Friday, July 22, 2011

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #10

Here we are again another Friday
What a glorious day don't you agree?
And we all know what Friday means around here
Yup! It's time for me to share my Pinterest loves for this week
To learn more about Pinterest go here
So here are my Ten for week TEN
Woop Ten for Ten
Sounds catchy huh?!
Well I am sharing these lovelies with you because....
that's right! because
I LOVE you!
so enjoy and make sure to check them out

So much fun!
I am always looking for amazing ways to accessorize my hair
just for something fun and different
and this is so easy
all you need is a scarf and some mad folding skills
no but really she gives you EASY step by step instructions
on how to get this look

I seriously LOVE it
and need a scarf ASAP
so I can do this for Disneyland
That way I can do a lazy high pony
put this sucker in
and I will be cute

Do you see why I LOVE pinterest people
cuz I can refer to this whenever the heck 
I want on whatever computer I want
 Pinned HERE
Source: Keiko Lynn

Don't these just scream 
chic goodness!
Yes I think so
I found these from a Magazine they have in Britain 
and I am just loving it

And this would be soooo easy to make yourself
and that is the best part
get some wood, paint, AMAZING knobs
(the flower is my favorite)
and you have yourself beautiful hooks to hang 
whatever you want on it
in whatever colors you want
for where ever you want

I am loving the cream, brown, and grey
the pink purse looks good with those colors too
it looks very vintage
and yummy I really really want it

Ok this is kinda weird and random 
but this kinda inspired one of our outfit choices for 
our family pictures last Tuesday
Cream, Grey, Brown and white
It was vintage and Dressy and oh so pretty
I know you are thinking boring but it was so cute
and we had our bright fun casual outfits too
so don't worry
we got many looks :)
Oh my goodness I can't wait to share them with you 
 Pinned HERE

I will be printing these out ASAP
I love this idea
It is so organized 
and we all need some organization
when it comes to our projects
am I right?

I know I do
Or it is chaos
and I have one million projects going on at once
so this will help that a little
and things will actually get done
its a miracle right
The best part-Timeline :)
It is a free printable 
so go check it out and print as many as you want!
Pinned HERE

  Oh my goodness
there are so many reasons I pinned this picture
where do I start?

1. Ok I love the Globes and pom poms combination going on
Yes I think I will have a little of that
in blues and reds for baby M's room

2. The little gallery wall is so fun
I never think to do one in a bedroom
but I just love that over the bed

3. The old door headboard is one
of my very favorite ideas
And the rustic white i am diggin'
so much so that I have been thinking about
doing this for mine and hubby's headboard
What do you think?

4. The bed made from crates
how amazing is that
In the right room
for the right person
Pure Amazingness

5. And yes I love the color scheme
If I have a girl one day
I am so using these colors in her nursery

wow! that was a mouth full
Pinned HERE
Source: Ohdeedoh

How True is this statement
I know all those times I don't want to work out
but when I do it anyway 
I never ever regret it
I am always so happy I did it
and just feel even more motivated for the next time
 Pinned HERE

All the Mason Jar love is so much fun
It is the big Craze

What can you do with a mason jar you ask?
Besides canning that is
Well I will ask you what CAN'T you make with a mason jar
Oh no she didn't
Oh yes I did

Seriously though the possibilities are endless
you can paint them,
you can use them to organize, 
to hold your plants and flowers,
as pencil holders,
in your craft room,
for drinks,
for cupcakes in a jar,
to keep twine from tangling,
to store food
and for decoration

Go give it a try
I'm sure you have a mason jar or two laying around
Pinned HERE

I just really really like this outfit
and I want it all
from the striped skirt, to the belt, 
to the white ruffled dress shirt and cardigan
I think I need it

Skirt: H&M (I gotta go there apparently they have the best stuff
who wants to come with me?)
Ruffled Dress top: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21
Why don't I ever have this good of luck at Forever 21?
Ugh I need someone to shop for me
Pinned HERE

This idea excites me
Now who is expecting so I can make this?
Seriously I wish I had some of this stuff
when you are 2 weeks early and in labor
frantically packing because you know it's time
Man I will pack my bag a month before with the next one
you never know when they are gonna decide to come

Anyway I love this Hospital Survival Kit
for a gift to those lovely mommys
Some of the ideas to include in it are
Make up remover wipes
hair elastics
a headband
granola bars
and you could include so much more
make it personal 
get creative
make it practical

 She also has fun labels to print out
and you could even make your own 
for each item you put in
with a little saying or something
Pinned HERE
Source:  My Own Road

Your are kidding right?!
There is no way this is true
It is way too cool

Yes she found a way to print on burlap
straight from your home printer
Cool huh 
and she tells you how to do it

I have so many ideas swimming
around in my head right now
Burlap and printing
I am so excited right now
Get excited!
Cuz I will be sharing them with you all soon
 Pinned HERE

Yes please!
I am up for a challenge
I am so doing this!
And maybe put them in a scrapbook or something
You could make this soooo fun

This would also be a fun dating race game
or something with a group of married couple friends
oooo I think I will try that
Who wants to come?
changing just a few things
and not making it 30 days
just having to do 30 pictures
So fun
I will let you know on this one
when I do it and how it goes
 Pinned HERE

 Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate

  Don't forget the
Little Miss Mommas shop giveaway going on right now
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And who doesn't like FREE trendy things right?
and it could be YOU!
why not?!
so enter!
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And  I was featured

Chef in Training featured my 4th of July Wreath
made from cupcake liners
on her Mouth Watering Monday
this week
I feel so honored thank you so much Nikki!

And that is not all It's a Crafty life
featured my pom pom ring tutorial
last Saturday on her Saturday Swagger
Oh man I am loving all the love
thank you Kim

Have a fun FRIDAY!
I will be crying because I am so sore from water skiing yesterday 
(It has been 3 years my muscles aren't used to it
but man we had a blast)
doing laundry, some blog hoppin,
Playing with My little Mister
gettin my family blog updated, 
making a packing list for D-land,
cleaning the car
some crafties, pick up my Norwex orders eeek and 
we' ll all go hang out at my parents for the night
Do any of you have fun plans?


  1. I want that skirt, really the whole outfit, if I'm being honest. :) I look forward to this post every week! You have such great pins, very inspiring!

  2. Whit! I LOVE your blog! You make me want to be crafty and cute!!Oh and I love to shop and I always seem to find cute stuff. I will come shopping with you anytime! Love you! :D



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