Monday, September 30, 2013

Easy Wheat Fall Banner {tutorial}

Honestly, I almost didn't share this tutorial,  because it is so stinkin easy, but then I thought that is exactly why I should share it. Who doesn't want to do a Easy but really awesome statement banner for there home that you can put up for Halloween and keep up through thanksgiving?! I will answer that one for you! Everyone wants to. We all like Easy and awesome oh and lets add cheap to the mix there too.

This is a perfect naptime project I tell ya, especially because it will only take about 15-20 minutes of naptime and the rest of the time is all yours. Make this, hang it up, then grab a coke, a cupcake, get into those sweats and a hoodie {since fall has graced its presence with us this last week}, put your feet up and watch your guilty pleasure until those little ones are up from their slumber and needing some attention and love from their oh so crafty mama. Now that we have decided we all need one of these hanging in our home lets get to what you need and how to make it. You will die!!!

{Supplies Needed}

-A bundle of wheat {I got mine at hobble lobby for only $5 but they had them 50% off so I got it for $2.50 remember to use your coupons}
-Any type of twine you want {I used what I had FREE}

So yes this statement beaut cost me a whopping $2.50!!! 
{What I did}

Ok these come super long so first you are going to cut them down so they are only about 10-12 inches long. You could really do any length that you want. Make it to your taste.

Next bundle about 7-10 pieces of wheat together. Continue to bundle until you have 6 bundles.

Get your twine...

And tie each bundle onto the twine. Make sure to tie them as tight as you can and double knot them. The stems are slippery so make sure they are tight enough so when you hang it up they are all snug and not going any where. I tied my bundles about 4 inches apart and left a good chunk of twine on each end to hang with. 

Once you have cut, bundled, and tied your banner it will look a little somethin like this...

Lastly you are just going to hang it up in that perfect place in your home. I promise you will get compliment on it with each visitor you have. It is unique enough and perfect to display for fall and bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

This is a great banner for September, October and into thanksgiving decor.

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  1. Whitney, this turned out so stinkin cute! And only 2.50? I need to find a coupon and head to hobby lobby today!

  2. I love this! Simple yet totally original. And you can't beat the price!



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