Monday, October 14, 2013

Mommy Time out with PEOPLE magazine and HERSEY's Dish Candy

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®, PEOPLE Magazine & Hershey’s, but all my opinions are my own. #HersheysPeople #pmedia

Ok let's get real here and a little personal. When it rains it pours. To put it plainly I am blessed and I know that but holy cow my life has been a Hot mess the last couple months. Thank goodness I do have those sweet little boys in my life or I don't think I could get through it all. With  moving, my parents moving {I am a little attached to my family}, some other trials that I won't get into details with and the biggest stress of my husband searching for a job out of law school has been, well, heck. It has been rough. It has been stressful. Our boys miss seeing daddy at dinner or at bedtime, and sometimes even all day due to his temporary wacko hours job. Its been hard feeling like a single parent sometimes. I get lonely. And well I need a break.

I think we all need breaks sometimes. Whether it is a mommy time out, a break from your stressful job, your busy schedule, or whatever you have going on. We all need that little time to ourselves and to take care of ourselves. To wash away the worry and just relax.. It can rejuvenate us and get us going again with a little boost.

I feel like I have to do it all {I think most women feel this way} especially during this time of year. With Halloween coming up I am worried the costumes won't get done, I have parties to get ready for and shopping to do. And it just gets overwhelming. I have noticed when things get crazy and the Holidays are approaching I just need some time to breath. Instead of go go going even when the kids are in bed, I need to take part of that time for me. When the boys are napping or down for the night, for at least 10 minutes, I leave the mess, I leave the projects alone, I put the vacuum down and I have that mommy time out.

The best time outs include reading and sweets. There is something about these two things that is just a perfect relaxation combination. Last week, I was at Target to get a couple things and the Halloween candy was calling my name. The Hershey's Dish Candy is the perfect go to treat. Pumpkin Spice kisses? Are you kidding me? I was in heaven and I was excited to put them in my candy dish inside my Halloween festive home. Or, let's be real honest, devour when I got home.

On my way to check out this PEOPLE magazine caught my eye. What is it about that magazine? Its a classic and ever since high school it is my go to magazine read. 

Now you know you want a good PEOPLE magazine read and a side of HERSHEY'S dish candy for your next mommy time out, part of your Halloween decor, for your favorite fall recipe or in between the trick or treaters coming up. Well guess what, we have a special $2 off coupon for the PEOPLE magazine and HERSHEY'S dish candy combination just for you.

Sometimes my mommy time outs are when the hubby is at work, the boys are down for the night, the house is cleanup for the night and I am chillin in my bed with my groovy socks, Hershey's kisses, apple cider and most comfy clothes. It was great to read about the latest styles, TV series, movies coming out, a little Justin Timberlake never hurt anyone, beauty products and I'm sorry but who doesn't just love Meg Ryan and her family centered self. Go get yours today you won't regret it. And those pumpkin kisses were amazing I just may have eaten more than half of the bag in one sitting, just sayin.

Now head over to your favorite Target store, print out the target exclusive coupon and get $2 off your magazine and sweets combination! Awesome right?! Hurry fast because this coupon is limited and will only be in effect while supplies last. And remember you deserve that "YOU TIME", so take it.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I love your headwrap! that look like the absolute perfect mommy break to me!

  2. Mommy time-outs are definitely a must!! Those pumpkin spice Kisses sound amazing - I better send the hubby out to get me some! :)

  3. those pumpkin spice kisses are my favorite halloween candy! SO good.

  4. Mommy time outs really are so necessary! This looks like the perfect "me" time!

  5. Reading a magazine totally feels like a splurge these days. It really is such a break



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