Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Easy Maxi Dress

Wanna Learn how to make your own Maxi Dress?
Well you are in luck because this is super easy and it only 
cost me about $8.50
But the best part is I actually made it for Free because
I won a gift card to hobby lobby from Bunco
and I totally used that to pay for my fabric

What you will Need:
- 2 yards Jersey Knit Fabric
-Thread to match your jersey knit 
-A sewing machine
-Fabric scissors
-Rotary Cutter 
-measuring tape

What I did:

the first thing you are going to want to do before anything is wash and dry your fabric
this is because Jersey knit shrinks 
so this is will help you to keep your measurements for the bottom accurate at the end 

****The tutorial I followed said to sew it, cut it and then wash the fabric,
but I would wash and dry the fabric before you sew so it doesn't move the stitching at all

1. You will want two yards  by 60 inches of Jersey knot fabric
Fold it in half "Hot Dog style" like the picture above so that it is 2 yards by 30 inches

2. Next I pinned the fabric on three of the sides leaving one of the short sides open 
for the feet 

3. Next I got out my sewing machine and thread to match
You are going to want to do a Zig zag stitch for this dress 

4. Sew on the 3 sides that you pinned leaving the bottom open for the feet 

5. Once all three sides are sewn I laid it flat on the ground and measured 
marking the middle of the top of the dress
(The other short side 30 inch so at about 15 inches I marked that)

6. Taking my rotary cutter I cut a 8 inch straight slit at the 15 in mark 
(This is what makes the V neck line)

7. Next I cut 8 inches on the each side from the top down 8 inches 
like picture #7 above for the arm holes 

8. Next I went back to my machine and double stitched over the parts of the 
fabric that I cut for the V neck and arm holes
so that it all stays together and the stitching doesn't come undone
(Again the tutorial I followed didn't do this but I thought
it was pretty important so it stays together)

That is all the sewing you will need to do
You don't need to hem the arms or the bottom because Jersey doesn't fray and
it kind of curls under so it looks finished 
Awesome huh!

9. Haha this is how long it was when I first tried it on
so next you will want to try it on to see how much you need to cut off the bottom
I am 5' 5" and I cut off 12 inches from the bottom 
and it was perfect

Put a belt on  (belt from target) and some cute accessories and viola 
you have yourself a cute easy Maxi dress
I probably finished this within 45 minutes to an hour
but I am kind of new at sewing so some of you
could probably make it within a 1/2 hour 

Yes, Beginners you can do this too!
I am a beginner 
All it is is cutting, measuring and sewing straight lines 

It is so so comfy and light weight for the summer time 
and it is great for my prego belly :)

What I love about this dress is you can wear it to church 
or you can just wear it on a nice summer weekday

I wore it to church this Sunday and had at least 5 people ask me where 
I bought my dress :) 
I was so excited to tell them I made it 

Then I wore it again on memorial day
It was perfect

I will definitely be making another one or maybe two
in some fun bright colors maybe :)

Thank you for reading, your support and for following 

This Dress is linked up HERE


  1. You look so adorable in that cute homemade maxi dress! you did a great job!

  2. Very cute! I'm 8 weeks pregnant and am definitely in the market for cute, easy maternity clothes! Thanks for sharing!

  3. How cute! I love it =)

    Visiting from Someday Crafts

  4. I so want to make one now!! Way to go my friend! You look darling!

  5. So great! I can't wait to try it. It is so hard to find a cute maxi dress with a reasonably modest neckline. ;)

  6. Awesome job! ~ So cute!
    ~Lisa @ Organized Chaos

  7. What a cute dress!! I love the little belt with it! I need to make me one asap! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Thursday's Temptation.

  8. Beautiful dress. Love it. You look fabulous. I love your blog. :)


  9. Hey Whit! Your cute dress got our most view this week so its being featured at today's link party! Wahoo!!

  10. Love this dress. So pretty! You should so link this up to my party. Now I need to make one:>



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