Friday, February 4, 2011

Nine months old

Yup. I know it is true...It has already been another month and Maddux is 9 months old as of January 28th. I know I say it every month...but what the heck? STOP GROWING! haha ok so he is really fun but still my baby is getting too big too fast for my liking. I am such a crazy mom I can already tell I am going to be one of those that cries at all his birthdays and just think he is going to leave me and never look back haha. oh jeeze. Anyway on his 9 month birthday he had his check up at the doctors. He is lookin good but my little man is just so little haha.

Here are his stats:
Weight: 18 lbs 8 ounces (18%tile)
Length: 28 inches (42%tile)
Head Circumference: 17.7 inches (42%tile)

He had to get one shot this visit because they were out of it last time so I felt bad for him on that because usually at nine months they don't have any. But at least he only had to get one this time and he cried a little but then looked up at me and smiled and was being so tough. I have such a tough little man. He just makes me smile so much. Also while he was there I asked about his cough that has been making him throw up and his fever and the doc said he would give him an antibiotic and then he checked his ears and my mellow baby had the start of a double ear infection and we didn't even know because he hasn't even been that cranky. Poor baby. Well now he has the medicine and is on day 6 of 10 days so it is really helping him a lot. He doesn't have a cough anymore and he seems to be feeling better. It is bubble gum flavored and he LOVES it he always opens his mouth for more when he is done taking it. It is so funny. Well, at least we don't have to fight him to take it. He also got his cyst by his eye checked and the doctor said it should hopefully be going away on its own but if it doesn't by a year they might have to drain it, but for now it isn't dangerous and he said it should be fine unless it noticeably starts growing.  Everything else is going well as far as the doctor is concerned and he will be going again when he is a year. I can't believe he will be a year in three short months. CRAZY TALK! 

Here is a little about our little "M" at nine months old:
**He loves his Sunday after church naps (evidence above :)) Doesn't he look so precious and peaceful when he is sleeping. Awwwww he melts my heart.
**Maddux does the cutest thing when we say we are gonna get him or growl at him he will smile crawl away and burrow his face in the bed or pillow like he is hiding from us.
**He wear size 3 diapers and size 6-9 and 9-12 depending on the brand in clothing.

**He enjoys Sparky's crate....up that is right he climbed into this the other day while we were at Grandma Julie's. He was loving all the attention after and all the pics we were taking of him....What a stinkin Cute ham!
**When we cough he will mimic us by doing his fake cough it is so funny. How does he even know to do that? Silly boy. 
**He is still loving our CDs and flings them off of the stand. It is like a game to him he gets some sort of excitement out of it. Silly boy. I don't mind cuz he can't hurt them. I just clean them up when he goes down for a nap and he usually comes and gets them again when he wakes up haha I probably clean them up 3 or 4 times a day.

**Maddux has become such a busy body and is everywhere...he is just all over the place and is so fast it is hard to keep track of him. Man when he starts walking I am going to be in trouble. haha
**Dux is always trying to copy us and follow us around everywhere. He is very into the mimicking thing lately.
**He really likes to be outside which is sad right now since it is cold but even when we are only outside for a sec from the car to the store he is loving it.

**Maddux loves the make his cheesy smile face...especially at Grandpa Doug. My day will do it to him and he will do it back it is so cute. This pic was taken on my mom's birthday at Red Robin.
**He always smiles after he sneezes...He thinks it is funny which then makes me laugh and then he laughs more and it is a big fun
**He is starting to like to walk while holding onto our fingers. He is getting really good at it. I wonder when he will walk on his own? probably around a year but I wouldn't be surprised if it were sooner.

**One day on our way home from my parents he decided he was going to be extra fussy so we decided to give him a bottle. He doesn't have bottles very often but it is so cute to watch him feed himself. I was chillin with him in the back seat of the car to try to cheer him up. Oh and after this picture was taken he started coughing his flemy cough he has which made him gag and throw up all over so all the food he just ate came right back up and I ended up nursing him when we got home anyway. oh well.
**He still loves paper...everything about it: the feel, the sound it makes, and the taste...yes the taste he is always trying to eat paper....stinker I don't want to find anymore paper in his poo
**Maddux is loving the little girls in our ward right now. He is such a flirt. There are these twin girls that he loves to follow around, and then there is a little girl a month younger than him that I always tease they will date one day (She is adorable) and then there is a new little cutie that is a little older than him that he likes to follow around cuz she just learned to walk. During sacrament meeting we usually end up in the foyer with all these cute little girls.

**This is at the doctors office for his nine month check last Friday. Isn't he so cute he loved the crinkly paper on the bed and the mirror. He even kept giving himself kisses it was so cute.
**He gives us kisses now. This milestone makes me the very happiest mama ever! When we ask for a kiss he will open his mouth and lean toward us. Yesterday I was laying on the bed and complaining of my headache to Ty and all of a sudden Little M came and gave me a kiss with out me even asking. This is the first time he has given a kiss without us asking for one first. I wanted to cry it was sweet.
**Maddux has started to lean toward us when he wants us. If someone else is holding him and he wants me or Ty he will lean to us telling us he wants us to hold him. Or he will be right at our feet waiting for us to pick him up. So cute. 

**He still loves to be naked...that is his favorite part of his check ups is when he gets to chill in his diaper and goes to get weighed.
**Maddux still loves the bathroom because he likes that it is a different floor in there cuz the rest of our apartment is carpet. We have to close the door or he would be in there getting into toilet paper and the trash for hours. yuck.
**He celebrated his first New Years Eve in his ninth month.

**He likes to follow uncle Zach's yo-yo around the house. Zach was pulling his yo-yo around and Maddux was following him for like 20 minutes it was so cute to watch
**He doesn't fall asleep in our arms very often so when he does we really cherish it and he did twice this month with me while he was eating so of course I snuggled him and took a nap with him and I seriously LOVED every minute. If he would nap with me snuggling him every day I totally would, but he usually prefers his bed.
**He likes to roll his little ankles around. He will just be sitting there watching TV or something and just roll around his ankles I love to watch it it is so funny and cute.

**His favorite toys are still his rings and he LOVES his soft Elmo book he gets so interested in it like he is reading it to himself and he likes to twist it in his hands and pass it off between both hands.
**Baby Einstein is still his favorite show. If he is sad it always cheers him up. If he is having a hard time eating if we turn that on in the background he does awesome....he also still likes dinosaur train and the cat in the hat.
**Dux loves bread. He is constantly wants to steal our rolls or bread when we are eating. Of course we share with him.

**He is always so mischievous and likes to get into everything. He likes to explore and learn what everything is.
**He is such a good little eater. He had his first real non baby food banana and peas this month and he liked them both especially the peas. He is also still doing really well with the nursing and nurses about four to five times a day.Dux also loves the feed himself finger foods with no help. He likes to eat baby Cheetos and puffs (we call those his treats...and when we ask him if he wants some treats he gets so excited. His breath always smells like Cheetos haha) all by himself. Such a big boy :)
**Maddux is usually found right at our feet lately. Very clingy and likes to follow us around. He wants to know we are not going out of his sight. I don't know where this fear of us leaving him is coming from.

**He always has such a huge smile on his face. He is so easy to get to laugh or smile and show off his new teeth.
 **Maddux likes to watch sports and Wipe Out with his daddy. It really keeps his attention and he will even snuggle with daddy while watching them. 
** He loves cords. Any kind of cord: to the vacuum, a charger any thing and it is a pain in the butt because of course we don't want him playing with electrical cord but this boy is so hard to keep away from them.

**Do you see those top two teeth. Yup he had 2 bottom ones last month and now he has two more on the top. They are so cute. They both came in on the same day and they have a cute little gap in them. He also has two more top teeth on the verge of breaking through. I can't believe he will have 6 teeth soon.
**Little M loves bath or shower time he knows when the water turns on that he gets to have a bath or shower and gets to play in the water. He LOVES it! His baby bath smells so good :)
**He sleeps with his little glow worm sea horse that he got from us for Christmas. He sleeps with him at night and every nap. He loves him. It is so sweet.

**He does this new thing that when we click our tongue he will do it back to us and now he will just do it on his own sometimes. He is in the middle of clicking his tongue in this picture. He is so proud of himself when we clap for him for copying us. :)
**Dux is such a good little sleeper and sleeps about 10-12 hours straight at night
**He loves to play with my phone but he knows when it is not a real working phone he wants mine that lights up and calls people. I am pretty sure he has called China on my phone. Seriously this boy loves electronics. Plus I think he likes to see the picture of himself that it my wall paper on my front screen. I mean it is the cutest little face in the world.

**Maddux has a new open mouth smile that he likes to flash at us a zillion times a day just because he loves to melt our hearts.
**He has had two colds in the last month...poor baby it just keeps going around in our home. The humidifier is helping his nose and cough so much  though and so are the lovely antibiotics.
**He is getting more used to drinking apple juice and water out of his sippy cup but we are still working on learning how to tip it on his own. I think because he is nursing and not bottle fed he doesn't really get the tilting the cup thing like a bottle fed baby would. But he is getting the hang out it we just have to show him sometimes. I can't believe he is working on a sippy. He is getting so big.

**He has just started to dance. When he hears music he will stand up holding the table or couch and bounce up and down. Ty says this picture he is doing a wrestling stance...I say he is dancing but really he is just trying not to fall.
**Maddux interacts and plays with his toys more and loves when we play and share in the excitement with him.
**He has started to give 5s. Smarty pants. His daddy taught him this trick

**This little man is pulling up on everything and loves to be standing up all the time.
**His ABC wall in his room is finally done and up this month and now we just need to finish the rest of his nursery. 
**He has 3 naps a day

**He loves his picture taken and is always wanting to pose for the camera. He gets so excited when mommy or grandma pull out their cameras.
**He loves remotes but he wants the real ones not the ones that we let him play with (How does he know? the little stinker)
**Dux likes to sit in the cart at the grocery store without his car seat. He is so big. We only do this sometimes though because sometimes he is so sleepy it is better to keep him in the car seat. A couple weeks ago I just had him in the seat and he was getting so tired he almost fell asleep sitting up. Poor guy. He was all slumped over and pitiful looking.

**Maddux has the most beautiful face in fact there was a cute lady at Walmart last week that told me he was almost too pretty to be a boy haha. He does have a very pretty face and if I dressed him in a dress he might even be mistaken for a girl plus look at those beautiful eyes and eyelashes...he actually gets those from his daddy.
**Maddux is starting to learn what no no means and it is so cute to see his little reaction to that phrase. But he is starting to realize that he should stop when he hears it. Good boy!
**He has started to wave bye bye but he does it with his whole arm not just his hand and he is still learning so he will only do it sometimes. But it is fun for me to watch him learn these new things.

**I caught some pretty funny faces of Maddux. The first one is him in the middle of a cough...the poor little guy has had a bad flemmy cough for like a month now. The middle one is his big surprised eyes and the last one is him after his cough medicine no haha j/k but doesn't he look drugged there haha. I think he was in the middle of baby babbling to me.
**He likes lemons. No seriously he does. He will bit and suck on it and make a really funny face but then he grabs for more. He kept doing this with hilarious faces on my mom's birthday at the restaurant last week and the guys sitting next to our table were just cracking up over it. It was so cute and funny. 
**Peas are his favorite veggie and apple sauce is his favorite fruit

**This month he has started baby babbling a lot more...he says "BABABABABA" all cute like. I love it!
**He loves necklaces because I have one that I love that is long with a really heavy duty chain that I let him play with all the time but then he thinks he can play with everyone else's like his grandmas so that's not good I guess I shouldn't let him play with mine so he learns not to. But it keeps him busy in church haha

**Maddux gets so excited when his daddy gets home from school and just wants to be held by him. He is bored with me since he sees me all day long. Also when mommy goes to the gym at night M plays with daddy for a few hours just the two of them and I think they both just LOVE every minute of it and then I am able to get a break and some exercising done as well. Check out my exercise blog here
**Dux loves buttons anything with a button on it catches his eye and he loves the pull at it with his little fingers luckily he can't break them off yet. 

**He has been a little more clingy lately and like to be held a lot more. Which is ok with me....I love it actually.
He loves his binkie and it is constantly hooked to him now. I bought him one of those things that you hook to the binkie and then to their shirt and it is so nice because then when it falls out it stays close and you don't loose it but it is also bad because I am nervous he is getting a little too hooked to it. We will see he is still young right?!

**He has become such a fast little crawler.
**He has started to flap his arms and slap the ground when he is excited and it is so fun to watch. 

**He loves his aunts and uncles and all his grandma and grandpas so much. He gets so spoiled by them :)

We love this little dude with all of our hearts and can't even remember life without him. He is such a blessing in our home and just makes me want to be a better person to be worthy enough to call myself his mommy. We love you baby and love to watch you learn and grow...keep flashing us that beautiful smile and melting our hearts.
Love, mommy and daddy


  1. What a treasure... writing all these details and notes that you think will always be fresh in your mind is so smart... because you quickly forget them, not so fresh in your mind after about 2 years!

    What a fabulous little family, lucky little baby!

  2. He's so adorable! I love the picture of him looking in the mirror! :D. I'm glad I'm not the only mom out there who will be crying at all of my kids' birthdays lol. They grow up way way way too fast!



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