Monday, November 19, 2012

Meeting Katherine Nelson

Last month, on October 9th I had an amazing opportunity to go to a bloggers 
Girls Night Out to meet the lovely Katherine Nelson 
We had a meet and greet, treats, swag full of music, red lipstick, a scarf 
and a born brave poster
and my favorite part of the night was the intimate concert 
it was just in the living room of a beautiful home in Salt Lake City 
there were only about 20 people there
We got to hear her sing, share her stories, and tell us all about her born brave platform

 It was amazing to meet her, to talk to her, to hear her stories and experiences
She is a beautiful person on the inside and out

 Not only is she talented in the music world and has a gorgeous voice I 
could listen to all day she is also an actress she was Emma in the 
Joseph Smith Movie 

 I apologize for the horrible quality of the pictures they are from my phone 

 Ron is her guitarist 
He has won a Grammy

 "We are born to feel heartbreak and heal again. We were born to be brave."
-Katherine Nelson

 I adore all her songs she sang that night but my favorite 
was "What's Mine is Yours"
You have got to look it up it is beautiful, heart warming and made me bawl 
It was about adoption and it really touched my heart
We got her Born brave CD that night and I listened to the whole thing when I got home

The spirit was so strong in the room 
Katherine is such a strong woman and has been through a lot 
she has grown and is an amazing inspiration and example 
Thank you for the beautiful night

This night gave me inspiration 
she made me want to be Brave 
to be a strong women, to serve, to be the mother my boys deserve 
and to be an example to others 

You can find Katherine and her music on 
and her WEBSITE 

Her CD would make an amazing Christmas present just sayin 

What is your born brave story?
Have you had to be brave yet?

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