Monday, November 21, 2011

Motivate Me Monday- Water

I am so so excited for today's Motivate Me Monday
It is such a good motivator for me and hopefully
I am helping and motivating you as well

Link up and tell us what is going on in your fitness journey 
even if it isn't this weeks challenge we want to hear what is on your mind
about your health and fitness
we want to see your accomplishments
or help you through your challenges

Thank you thank you ladies 
for linking up last week
and for sharing and giving us some ideas 
on working out at home, or going to a new class
it is important to get out of your comfort zone
You all really motivate me to want to do better

with MEAshley and Amanda

Today's Challenge/ Topic is:
Drink 8 glasses of water a day for the whole week
Let us know how you did 
and how it made you feel
Is it something you would like to make into a health habit? 

 Drinking water
Oh man why does it have to be so difficult
we need water to survive
so you think it would be a little more second nature right?
Well it is cuz most of us, well at least me, fill our bodies
with other things or other liquids that aren't as healthy for us

I have never been a huge soda drinker
I will drink it on occasion is all
but I just don't drink as much water as I should
I get busy, I know dumb excuse, but I do
and I just think eh I'll get a drink when I really need it
but then by that point I am dying of thirst and usually have a headache
which means I am totally dehydrated

I need to change this
and for the last month I have been trying
I am still not perfect I don't get my 
8 cups of water everyday but at least now
I am trying and aware and keeping track
which is huge progress for me
and I do get my 8 cups a lot

This week for the challenge I tried to be even more aware
this was not the best week for me 
It was super busy 
and like I said when I am busy water is the last thing on my mind
The beginning of my week started out great 
Monday- 9 cups
Tuesday- 8 cups
Wednesday- 9 cups
then the business started and I stopped keeping track
I am so mad because I have been keeping track for weeks
and of course the week I am assigned to I don't
I keep track of my drinking by filling up an 16 oz water bottle 
which is two cups
and I drink out of the same bottle filling it back up all day
then I will know exactly how many cups I drank 
depending on how many water bottles I filled up and emptied

Even though this week wasn't great 
I have been doing pretty well lately
and have felt a difference
I feel like I have more energy when I drink the correct amount of water,
I also feel like I don't snack as much
I of course am striving to make this a health habit and hope
to continue to progress toward that goal

Do you know the benefits of drinking water?
Well then how about I lay some of them out for you....
and then you will want to drink more of it too

1. Helps you lose weight
Drinking water reduces hunger, 
it’s an effective appetite suppressant so you’ll eat less
Plus, water has zero calorie

2. Natural Remedy for headaches
usually because your headaches 
are a sign of dehydration

3. Look younger with healthier skin
Water helps to replenish skin tissues, 
moisturizes skin and increases skin elasticity

4. Better Productivity
Your brain is mostly made up of water, 
so drinking water helps you think better, 
be more alert and more concentrated

5. Better Exercise
Drinking water regulates your body temperature
  which means you’ll feel more energetic when doing exercises
Water also helps to fuel your muscle

6. Helps is digestion 

7. Less Cramps and Sprains
Proper hydration helps keep your 
joints and muscles lubricated

8. Less Likely to get sick and feel healthy
Drinking plenty of water helps fight against flu
and other ailments like kidney stones and heart attack
drinking water can improve your immune system

9. Relieves Fatigue

10. Flushes out toxins from your body

11. Good mood
Your body feels very good and
that’s why you feel happy

12. Reduces the risk of cancer

13. Reduces your risk of heart attack 

14. Burns more fat and build more muscle 

15. Regulates Ph balance

16. Nutrient transport
 Water helps in sending the nutrients from on
place of our body to another  
  making a constant flow which helps our
body to function properly

17. Pregnant Women
At the time of pregnancy
the body's need of enough water is very important
to keep the nutrients flowing and keeping the
infections away

There are plenty of health benefits of drinking water
most people drink water
because it makes them feel good
and that is a good enough reason for me right there
so start your day with a glass of fresh water
it is the best way to start the day

This WEEK:
I only worked out 3 days this week
which I am not happy with but for a busy week
I just have to tell myself at least you worked out 3 days
and not zero right?!
but I did get up to four miles this week
so that is something to be proud of 
Hubby did 4 days!
Monday: Ran 4 miles, Abs,Arms 
Tuesday: Interval Run Routine, Legs, Abs
Wednesday: 4 mile Run, Arms, Abs
Bleh and nothing the rest of the week
disappointing but I know I will do better this week
it has motivated me to do better 
and to get back into my routine of 4-5 days
Although I should count sanding (distressing) 
my dresser I am redoing and an arm workout
my arms were killing me by the end
Here is to a better workout week!!!
My Goals This Next Week:
 1. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day 
(I know I put this every week but I want to continue 
to drink enough water)

3.  eat more fruits and veggies each day
4. Consume more protein right after my workout
5. workout 4-5 times this week

Next weeks Challenge/ Topic
  lets challenge you to stay healthy this Thanksgiving
Only eating a reasonable amount
  and getting plenty of exercise to make up for those extra calories
Let us know your techniques on portion control
and how you felt this week

Now Link up and share how you did with your water consumption this week
 and how you liked it made you feel
Grab the button and follow along with Ashley and Amanda!
Our goal is to help motivate each other! So let's have fun and get motivated!
Share anything you want! Or ask us questions and we'll help find an answer!

I hope you all have a fun, safe and healthy thanksgiving week!


  1. Loved reading your post as well, thanks for the comment, good luck this week girl!

  2. Wow girl! At least u got to 9 glasses! I barely got to 6 haha! I'm glad you touched on that fact you need it for survival...I think that just inspired me to drink more lol. great post!!

  3. hey girl! i love this post:) i think you did great..keeping track is SOOO HARD. but i like the water bottle idea:) :) thanks doll:)

  4. I'm in -- I definitely do NOT drink enough water! Hubby and I have each just lost 20-22 lbs. so I'm all about trying to get healthy again! Thanks for your great blog!

  5. I am so excited for some extra motivation to get healthy! Thanks ladies!



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