Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween is one of my very favorite Holidays 
I love the dressing up (I make Ty dress up with me every year)
I love passing out candy, Halloween parties, the treats, seeing my adorable
boys in their costumes and of course taking them trick or treating
This year was so much fun and not to mention the amazingly nice weather we had 

Maddux is obsessed with Toy story so naturally he wanted to be woody
which meant Holden just HAD to be Buzz right?!
so then we might as well make a theme of it 
So Ty and I were Barbie and Ken
(Ty is such a trooper)
Toy Story 3 Characters 
This is us all dressed up for our wards Trunk or treat 
the weekend before Halloween 
It was fun full of food, games for the kids and trunks decorated 
for trunk or treating 

My outfit was so fun to put together
I got the matching shirt and leggings to look like a one piece from 
Wet Seal for only $6 each, then I got the belt and Shoes from the DI for super cheap
they were originally white and I spray painted them pink 
then the leg warmers are actually just socks that I cut to make look like leg warmers 
Then to complete the outfit I have a pink ribbon in my hair 
Pretty good for putting it together myself 
Id say 

Ty's outfit was easy, he already had the shorts, shoes and sunglasses
I got the shirt at DI for $5 and just a piece of material to look like an Ascot 
The Ascot made the outfit 
and In my barbie voice I often repeated to Ty
"Nice Ascot" :)

Holden as the most adorable Buzz you have ever seen

And Maddux as my studly Woody 
Maddux and Holden's costumes are actually PJs from the Disney store
and now that Halloween is over they LOVE to wear them to bed 
For Maddux we had him wear jeans instead of the PJ bottoms 
and he got the boots and hat from is Grandma and Grandpa 
for his birthday earlier in the year

The Saturday before Halloween I did a fun 5k race called running Scared 
it was fun because they encouraged you to dress up and the weather was so nice
I was 3rd in my age group and I finished the 5k in 29:06 which I felt pretty good about 
since I didn't even train for it
You can read more about the race HERE

The Monday before Halloween we went to Ty's aunts house and 
had a little pumpkin craving party filled with soup, corn bread, ice cream 
and lots of pumpkin carving 
My little sweet Holden was just loving life watching all of us 

Dave and Julie at work 

Holden tryin out some ice cream 

Our pumpkins this year
Top left: Me-Cinderella
Top Right: Ty- Buzz and Woody
Bottom left: Me- A pirate "Ar Maity" for Maddux
Bottom right: Ty- For Holden bug

All that excitement from the party wore this little man out
Aren't those skeleton pjs so cute

Halloween Night we headed down to my parents house
so that Maddux could trick or treat with my little brothers and his cousins

checkin out his candies 
so exciting 

It just wouldn't be Halloween without a Zombie right?
yeah this guy was just on the side of the road and 
I made Ty drive back around the block so that I could snap a quick picture of him

Speaking of Zombies we started watching the Walking Dead on Netflix
we just finished the 2nd season
Wow it is crazy?
Do any of you watch it
It gives me so much anxiety but it is so addicting at the same time
I totally recommend it


  1. OMG your barbie and ken costumes are hysterical! Absolutely love them! I just wish there were more costume parties around. We went through all the trouble to dress up for our trunk or treat, and that was the only night by husband and I wore our costumes.



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