Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DownEast Home and Clothing Review (Sponsored post)

This month I got the opportunity to go to DownEast home and Clothing for 
review and to do some shopping
This was an easy assignment for me being the fact 
that this is one of my favorite stores and I LOVE to shop

Here is what I came home with:
Yellow Shirt: $34.99
Decorative bowl: $6.49
White Vase: $4.99
Wooden Truck Toy: $4.99
Yellow Dress (not pictured): Clearance for $7.00
All of this plus a dress with tax about $60

I got the items in the picture above for $54.99 and 
saved $74.53 by doing my shopping at DownEast 
and shopping clearance 
I then went back for the $7.00 dress because 
who can pass that up it was regularly $39.99
Now that is a steal!

Maddux Loved his wooden firetruck
Did you know they even had toys at DownEast?
and they are really good high quality that will last forever

At DownEast they are known for their clothing line 
and clothing deals
This is the brand new to the fall line skirt I got for  only $35
I love love it and just couldn't pass it up for that price, the color 
and the comfort 
You can check out their fall clothing line HERE
Did you know they also have a little girls line?

The super cute dress I got for $7
I told you I love Yellow
This gem was from their spring line so it was on major deal
I seriously felt like I was stealing it, that's how good of a deal it was 

Also something really cool going on right now at DownEast 
is they have a campaign to support breast cancer 
Buy any limited edition LIVE for PINK product from 
Sept.10-Oct 14 and they will Donate 50% of the proceeds 
to fight against breast cancer
Isn't that awesome?
50% that is huge
So go and get yourself some cute pink shirts and donate 

After browsing the clothing it was time to venture over to the home side
Yes, DownEast has a home section and it is glorious 
They have top designers and brands for discount prices 
If you are in the market for some new furniture make sure
to check this out

I am in LOVE with this couch and over sized chair 
The color the tufting the design it is all beautiful
They have a whole section of the floor packed full of couches 
love seats and chairs and wow they are amazing

Another big section is the dining room table and chairs 
This chair really wanted to come home with me
Maybe one day it can :)

Love their home decor section it is classy, rustic 
trendy and right on with the styles right now 

These cabinets are beautiful and they have so
many different styles to make every home and 
shopper happy

Hello! Do you see this headboard?

They even have cribs and other children furniture and accessories 

One day when I have a house 
I hope to find some patio furniture like this here again
Looks so comfy, very stylish and perfect to hang out on during 
the summer months 

This is probably my favorite piece I found in the whole warehouse
It is amazing!!!!
I need to start saving up my pennies for this bad boy

Not only do they have clothing, decor and furniture of all sorts 
they also have seasonal items 
Right now they have fall and Halloween items
they even had some costumes for both adults and children 

I had such a good time browsing through the whole store
and getting some shopping done
I could not be more happy with the experience and with 
what I was able to come home with 

Make sure to check DownEast out HERE
They are also on FACEBOOK and TWITTER
Like them to receive updates on their sales and special events 

***Disclaimer- I was given a gift card to spend at DownEast but all pictures, reviews and opinions are my own 

Thank you for reading, your support and for following



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