Monday, November 4, 2013

Ikea Metal Trivets PART 2: Instagram picture display and Small Picture Frame {studio 5}

A couple weeks ago I was on studio 5 sharing my ikea plus ten challenge ideas. I got to choose the item and went with as many projects as I could think of to make with that item that were unique, fun and creative. I thought of 3 different ideas using these Large metal trivets and 3 different ideas using the small version. It was so much fun thinking of new things to do with a boring item that most people would just pass by. I was able to create statement pieces, displays, decor items and even gifts that are being talked about, shared and loved. Check out My first two ideas in PART 1.  Today I am going to be sharing with you two more of my projects one with the large trivet and one with the smaller baby version, and later this week I will share with you my last two ideas.

My second idea for the large trivet was an instagram photo display. Instagram has exploded! I am in love with it. And if you aren't following me you should @whitneyulrich.  I remember before I had an iphone and droid didn't have the app yet I would instagram on my ipad because I wanted it so badly. I love the pictures that I am able to capture of mine and my boys day to day moments and memories. Having them in instagram is fun and I can look back at them anytime but I really wanted to find a way to display them in my home. I am working on a few other ways that will be coming to the blog shortly, but my first idea was to make it out of this trivet.

{Supplies Used}

-LAMPLIG Stainless Steel Large Trivet {Featured Item $6.99}
-Primer {Zinsser bulls eye 123}
-Spray Paint {any color you choose}
-Magnet Roll
-Printed instagram pictures
   {How I Made It}

First, you are going to want to prime this since it is metal. This way the paint will stick to the metal better without it running.

Once your primer is dry, you are just going to spray paint it in whatever color matches your room, or where ever you are wanting this displayed. I painted mine blue because I wanted this to go with my master bedroom decor and style.

While your paint is drying you can get started on getting your pictures ready. First of all you need to have some pictures in your instagram feed. Then I got mine printed just at Walgreens, because I wanted to just be able to go and pick them up without waiting for them to be shipped. Did you know Walgreens printed instagrams? Well they do and it is awesome, however they only print size 4X4 inches which was too big for this project. I wanted mine to be a 2X2 size.

So first I just made a collage out of four of the pictures I wanted to print using the FREE APP Instacollage. This made it so when I got these printed and cut them they would be the 2X2 size! Easy peasy and great solution when you are wanting them quickly. Then I printed them to Walgreens using the app  Printicular.  I picked them up about an hour later and they looked like the picture above.

Next I got out my cutter, or you can use scissors, and just cut them to their individual 2X2 photo size.

Now my paint is dry and I have lots of amazing insta photos ready to be displayed all you will need now to finish this off is a magnet roll {I found mine at hobby lobby but they also have it at Walmart} and some scissors.

I cut little strips of magnet and stuck them to the back of the picture. I did this to all of my pictures I wanted displayed and you could arrange them however you want onto the metal trivet. The magnets will stick strong right to the metal bars.

I love this way to display because it is a unique design, it adds color and it is so easy to change out the photos whenever you want to.

You can hang it up on the wall or display it on a dresser or shelf. You can check out what I did with another large trivet HERE and Stay tuned for another future post featuring one more idea with the large trivet.

Next I wanted to share with you one of my ideas I made out of the little baby trivets. This is probably the easiest project you could ever do with one of these. I feel kinda silly sharing it, it is so simple but it is fun and brings in some color and there are different things you can display on this one.

{Supplies I used}

-LAMPLIG Stainless Steel Small Trivet {Featured Item $2.99}
-Primer {Zinsser bulls eye 123}
-Spray Paint {any color you choose}
-a wood clip
-Picture, printable, child's drawing, or recipe card

  {How I Made It}

You are simply going to do the same steps as the instagram photo display above-prime and paint which ever color will go with your home decor and style. I chose red because I wanted this to go in my boys room. Then when it is dry you will take your clip and display whatever you want on it. And that is it! Easiest one you can do. I love it because it is a very unique design and it adds color so easily. I also love this one because you can display all sorts of things on it. In my boys room I have a picture which you can change out so easily. You could also display a fun printable, a child's drawing or even a recipe card in your kitchen. You can check out what I did with another small trivet HERE and Stay tuned for another future post featuring one more idea with the baby one.

I shared both of these trivet projects together today because they are both picture themed.  I also think both of them would make great, unique, useful and fun Christmas gift ideas.

Thank you Studio 5 for having me again. It was a blast! You can Check out my segment  below or HERE. Also make sure to check out my first two ideas in PART 1 and come back for 2 more ideas you can make with these same trivets. 

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  1. This is perfect timing! I've been printing my instagram pictures at Walgreens, and every time I pick them up I kick myself for not knowing how to display them nicely.

  2. Such a fun idea! Now to incorporate it into our playroom!

  3. These are so cute, and you were darling on Studio 5!!

  4. Absolutely darling! What a fun idea!



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