Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve Fashion

 I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. Filled with gifts, happiness, family, love, and Joy! Christmas may be over but the Holidays are not, next up is New Years Eve, today. New Years is a funny Holiday to me. One year you can have a huge party with all the glitz and glam and the next year you are chillin at home snuggled to your husband watching a movie, or in my case this year alone since the husband works late. Both are fantastic but both bring out different fashion styles to the table. Today I am excited to share with you some fun Holiday/New Years Eve fashion finds that I am loving this year. Some are a little more dressy, some more casual and of course I had to share some hair fashion as well.

Dressed up-For the glitzy party
I LOVE this look. I love the sequin and how girlie and fancy it feels. Pair it up with a skirt, add some heels and layer layer layer. Fun right? You can get this top on deal right now on jane.com so I would hop on that deal if I were you. 

Oh my goodness take me back to the 50s. This classic look is gorgeous. It is modest, classy and you will be the talk of the party. There is something about red during the holidays that gets me all excited. And since we are talking about red could you die over the red lips. Do it go bold and bring those red lips to your new years party. You will love it and feel so girlie.

Casual-low key party, at home date
I have a love affair for leggings I am sure you all know that about me by now. These wine colored faux leather leggings are so fun to dress up or dress down. I have some in black and they are so comfortable you feel like you are wearing sweats. Who doesn't like feeling comfortable but still looking stylish? I do and that is why leggings are my go to. Pair it with a vest and boots and you are comfy and ready to go or stay home with your hubby while still feeling pretty.

My cute friend Abby got it all right when it comes to comfy casual and stylish winter attire right here! Over sized sweater and a fur vest paired with some leggings oh my goodness yes please. Again you will be feeling comfortable and stylish. Add some red lips and sparkly jewelry and no one will know how comfy you really are.

I feel like I am on repeat but bring on the leggings and a more dressed up lace top and you are ready to go out or stay in. Different look, still comfortable, fashionable, and ready to have some fun while ringing in that new year. This my friends is an outfit I have snuggled up on the couch to a movie many times, and it is also an outfit I wore for family pictures and out for the holidays. Wear what you have and pair it with pieces that make you feel pretty.

Holiday Hair ideas
Braids, braids, braids. They are sooooo in right now and yes that even means for a party. Take them to the side, loosen them up and you are good to go. If only I had long hair I would be all over this look. And again do not forget the bold red lips.

Curls. You cannot go wrong with them during the holidays. Loose wavy, big gorgeous curls are all the rage. I love this look with is swooped to the size to give it the classic glam style.

Top knot! I loved the top knot for the summer and that has not changed for any other season. I still love it, it is still fast and easy and it is easy to dress up with some bold lip stick and fun sparkly jewelry. Check out my tutorial HERE.

Another fun holiday hairstyle that is a little funky and bold is the messy bun faux hawk. I was just playing around with my hair one night while the hubby was at work. I know I am such a girl. And this little ditty is what happened. It is funky, but that is my style so if you are brave try this one out it is even beautiful paired with a pretty dress or glitzy top. Maybe I should put up a tutorial for this bad boy soon.

Are you ready for your New Years Eve party? Are you going out? or staying in? I hope that no matter what you are doing that you will get a little dressed up for your man, feel pretty for the night and have some fun. Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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