Friday, August 23, 2013

Front Door Greeting {with Chalkboard Vinyl}

I am slowly but surely working on bringing my new home together. I still have a ways to go but it has been fun to find a place for everything and create new items to put in this beautiful home that I never want to leave. {too bad we are just renting it}. I knew I wanted to make my front porch welcoming, kind and friendly to our new neighbors around us. I change out the wreath each season and holiday, but I wanted to do something else on the door. I thought about the tradition vinyl welcome sign but then quickly came to the realization that I wanted something a little different and unique. I found some chalkboard vinyl I have had in my craft stash for quite a while now I just didn't have the perfect project for it yet, that is until I thought of this simple, but really fun decal for my front door. It was so quick and easy, literally half of a nap time craft :)

{Supplies I used}
-Chalkboard vinyl {mine is Cricut brand}
-transfer tape {not require but it does make it easier to get everything straight and is a quicker application process-the cricut chalkboard vinyl came with the transfer tape}
-Cricut mini {again this is not require you could easily do this without a cutting machine it is just quicker}
-Marker and scissors {if you don't have a cutting machine or a way to borrow one}
-Applicator tool {or really you could just use a credit card}
{What I did}

The first thing I did is hook up my cricut mini and chose my designs that I wanted to use:

 Main label- label 1-5 11 1/2 inches 
Triangle banner- banner 2 each triangle is 1 inch total of 71/2 inches 
Arrow- Arrow 8 inches 
heart- heart-5  1.5 inches 

Then once I had it all picked out, designed and sized, I cut it out on some scrap paper to make sure everything was size correctly, then I cut it again this time on the chalkboard vinyl. 

***If you do not have a cutting machine you can design it your self or find designs online to print out and trace onto the vinyl then you are going to cut out your designs with scissors. 

The machine will cut the vinyl and leave the back uncut. This is nice for the transfer tape. Once it is cut you are going to peel off the excess vinyl as shown above. 

Next you will take your transfer tape and measure it to the size of your decal backing, then peel the tape off its backing, put the sticky side onto the chalkboard vinyl and use your applicator or credit card to smooth it on. So it looks like the last picture above. 

Peel the backing off and the chalkboard vinyl will stay on the tape then you will place it onto the door right where you want it, use your applicator and rub it around to make sure it is sticking onto the door and then peel the tape away and all you are left with is the chalkboard decal! tada!

Next you will take some chalk and rub it over the entire thing, then use your rag to wipe the chalk off. Then your surface is ready for coloring, writing, or picture drawing. Use your creativity. This is a great tip for all new chalkboard surfaces so that it doesn't leave a ghost {previous writing} on it. 

Didn't it turn out so cute?! I Love how it is unique and different than any of my neighbors doors. I also love that it is not permanent and it is great for both renter and home owners alike.

For now I just colored in the banner and arrow with some yellow and Wrote Welcome in the label. It will be fun to change this out for the season, holiday or whatever is going on in the area or our family at the time. 

 Current front porch. I have some really fun ideas coming up to
spruce it up a bit so make sure to stay tuned

 Side table Tutorial 
 White planter // Ikea
Glass Milk Bottle //Ikea
Blue mason jar // Smiths

 Outdoor Door Mat Makeover tutorial 

For those who have asked here is a picture of the front of the house. Isn't it cute?! I die and i really want to buy it one day if we could, or at least build a replicate. I love the inside floor plan just as much as the outside. 
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  1. Super cute! I love that you can change it up for the season/event.

  2. What a great idea! I agree that changing it up every season makes it extra awesome!



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