Friday, September 27, 2013

Dallas Roberts Salon {and $20 off any service for you}

I got the chance to go and check out the Dallas Roberts Salon in West Jordan, Utah last week and I was so excited to check it out and get pampered while I was at it. 

Photo Credit: Dallas Roberts Salon 

Right as I walked in I was impressed with the clean, sleek beauty of the place. The chandelier, the wood flooring, the huge mirrors and the simple yet gorgeous professionalism. I felt welcomed and comfortable right away. They were so friendly right from the beginning when I checked in, while I was waiting, they offered me water, one lady was going on a food run and they asked me if I wanted anything. They were the best.

Photo Credit: Dallas Roberts Salon

They first thing I had done was my eyelashes. I have been wanting to try the whole eyelash extension craz for quit some time now and just hadn't done it, so when the opportunity arose I had to jump right on that. I have short, blonde eyelashes and when I don't have mascara on it doesn't even look like I have any. Darn blonde lashes, curse you! The super cute Mandy is who did my lashes and she was so amazing. I not only love how they turned out, but the conversation with her was so fun. I felt like old girlfriends just catching up. Can't wait to go back and catch up some more over some lash fills. She also waxed my eyebrows for me before you did my lashes. Whole new woman I tell ya.  Make sure to contact her if you are wanting yours done.

Don't you just love getting your hair washed and your head massaged at a Salon? That has got to be my favorite part. I think I will just keep going in just to have them wash my hair and give me massages. Plus I love the smell of their hair care products. 

Their Hair washing station is in its own room. This is not just any room. It is gorgeous you walk in and you instantly feel relaxed. The chairs are comfortable, it smells like essential oils, the music is relaxing, the lighting is perfect and then they massage your scalp and you don't want them to stop. I could have fallen asleep but in a good I'm so relaxed and it feels so good type of way. 

Getting a little trim, a blow out and a style sometimes is all you need to feel completely refreshed. It just feels good to not have to do my own hair. 

Of course like most salons they sell the products that they like to use there, but their products truly are amazing and are only of the highest quality and recommendation. Not to mention they are so beautifully displayed.

After my lashes, my wash, blowout, small trim and style they couldn't let me leave without a complimentary makeup application. I can honestly say that was the very first time I have ever had anyone else do my makeup. For real!!! I did my own for my wedding, for pictures, I am no professional I just never felt like I needed anyone else to do it, but you know what it was kinda fun to have a pro do it all.

They have this amazing brand new makeup line at their salon and the colors are to die for.

You will love it. Have family pictures coming up, a wedding, a dance, a big event? Make sure to come in to Dallas Roberts Salon and have them apply it all for you for a gorgeous and professional look. 

Before the lash extensions with zero makeup on. See they look like they are not there I promise I have eyelashes the tips just like to hide in their blonde glory.

What my natural lashes look like with shadow and eyeliner on but no mascara. 

And.... after!!! AHHH I am so in love you guys. Do you see the difference it is incredible. It is so much fun to wake up in the morning look in the mirror and see eyelashes and the best part is I don't have to put on any mascara wahoo, or eyeliner for that matter. I feel like they make my whole face look different. Longer, fuller, darker and in my eyes perfect! Go go go to Dallas Roberts and get your lashes done you will not regret it. I don't know if I can ever go back to not having them.

Beautiful, long full lashes after a workout, why yes and thank you! Never felt so pretty while Sweating like a pig in out crossfit garage gym.

 Don't forget my trim and some make up! Sorry this is not the best after picture but it is all I had from that day (playing at the childrens museum}. I just love how fresh my hair looks after a nice trim and my bangs look so much better. Since I am growing my hair out from my pixie cut a year and a half ago I am at the awkward stage where the back will flip out when it hits my neck so they took care of me and gave me a good trim in the back so that it will curl under better. Thank you Carley. 

I had such a good experience at Dallas Roberts Salon and can't wait to be pampered again. These ladies have a passion for what they do, they love it, they are great at it and they make us all feel so pretty.  If you live in the Salt Lake Valley you need to check out their great central location at 9066 South 1510 West West Jordan, Utah 84088 and call them at 801-255-9938 to make your appointment for whatever you are in need of: Cut, color, style, makeup, lashes, even hair extensions and so much more. {Side note I am saving up to put my hair extensions back in and I cannot wait}.

Also some very exciting news if you mention my blog, A mommy's life with a touch of yellow at the Salon you will get $20 off any treatment.

Don't forget to visit their Website at You can also check out Dallas Roberts Salon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and pinterest.

The pretty and talented ladies that Pampered me...Go to them you wont regret it
9066 S. 1510 W. West Jordan Utah 84088
9066 S. 1510 W. West Jordan Utah 84088
9066 S. 1510 W. West Jordan Utah 84088

Mandy- My lashes and eyebrow waxing

Carley- My hair 

 Becky- My Makeup 

Happy pampering and don't forget to mention my blog A Mommys life with a touch of yellow to get that $20 off!!!

***Disclaimer: I was  compensated with salon treatment {eyelash extensions, trim and blow out, eyebrow waxing and makeup application} and as always opinions are 100% my own. 

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