Friday, June 22, 2012

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #22

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Today is Friday and Friday around these parts means.... 
This Weeks Pinterest Loves 
at A mommy's life...with a touch of Yellow
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Pretty much about every other Friday
I get a collection of my favorites from pinterest and share them with you
and this week is week #22
on the 22nd cool :)

Sit back, Relax and enjoy

I am in love with this plaque
and it would be so easy to make
A silhouette machine and a little vinyl and paint
and viola. This is a must make hopefully for this year
but if I don't get to it for next year
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Adorable Newborn Picture Idea
Yup I think Holden will be doing this pose
and I'll be wrapping a huge bow around him :)
Source: Unknown
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I LOVE everything about this outfit!
I want it?
I know the pants are a bit wild 
but they are AMAZING
Who knows where I can get this?
It will have to wait until Holden is born
and until I have time to get skinny
Source: Rantapallo
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I want these tiny toms in both Maddux's size
and a pair for Holden 
Wouldn't it be so cute if they had matching 
tiny toms? I think so
Source: Toms
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This is one of the most gorgeous headbands I have ever seen
Go and check out the rest of her shop
She is so talented and all her creations are beautiful
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This is a brilliant idea for storage
of soaps and bath toys 
Just put another shower curtain rod on the inside of the shower
against the back wall with some 
hanging baskets and you have a ton of storage 
Perfect for the kids bathroom
Source: Unknown
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MMMMM Watermelon and Strawberry lemonade
I have got to give this a try 
It looks like the perfect summer treat 
So glad I found this one I will let you all know how it is
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Have you seen all those adorable pillowcase dresses for little girls?
Well this is a pillowcase top for adults 
Isn't it beautiful?!
I want one
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Love everything about this bathroom
The stencil is amazing, the colors are beautiful 
and that framed mirror is gorgeous 
I want a bathroom this pretty one day
Source: Better After
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I am so making two of these diaper pouches for the diaper bag
That my two boys will be sharing
Ill make one for size 4 diapers and one for size newborn 
this will keep them organized in the bag
I'll even make them in different fabrics so I know whose is whose 
at a quick glance 
I am crazy for have two kids in diapers eeeek
Source: Noodlehead
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Hope you have a  fun Weekend!
This weekend I will be painting, painting and more painting 
haha oh and I'll be hanging out with my cute hubby 
my little mister, try to find some time to relax, 
play outside, do a little swimming, BBQing and go to a Wedding
Reception on Saturday.
What are you doing this summer weekend? 
Thank you for reading, your support and for following!


  1. so many darling finds, I'm in love with those bitty shoes!


  2. I found these pants and thought of this post of yours! Not exactly the same, but similar!

  3. All kinds of fabric for your clothes Available online.



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