Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Craft Channel Debute {And the HEADWRAP TUTORIAL filmed}

Do you remember my popular DIY headwrap tutorial from a couple weeks back?

Well I have one upped that tutorial and am now giving you a filmed tutorial. It seems like when we can actually see how something is being done in a video it is much easier to understand. I try my best to show it all and to explain it in pictures, but seeing it live is just plain better.

I was asked by the beautiful My Craft Channel girls to come and film an episode with them. Have you heard of My craft Channel? It is a fun online channel full of so much inspiration goodness, crafts galore, awesome products, tutorials, and much more. You have got to check it out if you haven't already.

I got to be on an episode and guest on My Craft Studio with Kristine McKay. I am episode two you can find it at that link or just scroll down. Kristine is a freakin Doll I just loved hanging out with her and Tausha.

I knew right away what I wanted to show you and I was excited to share. But before you watch, I am warning you that I am a complete dork in it.Was I hoped up on something? Jeeze. Hopefully you can get pat all of that.  I don't know why I was so nervous I have been on live TV and did better, oh well it gets the point across just no makin fun, because I really am embarrassed and am crazy for sharing it but I really wanted you to see the turban fold. So here it is let me know if you have anymore questions.

Along with the tutorial there were some fun "Rapid Fire" questions and crazy responses. Watch through to see what was so funny. Why am I so embarrassing? Oh well it was so much fun I don't even care.

Now that we have that out of the way...did it make sense? Do you see how it is easier to see how I did the turban fold there at the end? Also I wanted to make a few corrections now that I have done more of these and have seemed to have perfected the tutorial a little more. Don't use the stitch I was talking about that is two stitches forward one stitch back.... that one works fine but I found a better one. The stretch stitch...duh haha makes sense right. The stretch stitch is just an off centered zig zag it kinda looks like a lightening bolt. If you don't have that setting on your machine you can use a zig zag.This will give it the room it needs to be able to stretch and go back to its original state. Now I am tellin ya they are perfect. So try that one out when you make yours.

Also I have been asked where I get my fabric. The answer is Hobby Lobby and A cute little fabric store called Material Girls here in Salt Lake City.

And last I don't have an official etsy shop yet, but I am working on it so stay tuned because I have decided to sell some headwrap beauties. After many emails, comments and requests I figure I might as well make them for others to enjoy as well. So for those of you who are too busy to make them, or just plain don't want to but want one at an affordable price, let me make them for you. Follow me on Instagram for some sneak peeks and some pre order requests and of course I will be announcing when the etsy shop is up and running.

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  1. Your video with my Craft Channel is so cute! And you look beautiful! Good job and I love those wraps!



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