Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sofa Table Revamp {tutorial}

If you saw this post or have been following me on Instagram {you should if you don't} you know that I have been wanting to make my old sofa table pretty for quite sometime. I got this table about 3 years ago at the DI {a thrift store here in Utah} for only $10 and it has been needing some love since then. I knew it had good bones when I saw it I just couldn't decide what color to do and I put it off for forever. At the beginning of July we move and as I was looking at my open rooms downstairs that table just drove me crazy not being up to date so last week I finally took the plunge got some Yellow paint and got to work.
{Supplies I Used}

-Sofa table {DI $10}
-Power Sander {named Gus Gus}
-Yellow Paint {Valspar samples from Lowes}
-Primer {Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 from Lowes}
-Paint tin
-Paint brush {2}
-Paint roller {foam roller-size small}
-Rags {3 or 4}
-Stain {Early American}
-Finish Spray {Minwax Polycrylic clear Satin}

{What I did}

Here is what she looked like before just a regular,old, boring, scratched up, light oak sofa table. Nothing too special. Well that's what you may think, but I was in love as soon as I saw it. I loved the rope detail and the curvy legs. It was perfect and the price tag was even better. I knew I was going to like this makeover.

Lets get started, first you are going to grab Gus Gus, or in other words your power sander. Yes I like to name my tools. Makes me feel like our time spent together in the garage is more fun and not as lonely. baha! Sand the table, removing the top coat finish and smoothing out the scratches. There were a lot of scratches, I sanded down most of them but I left some for character and a shabby chic look.

Once she is all stripped and sanded down you are going to clean it all up with a wet rag followed by a dry rag removing all the dust and debris.

Next up is the priming. I can not stress enough how important the priming step really is. Do not skip this step. The primer gets the wood surface ready for the paint and helps the paint to stick along with giving it the best vibrant color and coverage. Also get the Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 primer it is the very best out there. It goes on much smoother and better coverage than the killz. Take my word for it you want this stuff. You can find it at Lowes home improvement. It also dries soooo fast which is nice to getting your project done faster.

Then its the fun part. Painting. Where you really see the transformation. I rolled this table because I could not find the perfect color yellow I was going for in a spray paint. I got a couple cans of the valspar samples from Lowe's and got to work. First I took my paint brush and brushed in the creases and areas that the roller wouldn't be able to reach. Then I rolled the paint on going in nice smooth patterns over lapping so there were no paint lines. I did two coats and that was plenty of coverage. Then I let that dry completely. Isn't the yellow so pretty.

I loved it already but with all the detail I really wanted it to pop so I got out my stain and distressed it up a little really quick. This is such a quick and easy process. I don't like to do this to ever piece of furniture, because I think there is such thing as over glazing things but I like to do it every once and a while and when it is next to pieces that are clean crisp painted pieces.

You are going to work in smaller sections so it doesn't dry too quickly before you can wipe it away. You are going to brush it on making sure to get it into all the detailed crevices. Let is sit for about 30 second to a minute to let it really seep into those detailed sections, but don't let it sit too long that is dries all the way. Then you are going to take a clean rag and you will wipe away the excess stain just leaving i t in the details and a little distressed background on the flat pieces. Then you will move onto the next small section until the whole table is complete. Then again you are going to let it dry for at least a couple hours.

Do you see how it really shadows and makes for perfect details pop out. Love that stain with the yellow.

Once it is dry, I sprayed a coat of the polycrylic finish on the whole table. Let is dry for 2 hours and then it was beautiful, transformed and ready to bring back into the house.

Bringing the table back into the house finally got me to take down my 4th of July decor and put up some fresh, crisp decor for the rest of the summer months.

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  1. This is lovely! Thanks for walking us through the steps; I just bought a detailed chair I want to paint. How much sanding did you do on the rope detail? And did you just use the power sander to do it?

  2. Beautiful job! I'd love if you'd link up to The DIY'ers! http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-diyers-and-weekend.html

  3. $10?? LUCKY!!! I love it. I've been wanting a sofa table as well... but our house doesn't have the space for one. As soon as we do... I'm checking out my local thrift store - that's a great find!

    Yvonne @ TriedandTasty.com

  4. I love this so much! The table, the fun color, and cute little touches around it! I found you through the Tell Me Tuesday link up, and following you on instagram and bloglovin now. :)

  5. YELLOW makes me HAPPY, this really caught my eye….I wanted to invite you to share this at my linky party going on now. Add as many projects as you like. Hope to see you there…

    Christina at
    Thursday SWEET HAUTE Share Linky Party

  6. Great redo! Love the color - what a great transformation. I'm featuring this at Terrific Tuesdays.

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    Thanks for sharing this blog its very helpful to implement in our work

    Hire a Hacker



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