Monday, November 14, 2011

Motivate Me Monday- Class/Home workout

I am so so excited for today's Motivate Me Monday
It is such a good motivator for me and hopefully
I am helping and motivating you as well

Link up and tell us what is going on in your fitness journey 
even if it isn't this weeks challenge we want to hear what is on your mind
about your health and fitness
we want to see your accomplishments
or help you through your challenges

Seriously These are great for me even as a host 
Last weeks challenge was awesome and Yes I even 
did some of the exercises you guys suggested 
I tried the:

1. Pull Up machine- I was so excited that Ashley posted about the pull up machine
because I feel like I have been wanting to try it for so long but was always intimidated
to try it. It is placed where I swear everyone in the gym can see
so on Friday night there was hardly anyone there and so I decided to give it a shot
I loved it and will be working on it at least twice a week 
now I really want to get to the point of just doing them on the bar without the kneeling help
Hope to get there in a few months 

2. Frog Squats- I was also really excited to try out this new exercise. I do squats all the time
and I love to work out my legs like I said in my post last week HERE
but I had never heard of this type of squat until Amanda posted about it
and I tried it that Monday since it was leg day 
and I loved it so much I did them on Wednesday as well
The work my legs, and butt amazingly

Thank you thank you ladies 
 I love finding new exercises to add into my workouts
it is always nice to spice it up

with MEAshley and Amanda

Today's Challenge/ Topic is:
Get out of your comfort zone and Try a new class at the gym
or if you don't have a gym pass or your gym doesn't have classes try out a new machine
you have been scared too or find a new workout to do at home and share it with us. 

 My Gym is AWESOME seriously I love it
I go to Planet Fitness
It is only 1 minute from my house
$10 a month
has amazing hours
Beautiful and tons of equipment
and the people are so nice
if you have one close to you make sure to look into it
and if you have any questions let me know
anyway I love all these things about my gym
But there are no classes there
it is a ton of cardio machines, free weights, 30 min circuit area
and tons of other machines but no classes
so to get my classes I do at home aerobic workout DVDs sometimes

And the best part is they are FREE that's right FREE
and I can do them in my own home whenever I want
When the babe is napping or before he gets up in the morning
All you need to do to get them for Free is a library card 
(I am also lucky to have a library right in my neighborhood)

Yup your library has workout DVDS
and not ones from the 80s
they are really good ones like Biggest Loser,
dancing with the stars, Bob Harper
Jillian Michaels workouts, and
even a lot more

My cute friend told me about them
and loves them so I figured I
Love the biggest loser
and they are amazing trainers
so I decided to give A Jillian Michaels workout a try

 Banish Fat Boost Metabolism
This is the one I checked out
Saturday was a bit of a crazy day with just
doing a lot or errands
so while the babe was napping
and hubby went to the gym
I decided it would be a perfect time to try out my at home DVD
my very own class with Jillian Michaels
Pretty lucky right?! haha

Let me tell you a little about it
First of all she kicked my butt
I was sweating like a crazy person
and I was doing it in a basement in the winter
when it was snowing outside so
it was not hot
that's is how hard she pushed me
She incorporates kick boxing, cardio, Abs, Arms,
legs, and stretching
It was a challenging but awesome whole body workout

Stretching- 5 Minutes
workout- Seven 6 minute circuits (with pretty much no resting) 42 min
each circuit is 3 minutes has about 5 exercises then you repeat that same circuit
making it 6 minutes
and you do 6 other different ones
cool down stretch- 5 minutes

Some of my favorite Exercises from the is DVD

 The Burpee
This is Jillians favorite exercise
The burpee is the ultimate full body exercise
There’s a reason why football teams, CrossFit practitioners,
and elite military forces use the burpee in their workouts
Just one simple movement tests both your strength and aerobic capacities
With each repetition, you’ll work your chest, arms, front deltoids, thighs, hamstrings, and abs
the burpee is one of the best exercises to burn fat
no wonder she stresses these so much
looks like I will be doing a lot more of these in my workout routines from now on

 Kick Boxing side kicks
she does a lot of kick boxing in this DVD
but I just love the side kicks
kick to the side trying to get your leg parallel to the floor
then tap down and kick again
Love this because it is cradio, and works your bum and legs
Plush I love anything that works my inner thighs 
(Can you tell that my inner thighs is the area I am most self conscious about 
well that and my tummy, but who isn't after having a baby?!)

 Plank Bent Leg oblique twists
this is by far my fav of the workout
I even showed my hubby and told him all about it when he got home
I love it because it works your Abs
and obliques amazingly
seriously my sides where killing me this weekend from it
ladies this is the best for love handles :)
so if nothing else you gotta try these babies 

Standing Mountain climbers
 These are kinda like high knees with your arms punching up
and it kinda reminds me of climbing up a ladder
I love these because they are cardio,
they work your legs,
they work your abs,
and they work your arms
because you are supposed to punch up to the ceiling
making it more powerful
and working it all

Squat Scissors
sorry I couldn't find a picture of these but they are worth 
mentioning and you will know what I am talking about
when you go and check out this DVD to try out
It is a squat jump but at the top when you jump
you bring your feet together and scissor them 
then you land back in the squat
This works your , calfs, quads, butt and 
pulling your legs together at the top to a scissor gives your
inner thighs and amazing burn
 yes they will be on fire

It is about 50 minutes with Jillian Michaels
it is Free 
and it will give you amazing results
try it out
and let me know what you think of it after you do

Here are some more Jillian Michaels DVDs that I want to try in the weeks to come:

 I heard this one is amazing
but I don't have any weights so I will have to wait until
I have some first
but I am excited!

And who doesn't want a six pack
I probably wouldn't get a six pack out of it
but as long as it is a little more toned
or a little flatter I will be happy
Gotta find this baby

Remember your library will have such a 
good variety of workouts for you to try
I am going to be trying some Bob Harper ones too :)

Also to learn more about my journey through the at home
Workout Program INSANITY go HERE

This WEEK:
I worked out 5 days and so did hubby
We are loving doing this together
at separate times but together 
in the fact that we support each other and go on the same days
and cheer each other on
Monday: Ran 3.5 miles, Abs, Legs
Tuesday: Interval Run Routine, Arms, Abs
Wednesday: Interval Run Routine, Arms, Abs
Friday: Ran 3.78 miles, Abs, Back, Arms
Saturday: Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD
I decided to bring in some Interval Runs into my routine
I heard these are amazing for your mid section
and better for you than one paces/one incline runs
(unless you are just training for a race
and even then you should incorporate some interval runs in)
They are amazing
I thought I would be slacking off since you go up and down on speed
but it was actually harder and I sweat even more
Overall I felt very good about my workouts this week
I felt like I really pushed myself
and tried another new stuff
which I loved!
Also very proud of Hubby's accomplishments this week!

My Goals This Next Week:
 1. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day 
(I know I put this every week but I want to continue 
to drink enough water)

2. Do my quick morning workout and home and still go to the gym at night everyday
(I will share this at home mini workout soon)
3.  eat more fruits and veggies each day
4. Consume more protein 
5. workout 4-5 times this week

Next weeks Challenge/ Topic 
Drink 8 glasses of water a day for the whole week
Let us know how you did 
and how it made you feel
Is it something you would like to make into a health habit?

Now Link up and share the class you tried, new machine, 
or at home workout and how you liked it
Grab the button and follow along with Ashley and Amanda!
Our goal is to help motivate each other! So let's have fun and get motivated!
Share anything you want! Or ask us questions and we'll help find an answer!

Remember I am doing an awesome Giveaway this Week
Giving Away 2 scentsy bars to one lucky winner
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  1. YESSSS!!!!!!! This post just made me so happy and motivated me to go to the gym RIGHT NOW with Eric. Thanks Whit! Tell Ty I am proud of him too. I miss you guys!

  2. i dont know if i can ever do a regular pull up/ i will try so hard. also jullian rocks my socks/ I LOVE her videos:)
    you are awesome girl!!

  3. Nice! I haven't tried any of Jillian Michaels workouts but I've heard great things about them. The 30 Day Shred is on my cables On Demand so I'll have to give it a try next time I'm not able to make it to the gym!

  4. I'm glad u liked the frog squat!! And that pull up's a love hate relationship with me lol! It seriously took me 30 minutes to figure out how the weights worked lol. I love Jillian and love Those burpies!!

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