Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Very First Giveaway!!!

I am so Frinkin excited about my very first GIVEAWAY!!!!
I can't believe it
I really really wanted to do a giveaway for my readers once I hit 50 followers 
and now I am at 73 (squeal with excitment)
I know that is not a lot compared to the huge blogs but it makes little ol me very happy 
I just want to thank you all for supporting me and reading so....

Do you like my toe nails?
I am in love
well guess what?

Jamberry nails is the Giveaway that I have been so excited to share with you
Have you heard of this company?
They are nail shields
I got some a while back on groupdealz 
and went crazy over them (see here)

They have 90 different choices 
I know right?
They have everything you can think of
They even have cute holiday themes

They sent me a sheet to try out and I love them so much
I got the purple giraffe this time
I have also had the black and white checkers
By the way the girls that run this company are adorable
I have loved getting to know them through email

Look at those adorable little Maddux feet
Oh wait this is about MY cute nails
but aren't those so cute?
I couldn't resist
I love me some Little M feet 
They are scrumptious

I have gotten sooo many compliments on my toes since I have had these on
People would ask me if I did nails for a living, 
where I got them done
and how much they were
And I am so excited every time to share this website with them
I have referred so many strangers and it makes me giddy

These shields are so easy
They take maybe 15 minutes with no mess
They don't chip and last forever
The website says on fingers they last 2 weeks and toes 6
But I had my checker ones on my toes for almost 8 weeks and they looked as good 
as when I first put them on
Can you believe that!

They are also a really good price and are sometimes 
on groupdealz so watch for them 
cuz then they are only $7.50
But even their regular price of $15 is AMAZING
for how long they last and how fun they look

When I changed my blog a little bit and got myself out there
I decided it was time for something very special for you all
The winner of this FANTABULOSO giveaway will recieve 
ONE FREE SHEET of nail shields
(Design of your choice)

Here's how you ENTER:
(Leave a separate comment for each item you complete)
Also make sure to leave your email in each comment so I can contact you when you win

1. Mandatory- Follow my Blog A Mommy's Life...with a touch of YELLOW Publicly and leave a comment saying so. You can tell me how much you love me too if you would like ;)
(make sure to see if you follow me on google friend so your entry counts)

Want some more chances to win?

2. Visit Jamberry Nails Website and come back here telling me what shield you are hoping to win

3. Follow Me on twitter, facebook, or RSS feed! (up to 3 different entries)
(You can follow all three of these on the top right of my blog)

4. Blog, Facebook, and/ or Tweet about this giveaway and then leave a link for it here
(up to three entries)

Oh and for you who don't win they have a great deal going on right now
BUY 3 GET 1 FREE  PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!! Then for #5, #6, #7, and up…you get them at a discounted priced!!  Pretty great deal right!?
GIVEAWAY closes on June 2nd at Midnight!
WINNER will be announced June 3rd 2011


Thank you for your support and for reading


  1. I'm a follower!

  2. I like the yellow dot flowers or the black floral!

  3. I am a follower and always will be! LOVE YOU!

  4. I love them all but i think the ones I can't live without are the yellow flowers with the white background. SO so so cute

  5. I also follow you and face book

  6. I posted your giveaway on my blog


  7. You are now the topic of my face book statue. I want to be your lucky winner for the second time. How cute would those be on my 1 year olds toe nails. We could be twiners

  8. LOVE your blog. I follow for sure now!

  9. I have your rss feed and facebook! I want the vibrant pinwheel, these are totally cute and perfect for flip flop wearing!

  10. I blogged about this!

  11. Yay!!! I've been waiting for this! I'm a faithful blog follower!

  12. I am "a mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW" facebook follower too! :) I love your nails! You have cuter feet than me but I'm sure they could do a lot for my sausage-like toes!

  13. And the orange floral shields are to die for!!

  14. I follow you publicly, and I'm proud to say it!

  15. I'm a follower and I absolutely love you to pieces. :)

  16. Really?? You expect us to pick just one??? I LOVE the red and blue argyle. I also like the vibrant pinwheels, the slate and white houndstooth, and the sunflower orange polka dots. But I REALLY love the white flowers on yellow! :) And how cute are those holiday ones???

  17. I'm just in love with those black and white checkered ones. Super cute!

  18. My favorite are "White Flower on Teal."

  19. I'm a follower!

    And I do in fact think you are pretty awesome! I miss seeing your face! We should get together sometime I would love to go on a double date and meet little M!

  20. There are SO many to chose from but I LOVE the CAMO GREY ones :)

  21. love the decorative coral design. so cute!

  22. I am your newest follower! I am Elyse's sister and I just have to thank you for all your sweet comments on our blog. You are seriously so cute! And these Jamberry nails are freakin' darling. I hope I win!!! :)

  23. And I love the purple zebra ones!!! :)

  24. I FOLLOW!!!!!!

  25. Black Floral ..... for sure! :o)

  26. I love your blog and I'm a follower!

  27. And I follow you on Facebook!

  28. I think the White Flowers on Mulberry are super cute... and so are you!

  29. Just found your blog! LOVE! I'm a follower! And I checked out Jamberry nails! I totally want Alice polka dots... Or maybe vibrant color pinwheel... But who doesn't love blue giraffe! Seriously I am totally excited to try them out!

  30. I love the Light Pink Floral ones!

  31. I added you on Facebook!

  32. hey!! im a follower:) yay for first giveaway!!! its so exciting to have your blog grow! it was a goal of mine when i hit 75 followers then i will be doing a giveaway.!!!! they are so fun:)

  33. im a sucker for green. so i would totally pick the green zebra!! i think, they are all so awesome

  34. Hey Whitty. I really like the light pink floral. It's so cute!

  35. I love the pink and white zebra! So cute :) I am following you here and on facebook!

  36. I follow with GFC


  37. I love the light pink floral!


  38. I would LOVE to get these...we used another brand but these look way cuter. Perfect for me and my 2 girls!ann @ housefinally.blogspot

  39. Oh and I am ur newest follwer this is one great blog and I love Pinterest too!

  40. silver and white dots!

  41. consider yourself followed!

  42. FB too!

  43. Too many to chose from! I live this giveaway thing! and of course I am a follower of you! and I stinkin love your face!

  44. I was totally debating with myself on what I would pick and ended up with the white flower on mulberry, but I really like the orange flower and the green patterned one. SO many cool choices!

  45. I'm a follower. Congratulations on your first giveaway!

  46. I am a follower! :)

  47. I love the organge dots. So summery

  48. I follow your blog! :)
    btw, its so cute!

  49. Ok, I'm new to this and I'm a follower!

  50. And I love the black and white houndstooth

  51. So I forgot my email address, so once again I want you to know I'm following you on Twitter!

  52. And Facebook!



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