Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful Tree

I have been posting on facebook
something that I am thankful for each day 
of the month of November
I loved the idea 
and wanted to take it one step further
and display what we are thankful for in our home

There was post linked up to my party a couple weeks ago
From Junk in the Trunk
she had a cute idea to do a thankful Tree
I loved it and knew that is what I wanted to do
And it was meant to be 
because I already had a vase of sticks ready 
as fall decor

What you will need:
-A vase
-Sticks/branches (I got mine from the back yard they were
all ones that had fallen off trees and stuff)
-leaf pattern (from cutting machine or online)
-A sharpie 
-what you are thankful for

What I did:
- I got all different sized branches 
and arranged them in a vase
-Then I got on my silhouette and found some leaf
shapes I wanted and the machine cut them for me
on all different types of fall paper I had lying around
-You could also just find some leaf images online
and trace and cut them out you don't have to have a cutting machine to do this
-It is fun to get patterned and solid papers in fun colors to make it really pop
and show all the fall leaf colors
-Next i punches a tiny hole with a needle,
put some thread through it and tied it to give it a loop to hang on the branches

-We started with empty branches
-Then each day of the month we have be writing something we are
thankful for on a leaf and putting it on the tree

-Maddux colors one each day
He loves to color 
and everyday he points to the leaves and says color
what a sweety

-Then by the end of the month you will have a full Tree 
with so many things you are thankful for
and if you are having a bad day just go and look at your full tree
and see how blessed you really are
Easy Peasy

If you have any questions at all remember you can always email me
or leave a comment I will answer them all
My thankful tree is linked up here 
and here

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  1. I've been doing the same, one thing I am thankful for each day on my facebook page. So refreshing compared to so many of the other status updates you see. I get so excited whenever I see anyone else doing it!

  2. What a cute idea!!! I love all of your decorations!!

  3. Beautiful!! And I love how you involved your little ones too. We have a thankful turkey that my son has been gluing feathers to every day. Would you share your special tree here?


  4. SO CUTE!! Love how you have this displayed in your home and how you have included your kids! BTW- I love following you on Pintrest- you find the coolest stuff!! Have a wonderul Thanksgiving!



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