kept black and added the little foam LOVE sign that I got from the dollar section at Target (I love that section) 

 This is just simply my calendar that I use year round in my kitchen I got it for super cheap (like a dollar I think) at a yard sale a couple years back. I like that it is like a white board and is easy to change every month but I wanted it to look cuter so I decided to break out the new Silhouette again and cut out the month, year, the love sign, and hearts out of vinyl to make it all cutesy and it was free because I already had the vinyl and it is super easy to change each month because vinyl comes off and goes on so easily. I for sure think I will do this with coordinating colors for each month from now on.

 These shelves are in my living room and I decided they needed to be filled with some Love so here we go. The U always stays there and I thought it still looked cute there. I then added those cute little glass bottles that I already had (I got them from an antique store in Cedar City for super cheap) and added some heart picks that I got from the dollar store and a red flower that I already had in my craft stash. On the middle shelf I filled it with these dollar store frames that I kept black and then just printed those cute letters from my computer in red and walla a cheap sign. I think that I will spell out LUCK with those frames for next month (That was actually Ty's idea so I can't take credit for it :) so cute). On the next shelf that vase and sticks stay up all year round and I just added in some heart picks that I already had and then I got the cute LOVE YOU scrabble sign Idea from 320 Sycamore. I got the frame from the DI and it was super ugly so I spray painted it white and ended up loving it for this project.

 And I am proud to say that the V-day boa wreath was all my idea! Woot! Yay I finally got a little creative and did this one on my own and it was super easy. I got one of those circle wreath forms from Michaels (it was like $3 I think) and wrapped it with some red yarn that I already had and pinned it in place with a straight pin. Then I pinned this red boa that I got from JoAnnes (I think it was like $4) and wrapped it around pinning it again at the other end. Then I fluffed it a little and added a cute black flower to embellish it and I think it finished it off perfectly. You could put this on your front door but I already had a big heart on my door so I decided to put it here and really like it. 

My front door (well it is a back door but is our front door haha) to our cute basement apartment. I keep the Welcome sign up all year round and then I got this cute wall hanging at Roberts a couple years ago. But again this would be pretty easy to make if you have a few tools and a electronic cutter.

The last place that I have decorated is my version of a Faux Mantel since I don't have a real  one yet. (One day when I have my own home I will have a beautiful real mantel that I can decorate). The cute printable that is in the middle and the candle sticks stay up all year round. The framed printable was a Christmas present from my mom and dad and the candle sticks are from the DI that I spray painted black last year. I got the little glass jars from the DI, cleaned them out and filled them with some pink gum balls and rec cinnamon hearts. The jar on the left I got at the dollar store and filled it up with some dollar store heart picks that I just cut the sticks off of. Then I spelled out Valentine with scrabble letters and they fit perfectly on the scrabble stand. Then last but not least I made those cute rosette balls. All you need is the color crap paper you want (I picked red and pink), a hot glue gun, and foam ball forms. I got my crap paper at the dollar store and the ball forms at Michaels, but I should have looked at the dollar store cuz they are kinda pricey for my liking. They were so fun to make, They are very time consuming and take a little bit to catch on to but once you do they are really fun to make. I think I will make some more for my spring decor. I got the idea and tutorial from the House of Smiths.

It was so much fun decorating for V-day this year and I am looking forward to start making stuff for spring! Bring it on Blog Friends I need your ideas. Also I need some crafty friends to do crafty nights with. :) Make sure to visit all those links if you want to get some cute FREE printables and some cute ideas.
Also I just had to put this picture on here because my little mister is just so cute I have to show him off even when he is being naughty and has no pants on! :)


  1. Your Valentine decorations are so cute. I love all the printables. It looks like you're going to have to start shutting the bathroom door. Maddux found a new toy.

  2. Ok for serious?! I need to start crafting! I really would love to do some of my own crafts instead of buying them but I get so intimidated! Your stuff is super cute!!! I think I just need to take the plunge.

  3. AHHH I love everything!! Which dollar store did you find the heart picks at? I have seriously been looking everywhere for little heart ornaments to fill a jar with!

  4. I love it all!!! I can't believe you made all of that! I must get a silhouette!!!!

  5. so glad i got to see it all in person.. your house and decor are all so so cute!!!



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