Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Southern Lovely Guest Post

Since I am HERE this week

EEEEKKKK I am so excited!
I can hardly stand it :)
I will be having way too much fun and no time
because it will all be spent hanging out with my little family and our friends
sorry on chic n' fresh this week but I will be back next week and until then...
 I have some fun guest posts for you all to enjoy

The first one I have for you is cute Lindsay from Southern Lovely
K I love this girl and knew she would have some fun ideas for you all
so take it away sister....

 Hello, friends of Whitney's blog! I am truly honored to be guest posting here today! I adore Whitney, even though we haven't officially met. We will someday, no doubt.

A little background on me--I am the author over at Southern Lovely. I'm originally from out west, but moved to the south for my husband's job 5 years ago. We have three children, ages 5, 3 & 6 months. I get the comment a lot, "you sure have your hands full." Yes I do, but I absolutely love being a mom. I started my craft blog right before I had my third child--what was I thinking?? :) Actually my blog has been very soothing to me, amongst the chaos that comes along with having three children. I love being creative & inspiring others. Why not add beauty to your home & life at a minimal cost?? That is exactly what I try to do.

Today I am going to share a little something I like to call, spray painted shoes. Crazy sounding, yes, but so much fun. Trust me.

I got the idea when I was going through my shoes, getting ready to throw some out. I have SO many black shoes, too many if you ask my husband. The thought came to mind, why don't I spray paint them?? I liked how they fit, looked, just wanted a new color. So that is exactly what I did.

Here we go--
First, wipe them clean with a damp cloth.
Then fill the inside with newspaper.
Tape around all of the parts that you don't want painted.
Lay a generous amount of newspaper down, because you don't want to accidentally paint the concrete (like I may or may not have done, sorry babe!).

Then start spraying. There is definitely a technique when using spray paint, which I am still learning. Nice even strokes work best. You will probably have to add a few coats to get the right amount of coverage.

After it is completely dried, paint a layer of Mod Podge on to seal the paint.

There you go! A bright new color of shoes to add to your wardrobe. Pretty easy, right??

**A few things I learned--shoes that don't have a lot of bend to them, work best (as in, the yellow ones that I painted). The blue ones cracked a bit when I wore them, not too badly though. You're probably not going to want to paint the shoes you wear everyday, since I doubt they will hold up that well. Maybe try using ones that are more of a 'special occasion' type shoe.

In case you're wondering, I painted the black belt as well. I really wanted a yellow belt, but had a hard time finding one. Isn't it amazing what you can do with a little spray paint??

Now, go grab those shoes that you are about to throw out, and have fun transforming

Thanks Whit, for letting me guest post today, it really was such a treat! And if any of your lovely readers want to stop by my blog & say hi, I'd love to have them!

Isn't that such a fun idea!
Check her out you will love all her stuff!
I have pinned so much of what she has done
Thank you Lindsay
and yes we will meet in real life and be
real life friends some day :)


  1. Neat idea and one I would have never even considered!!

  2. This was such a great post Lindsay!! Who knew you could spray paint shoes?! What a great way to spruce up an old pair



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