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Top posts of 2013

Its been a great year! Full of firsts and amazing opportunities. I feel blessed and I am so thankful for all of my readers and supporters. This blog wouldn't exist without YOU so thank you from the bottom of my heart. You allow me to do what I love. This has been a year full of tutorials, DIY, fashion, fitness and everything that makes me me, so I am going to start this week with a little post highlighting my top posts from 2013. Enjoy! And make sure to check them out.
 Anthropologie Inspired Knot Bedding Duvet {Tutorial}

This has got to be my favorite tutorial I have put on the blog. Mostly because a lot of blood, sweat and yes even tears went into this project. I love it because I am proud of it. I love it and will now probably never change my bedding. This is a great tutorial because it is so detailed and I am a beginner at sewing so seriously if I can make this YOU CAN!!! Thank you to Kojo Designs for the inspiration, I share with you my tweaks from their tutorial to make it even easier for us beginners and more washable for moms or babies and toddlers around. Check it out!!! Favorite Favorite! 

Yes, I truly believe that being a mom is the best job in the world. No, it is not perfect. No, it isn't always glamorous. Yes, it can be hard....even very hard.But it is the Most rewarding job in the entire world. It has the most sweet moments that I could never ever forget. The love that these two little boys bring to my life is indescribable. It is beautiful and so powerful. Read more of my thoughts on the post.

It is no secret how big of a part fitness plays a part in my life. I love to participate and I love to share it. So make sure to check out the three posts I have done so far full of at home workout ideas YOU can do. Look out for some more in 2014.

You have got to check out this family favorite recipe. It is fast, easy and so delicious. Both my 1 and 3 year old boys love this dinner. Who doesn't want a recipe idea that you don't have to fight your kids to eat.

I love fashion. I love sharing what I wear and I especially love when I can put together a very in style and fashionable outfit for a great price. We all love a deal, we all love to save money and look good doing it right?! This is one of my favorite WIWW from this year. Simple, stylish, comfortable and a little bold.

I made these darling capes for Maddux's birthday party this year for him and all of his friends. It was a super hero theme and we took the kids to the trampoline park to let them fly! It was a blast and then best part is how easy and fast these are to make and cheap hello!! Full tutorial on the link.

This is probably my second favorite project from this year and another one I am proud of. I love pallets and the rustic but chic look they can bring into home design. I knew I had to get my hands on some and when I did this is what happened. Full tutorial on the link

Last year in March one of my favorite shows, Studio 5, had this as their theme for the whole month. It really hit me. I feel like sometimes I can be a jealous person. I compare myself to others and I get upset when I do not live up to par. How silly is that. We are all different. We are all unique. We are all made to be true to ourselves. I loved this theme, because it helped me to see the beauty and success and amazing talents in others and how they are able to make the world a better place through those talents and skills.

I love this simple, but beautiful sign that I made. It represents so much to me. 4th of July is one of my very favorite holidays. I love celebrating the country that I feel so thankful and blessed to live in. We can accomplish anything here. We can be ourselves. It is where dreams come alive. And I am darn proud to be an American.

My family moved to a new home in July and it is a lot of work. So I compiled 5 of my favorite tips for helping to make your next move more organized, less stressful and well easier. Go check it out to see what they are.

This fall I started my crossfit journey in our garage with my brother. Go and read how it started, what we are doing and what is means for me in my fitness journey. Already this new year this journey has taken a turn to a gym and is getting more serious. I am so excited to see what this new year and new experience will bring to me in my life.

Just a little furniture makeover that was easy, quick, cheap and made a huge difference in the look.

Who likes to take hours to get ready? Not this girl, but I do still like to look put together. I am a mom, I am busy and I just don't have time to take all the time in the world, so after many mornings of trying routines and products out I think I have got it done because well it doesn't take me any longer than 10 minutes. Come and see what I do and what I use.

Love this gem. Easy, fast, cheap and it can be used all year round, in any room for just about anything. I love to make projects that can be used for many purposes.

This ditty just came to be when I felt like I needed a little color and something tall to put behind some of my V-day decor and now I am able to use this backdrop all the time. Full tutorial on the link.

One of the highlights of this last year was being asked to be a teacher at the first ever and very successful pinners conference and expo. They asked me to teach a class on redoing and painting old wood furniture. I was nervous and so excited. Once I had everything set up and the classes started the nerves completely left I was like a new person up there. I love to teach and when it is something I am passionate about it is even easier and more enjoyable. It went awesome both of my classes were sold out and so I decided to share with all of my readers who couldn't make it to the class all my tips and tricks in this series of 4 posts so make sure to check them all out. all four links in the post link above.

Another highlight of this year is I was asked to be on Studio 5 three times. Seriously a dream come true. I fell so blessed to say I was on a show I watch everyday and love so much. This post was from the last segment I did on turning ordinary ikea items into something extraordinary for less than $10. So much fun check them out.

These are my favorite Christmas decor items aside from the tree. They were so happy "bright" and the glittery goodness made me happy every time I turned the corner or walking in my home and saw them. Make some of your own for every holiday!!!

As a mom of two boys I knew I had to make them one of these bad boys. I have been seeing them around for a while, but when I figured out how to make my own easily and for much cheaper I knew I had to share it with all of you moms out there.

This is one of my most popular posts. Headwraps are use right now and I m obsessed. I love them on he fashion side and I love them on the practical side to wear while working out.You can make your own by following the tutorial I laid out for you, or I will be opening up an etsy shop very shortly to sell them, so stay tuned for that announcement and all that goodness.

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  1. I first found you after your studio 5 segment on that comforter. Great job and thanks for keeping the great ideas coming!



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