Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday {Emerald Green}

Things have been kinda tough since the hubby has been working late nights. I get lonely, dinner isn't the same without him, bedtime is harder without him, its hard to find time to run any errands, its hard to not get that mommy break, and the boys miss him so much too. Weekends are the hardest. Weekends used to be our date night and now instead I am in my sweats with no makeup and all by myself with the boys in bed on a Saturday night and it just gets a little well like I said lonely. Last week I got the opportunity to go out while the hubby was at work and my brother watched the boys. There was a girls night at the Francescos Store at the Gateway mall. It was so much fun to get out on a Friday night that I would have been stuck at home. They had such cute clothes and I was able to get this Emerald Green Dress on a really good deal. What is it about shopping that is so therapeutic sometimes lol. Well the dress at least helped a little. 

Dress // Francescas Collections
 Leggings // Target 
Boot Socks // Pick your Plum 
Boots // LEI
Necklace // Apple of My eye 
Link Bracelet // Very Jane
Beaded Braelets // Target
Leather Cuff // One Little Mama 
Earrings // Swiss Days 
Red Ombre // My gorgeous and talented Friend Nat :)
(if you are in Utah and want her info let me know)

I am so grateful for friends that have gone through this for much longer than I have that have given me such great advise and love. When I feel like I am going to break from pure exhaustion I just have to think about the blessings that I do have. I have to remember that hopefully this is temporary. That have have 2 adorable boys that I get to stay home with. That we are able to pay the bills, barely but we are somehow making it work. And that my husband is working so hard at this job while he waits for something better in the law field. I am blessed sometimes it is just hard for us to focus on what is really important.

Go check out the beautiful One Little Mama if you don't already. She made me this cuff and I am in love she has the most darling blog and is so talented with so much goodness in her shop

I also cannot get enough of Apple of my Eye jewelery they are gorgeous statement pieces for an affordable price. They also are on and groopdealz a lot so you get an even better deal. Make sure to check those sites and well as their facebook

I have prayed a lot lately and have gotten little answers to each of them I wrote this on Instagram from answers I have gotten and wanted to share it with you today:

Sometimes you just need to step back and breathe. Rejuvenate your life, pray, feel the love of the savior, highlight the priorities, hug your family, thank a true friend, wash out all negative and poison, realize what is truly important in this life, and count your many many blessings. Then you see life really is pretty freakin good even when it feels the hardest and you think you are at your lowest. We can do hard things. We can be the example. We can be inspired while inspiring and influencing others. Let us all remember this and keep it in our hearts. Now I am going to attack my husband snuggle my kids until they would let me anymore and soak up this blessing we call life. You should too. and then tell me how you feel. 

Life is good. Lets all remember that. I am going to take some time each day to reflect on the good in my life and what I am thankful for. Even on the hard days, especially on the hard days. I think this will change the focus and when things are really hard get down on your knees and pray. We are never alone even when we feel like it. I challenge you to do the same. Write down at least one thing you are thankful for each day or a positive thing that happened that day and really reflect on it. P.S. I am always here to talk if you ever need that shoulder to lean on or even cry on. Thank you to those who have been there for me in those times.

Happy October {my favorite month}
Happy Fall
Happy Holiday Season
and Happy Life 
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  1. This dress is so super cute. And I'm way excited to start wearing boot socks!!!!!! Love your outfit

  2. Super cute outfit... and I LOVE your makeup too :) So pretty!


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  3. First, love the outfit. The color is awesome and love all the accessories! I really enjoyed reading your post, because it's real and being a mom and wife are tiring and exhausting at times. Thanks for the great advice! Keep your chin up! 💙

  4. i am OBSESSED with this outfit. flawlessly put together. i so appreciate the "real talk", so many blogs are full of "fluff" these days & it's nice to read something grounded.



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