Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {Aztec Harem Pants}

I LOVE fall, I am so ready for it and I am ready for the fall fashion. The problem is it is still too hot here in Utah to bring out the thick layers and boots, so I busted this outfit out as a nice transition. It was a bit more fall with some thinner layers and breathable materials. I also brought in a touch of fall fashion with my plum nail polish and deep red lipstick. 

You guys I am fearless when it come to my hair and I get bored pretty easy so I am constantly changing it. I have had long extensions down my back and all around my head {loved them and am craving them again}, I have had long A line extensions just in the front,  I have done the pixie, the faux hauk, the aline and now for this new season I am trying to grow my hair out a little {we will see how long that lasts} with a darker ombre and some straight across bangs. Darker and bangs have been my go to for the fall for a couple of years now. 

Shout out to my gorgeous hairdresser and and one of my best friends, Natalie Dyreng @nataliedyreng on instagram. If you are in Salt lake/Davis county area you have got to hit her up in Bountiful. She had done my hair for probably 4 years now maybe longer and I seriously trust her with my life!!! When she lived 2 hours from me I would still go and drive to her place to get it done. Email me if you would like her contact info.

Shirt  //  DownEast Outfitters 
Pants  //  H&M
Shoes  //  LEI
Lip Stick  //  Estee Lauder
Watch  //  Kiss Me Mint 

The aztec prints are everywhere right now and I am in love I have at least 4 things in my closet that is in some way aztec related. Do you like this aztec print trend? 

My hubby HATED these Harem pants when I first got them he told me they were pj pants. LOL that made me laugh so hard, the best part is they really are as comfy as pj pants but sure fashionable and I love how you can dress them up or down. My friend told me that if your hubby doesn't like something fashion related you that usually means you are doing great. HAHA. That made me laugh too. Anyway long story short he said they have grown on him and when I don't wear them for a while he asks me too. He is coming around to this whole style/fashion thing.  I like when my hubby likes what I am wearing.

  Would you wear Harlem pants? I am telling you once you try them on you will be in LOVE. 

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  1. These are darling. I'm thinking a trip to H&M needs to be included in my next visit up north. You've posted so many cute things from there lately!



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