Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Faux Pine Joy letters -TUTORIAL

As promised I have got another fun Christmas decor project tutorial for you all. This is one you do not want to miss out on, it is a show stopper that everyone will be asking about. I love how unique it is, but how inexpensive and simple it really is to make.

{Supplies Needed}

-One large roll of faux pine {I got mine at Joann's for 50% off}
-3 foot by 1 inch Styrofoam
-Exacto knife
-Wire cutters
-Picture hanging command strips {if mounting on a wall}

{What I did}

First you are going to mark off three one foot sections of the Styrofoam. In each section draw out the letters J O Y. I just free handed them, but if you don't feel comfortable writing them out you can print them out from word, cut and trace them.

 After they are drawn out taking up most of the one foot section, you are going to cut them out following the drawn lines with an exacto knife.

Careful while cutting to not drag your hand along the Styrofoam or it will look like mine. ouch, that stuff cuts. 

Once you cut them all out, they will look like this! 

Now you are all ready to add the pine. This is as easy as first, cutting the pine in about 3-4 inch pieces with some wire cutters, there is wire in the middle, which you want to be able to stick in the Styrofoam. 

Then you will simply stick the little pieces in the Styrofoam and then make sure it is laying flat onto the letter. then simple repeat until the whole letter is covered. Then you will cover all the sides as well.

Then repeat, until you have all of the pines cut, and all the letters covered. Easy peasy and you are done.

If you are hanging it on the wall, I suggest using the command strips, the are strong, and leave no damage to the walls, or surfaces.

I started and finished this in one evening after the boys went to bed, while watching a couple netflix shows, Army wives to be exact. Amazing show, if you haven't already seen it, hop on over to netflix and start now!

The best part is they look amazing, but since it is faux pine it stays alive, it is an amazing statement piece for the Christmas season and you can store it away and put it back up each year!

Like the JOY letters? Make sure to check out my fabric scraps garland and come back through out this weeks to get another fun glittery and bright Christmas project tutorial that you do not want to miss.

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  1. What a cute idea. If it wasn't mounted on something it'd be fun to even wrap some tiny lights around the letters!

    1. I thought about the lights and almost did it but I loved the simplicity of just the pine since the rest of my home is so sparkly and I have a fun lite projects tutorial coming up on Wednesday.



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