Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wall Art Transformation

Sorry I have kinda been MIA lately
Remember this post
Well apparently after taking care of my cute boys
three days later I was not so lucky and it was my turn
I got the tummy flu this weekend
and was in bed all day Sunday

I HATE being sick especially tummy stuff
but I did get in 4 hours of the six hour version 
of Pride and Prejudice in 
So that was super exciting 
now I just gotta find time to finish it 

Luckily I was much better by memorial day
So there was some Jam makin' with my mother in law, 
(more about this later :) )
cemetery visiting with my family
and a BBQ with the Kjar clan
And today I am 100% myself again

 (Me and M on the Tramp on at the Memorial Day BBQ)

Anyway....Getting on with the post
 Since my room is finally getting a makeover...
Slowly but surely
I figured I would get started on some of the decor
So I started with these really cute wall art pieces
They are 6 1/2 X 6 1/2 inch boxes

(sorry this picture is so blurry but it was the only before picture I had)
Darn don't ya hate that!
We got these for our Wedding from a friend
I love them the flowers are so pretty
but I'm not gonna have black in my room and 
I really thought these would look pretty in there
I just didn't know what color to do them

At first I thought brown
But that would be kinda boring 
so Ty (hubby) suggested Yellow
Of course I was right on board with that
Yellow is my favorite color after all and
Yellow is going to be one of our new colors
I was so excited and hopped right on that

First thing I did was tape them up with some painters tape
FREE...we already have so much of this stashed around
I'm not quite sure why we have so much
But I am sure glad we did

Then I went and got the Krylon BauHaus Gold
It isn't gold at all it is more of a pretty mustard yellow
And I LOVE it

And here they are spray painted, tape off and
What do you think?
I love the Sepia photos against this Yellow!

It is exactly the color I was going for for our room
I have another really fun transformation that I am using this color for
I was working on it today but it won't be done for a few days
so make sure to check back :)

This fun, easy and cheap transformation is linked up to 
all the parties in my "where I link" tab up at the top of the page and here:

Also make sure to go and enter the Jamberry giveaway here
You only have a few days left
The winner will be announced June 3rd
and I could be YOU

Thank you for reading and following 
Have a beautiful day!


  1. Ugh!!! So sorry you were sick! That is no fun! Hope you are still doing insanity :). It feels good to be back!

  2. They look great! That dressed them up nicely.

  3. sweet makeover! love the yellow and glad you're feeling better. being a sick mama is the worst:(

  4. GREAT DIY Project love it!!!

    CONGRATS TOO- YOU WON THE CUTE CHEVRON Pouch! can you email me at jenglamgirl@gmail.com

  5. I'm in love with anything yellow - beautiful job!

  6. Too cute! I love that shade of yellow! Thanks for the pin! I went to find you on Pinterest only to find that we already follow each other!
    Life with the Ellwoods

  7. They look amazing in yellow! Thanks for "pinning" my new picture frame wreath! you're awesome!

  8. Oh, these are too cute! Love the mustard yellow, I do know how you have a thing for yellow. :) Great job at using what you already had. Glad you are back to blogging, we missed you!

  9. Wow, the yellow really makes the pictures pop!

  10. great job! I LOVE THEM! They turned out great!

  11. I love how the frames turned out! The yellow makes the prints POP!


  12. I love the frames yellow. Thanks for linking to the party. Maybe you can motivate me on my painting. I ccan't wait to see your side tables.

  13. Stopping by after your kind comments at my blog. These are such a great transformation! I love remaking something that I have on hand into something even better. (And I love that version of Pride and Prejudice too!!!)

  14. That is my favorite movie! I have watched it so many times. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment!

  15. I would love for you to link it up to my party that is running now. Any linky goes.


    Come strut your stuff.



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