Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Favorite Shops #1: Albion Fit {GIVEAWAY}

These next couple of weeks before Christmas I am going to be sharing some of my very favorite shops with you. For great gift ideas with Christmas coming up, to hint to your husband of where to shop for you,  to share what I've loved this past year and of course to team up with these favorite shops to give some awesome prizes away to you so you can love them as much as I do. First up is the one and only ALBION FIT!

It is no secret how much I love this company. They had my heart at striped leggings, gorgeous swimsuits and fitness apparel that will make your heart pitter patter. I love to workout, run, crossfit, stay fit and healthy, but I also love to have cute workout clothes. The better I feel in what I am working out in, the better my confidence, the stronger I feel and the harder I want to work out.

Zig Zag Summit Leggings // Albion Fit
Boots // Old Navy 

And Albion fits clothing does that for me. They make me feel comfortable and confident. I am able to move freely, while it is still holding everything in place. No riding, no having to pull anything down or up they fit like a glove.

I just love my local companies. There is just something about shopping somewhere that started in your home, the state of Utah you love. You can see how much I love me some Albion Fit HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. See why I just had to share?!

Albion has such a great variety of style and color. I love it all. From the looser fitting breathe freely tank, to the tight fitted and rooshing racer back. The go long leggings, to the cropped stripped pieces of goodness. They also are so great at changing it up every season. The colors are gorgeous from the bright pink, to the muted cranberry, and all their greys and whites are to die for.

I also love that although they are great with the seasons and come out with all of these cozy amazing fall and winter lines, they keep out their tanks and cropped pants for those who are working out indoors and get hot easily. They have thought of everything. They even leave their amazing swimsuits out in the winter for all you vacationers and hot tubbers.

The quality of their clothing is for a lack of a better word, AMAZING. It wears amazing, it washes amazing, it keeps its shape and form and you can just tell it is going to last you forever.

But probably my very favorite thing about this awesome shop is how much you can wear their clothing. Although I wear it A LOT and I mean A LOT for my workouts {Pretty much something on me is albion fit each workout} but it is the best lounge and winter comfy wear around. Go from the sports bra and nikes, to a scarf and some knit boots and you have transformed the whole look. I went out shopping in this the other day and got so many compliments. Thank you leggings for being in style right now, I own way too many pair.

oh...P.S. coming soon is another warmup and work out featuring this same outfit in the cold wintery garage gym, so make sure to come back to see that one, that you do not want to miss. Stay fit this Holiday season.

So why I am I jumping for joy, In a Stag Leap? {Gymnast talk} because I am loving the snow, I am loving my albion fit get up and I am most excited because they are giving away $50 to Albion fit to spend how ever you choose!!! can I get a what! What!

You must enter! It is , just do what the raffle copter below tells you and do as little or as many entries as you like. And....May the odds be ever in your favor!!! {Sorry I just saw Catching Fire for the second time and I am reading Hunger games right now so I pretty much Katniss right? lol! Don't answer that. But I would like to think I am tough like her. Ok moving on! I am so excited for the winner of this giveaway you have no idea. and Just to tell you not to sway what you buy or anything but these leggings are the must comfortable leggings ever you will never want to take them off. So even if you don't win go get some for Christmas, or hint to your hubbys.

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  1. I lost over 40lbs in the last 2 years, so my goal is to keep it off. I love to work out & could use some new clothes :)

  2. i will have to loose 40 lbs and continue to eat healthy year round!

  3. My goal is to exercise 6 days a week.

  4. To lose an insane amount of weight. For real. Insane.

  5. To work on the 30 lbs I want to loose. Most of it is just eating healthy, and watching portions.

  6. Oh my I would love to win this! And you are just so gorgeous, I have been jealous of you since high school. But my goal this next year is ti continue to try and lose the 20 lbs that the doctor has recommed I loose so we can go forward with fertility treatments. My major goal is to try and fit in more work out time, since I work full time, go to school part time and have my sweet family to tend to I usually put it on the back burner, but I am going to be be better at it.

  7. SOOO in need of new workout clothes! Seriously!

  8. I'm due in February with our second child, so my resolution will be to get in pre-pregnancy shape :)

  9. my fitness goal is to keep off the 80 plus pounds and lose the last 20!! and keep running, don't care about my time, I just like running! :)

  10. I just need to start working out period!!! :)

  11. I'd like to survive my TWO half-marathons and then start crossfit. BOOM baby!

  12. To stay healthy and fit through my pregnancy.

  13. My New Years fitness goal is to complete the 30 day squat challenge 4 times.

  14. My fitness goal is to be able to do a split and a hand stand unsupported


  15. I want to try to be healthier, get my kids to eat healthier and lose my baby weight

  16. I just want to discipline myself to work out regularly!

  17. My goal is to win a figure comp in 2014 so I hope I win this because I def need some new workout clothes:)



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