Friday, May 27, 2011

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #2

Yay! It's time for me to share my Pinterest loves for this week
To learn more about Pinterest go here
So have any of you gotten one since I told you about it?
Add me if you did
Pinterest friends are the BEST :)

So here are my Ten for week TWO
And I am sharing them with you because....
I LOVE you! and I am pretty cool
so enjoy and make sure to check them out

OK ladies, gents...whoever is reading I am in LOVE
I have been collecting inspiration for a headboard for a while now I have mentioned a thousand times 
I am doing a master bedroom makeover this summer
(hopefully starting on some things this weekend)

And This is by far my very favorite I have found so far
I think the hubby and his dad are going to try to make it
I am going to paint it a different color though because
although I love that color it is not going in my room

But anyway isn't it beautiful and it just looks so awesome in her room
I am so excited to try it out 
and super happy I found it!

Oh my heck what a cute idea
. I have to make one for my little mans room.
He is one so it will be a perfect time to start measuring his height and recording it.
Yup I for sure need to get on that
I even have the perfect place for it
and it doesn't seem too hard
 Source: Mason's Roost

How cute is this idea
I would love to wear a necklace with my little baby on it
I could see his sweet little face whenever I wanted
She even shows you how to make it

I am always looking for inspiration on gallery walls
I have all the frames I need 
I just need to get my butt into gear
Painting them and putting them up in my living room
I hope mine turns out as cute as this one
I love all the different textures and shapes she has
I need to incorporated that into mine fo sho
 Source: Life is Sweet

Looking to make something cute for the 4th?
I am
I needed help
How cute are these?
I am totally making them
They remind me of the metal ones that you buy
but they are totally made of PAPER
There are so many possibilities of where to put them and 
how to decorate with them
And of course she gives you some ideas
 Source: The Gunny Sack

I am sure you have all seen this pantry
one or twice or maybe one million times but...
that is because it is AWESOME and I just thought
I would remind you all of that

No but seriously I pinned this so I can always remember this
When I have a pantry one day 
I am doing this from the very moment I move in

I love it! it is pretty
A pretty pantry? I know right
It is organized and so functional

Are you serious? 
Yes I am
She made this beauty
It is a Nursing tank top
Cutest nursing shirt I have ever seen that is for sure
 I am so making one for my next baby
I actually just stopped nursing this week darn but next time for sure

She even shows you how to make them 
so make sure to check out the link
Oh and if you don't want to make it 
but want one really bad 
well you are in luck because she sells them in her etsy shop
 Source: I Make Stuff

These stair are A-MAZING people
Wouldn't these be fun to a loft or basement stairs 
or If you are bold and not afraid your main staircase
Well I love them and hope to use this idea for my basement one day
And I am so using the YELLOW too
Of course 
You know me and YELLOW :)
Source: EllaBoo & Co.

I would love to do something like this to put on my dresser
Wouldn't that be pretty
It is so simple but so beautiful
She painted it white it was just plain wood boringness
and she fancied it right on up
Love all the cool bottles too

Last but not least 
Do you see this heart wrenching picture?
It makes me all teary eyed
I love it
So simple 
so beautiful
and of course it reminds me of my cute little family
Next time we get our pictures taken 
I am suggesting this
I want one now!
Any photographer want to take it for me? 
let me know :)
Source: Edris Kim

Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate

Oh and I have some exciting news:

 I won a giveaway a couple weeks ago
over here
for one of these
And look at how pretty the packaging even is
When I saw how pretty this was it made me even more excited for what was inside
I LOVE giveaways 
I love wining!

 I finally got around to picking out what I wanted 
ordering it with my free gift certificate 
and It came TODAY!!!
Do you all love getting stuff in the mail as much as me?
I just love it!
Especially when it is something as pretty as this!
It is going in my bedroom
The yellow is perfect too

Oh and I also got a free photo print of my choice with it 
cuz I picked one out with a photo clip 
Isn't that picture cute?
My cute friend Chelsea took some pics
for M's first birthday and took some
of the fam too
I will post more about this later!


Look what else came in the mail today
Maddux's Tiny Toms!
Eeeekkk I was so excited
They came in the cutest little shoe box ever

look how stinkin cute they are
they even came with their own tiny toms tiny bag
and of course the sticker
Love Love Love
And M will be one stylin little man that is fo sho people
 Now very Last but not LEAST 
Since I won a couple giveaways lately 
(I will post about my other one when I get it)
I want to give something to you my lovely readers so...

Don't forget to check out my Jamberry nails Giveaway HERE
and make sure to enter
Cuz who doesn't love free things
I am so excited! It is my first time hosting one :)
It ends Thursday June 2
so Hurry!!!
Have a fun FRIDAY!
I will be having a fun night in with the Ty
laughing while watching Little Fockers 
and maybe the EVENT season finale while cuddling with the hubby
and eating some yummy dinner with a slurpee on the side :)


  1. awesome! thanks for the feature!!

  2. i want i want i want pink sparkly toms for millie! you'll have to tell me how you like them for Maddux! :)

  3. What a fun post! I hope you keep them coming, they give me inspiration as well!

  4. Whitney, you have such a fun blog! Just wanted to let you know, I chose you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Head over to my blog to pick it up and pass it on!

  5. Im so glad you love your Rendi frame. You did such a great job designing it. Can't wait to see the remodel. Thanks

  6. Wow thanks for the feature! I am grabbing a button. And following you :-)



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