Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My favorite things {2013 edition}

Another year has come and gone and that means it is time to share with you some of my favorite things from 2013. 320 Sycamore has a fun "favorite things" link she does each year. I participated last year HERE, in 2011 HERE, and 2010 HERE.  So here is 2013's, in no particular order...

1. Netflix

I am addicted to netflix,  as I am sure all of you are too. So many TV shows and movies right at my finger tips for such a low monthly cost! I have particularly loved it this last year with hubby finishing his last year of law school and now working a wonky schedule mostly at night. After I put the boys to bed take off my makeup and get into comfies, I hop into bed with a treat, my ear phones and whatever netflix show I am on at the moment.

My top shows this year on Netflix that I watched from start to finish were Nip tuck, Breaking bad and Army wives. All very different and all very addicting. Nip tuck is about two friends that are plastic surgeons and all their adventures and drama. Then there is Breaking bad, oh my goodness I don't even know what to say or where to start I can say that this is probably the best written show I have ever watched in my whole life. Amazing. It starts out about a high school chemistry teacher who finds out he had cancer and starts cooking meth to provide for his family when he is gone. It takes crazy turns and you will be so enthralled. And right now I am currently watched and have almost completed Army wives. This is exactly what is sounds like it is about a group of friends that are on the same post that are all army wives. It will make you life, it is a feel good show and you will probably cry every episode.

2. Instagram

You guys I am beyond addicted to instagram. It is a bit ridiculous. But I love it, I know I have a problem and I don't care. Follow me @whitneyulrich if you aren't already to see all my life's adventures in motherhood, creating, fashion and fitness.

3. Gelous

Yes, I love shellac an yes I even have a kit, but I do not always have time for that so the next best thing is this secret weapon called Gelous Advanced nail gel coat from Sally's beauty supply. No you do not need a lap for it and yes it is better than just painting your nails with nail polish. Your nails will look flawless for a week. no more chipping, shiny and beautiful!

4. Peach Baby lips

This girl loves lip stick, but this, peach babylips, amazingness probably trumps all colors, even my love for pink. It is so smooth and has such a natural yet gorgeous plump lip look to it. You need some I promise. Get is at any drug store.

5. Loreal BB Cream

I am so glad that I discovered this tube of awesomeness. I know Loreal, yes from target or walmart it lasts forever and it is amazing. I used to use a primer from sephora that was good but oh my this BB cream changed my life. It is a primer, moisturizer, it corrects your skin and hides all the red blemishes all in one product. I have had no problems with it with my skin and recommend it to everyone. I just recently discovered how great priming is in your makeup routine. It does all that I listed above which is the bomb all by itself but it also covers amazingly and you could just wear this if you are wanting a lighter look for everyday wear and for night wear it is great as a base for your powder foundation and it makes it so you don't have to use as much. Your foundation will last soooo much longer. Saving you money that is what I am all about. Beauty does not have to be expensive,  no matter what the rest of the world and ads want you to think, I can't stress that enough.

6. Nikon D5100

I finally got a big girl camera this year and to say I am in love is a huge understatement. It is so nice to get those clean and crisp pictures that you have been wanting. I got the Nikon D5100. It is so worth the price and you will never need another camera again. This is my best friend for blogging and capturing my littles growing up and all of our family memories.

7. Iphone5

Yes, this year I finally joined the iphone family. I didn't think iphones were that big of a deal and kept on while my droid. Well now that I have gone apple, I just could never go back. It is so easy to use, it is convenient and all the good apps are through apple, plus their customer service is amazing! They have replaced multiple earphones, chargers and even my phone when the camera broke all for free.

8. PicMonkey

Picmonkey! Have you ever heard of it? It is a free online photo editing program. It is awesome. I use it all the time for my blog and to overlay text onto my pictures. It is free for their basic package and really cheap for their higher package that includes all of their features.

9. Agnes and Dora Leggings

Um, I think you all know by now my obsession for leggings. I wear them all the frickin time, like all the time. They are so comfortable, they are cute, they are in style and well I love them so I'm gonna wear them. My favorites are from the company Agnes and Dora. They are so so soft and you will die at all their patterns. They do house parties and have some of their stock online.

10. Albion Fit Clothing

I have been lucky enough to work closely with this amazing fitness clothing company this last year and seriously I don't love any other company more. I wear at least one of their items every workout. They are cute, amazing quality, fit your body just right and get the job done. Their swimming suits, leggings, tops and jackets are all to die for, seriously you will die.Love my some Albion Fit.

11. Yellow Wellies

I didn't get these beauties until the end of the year but oh my goodness they are yummy. I have worn them almost everyday since I got them. They are cute, the color is amazing, they are comfortable and they are perfect for this winter tundra called Utah. You need some right now. They will keep your feet so so warm.

12. Sage and Harper Bags

Another amazing company that I was able to work along side with this year is the amazing Sage and Harper. They make gorgeous urban good bags  that have me swooning every time I see both of mine hanging on my hook, by my side in the car, or wrapped around my body as I run my errands. I also got o meet the oh so lovely owner, Ali and she is just as amazing as you could imagine.

13. Clorox Wipes

These just always seem to make the list. What is not to love. My favorite cleaning supply ever!

14. Zinsser Bulleye 123 Primer

I love to paint and redo furniture and well the supplies you use are important. Primer is a must. It will save you time, money, it will look the best and the primer is what helps the paint to bond to the wood furniture. DO NOT SKIP THIS SUPPLY! You will use less paint to cover up the furniture and your color will be truer to color on the white primer versus the brown of the wood. Now that we know how important the primer is lets talk what primer to get. Zinsser bullseye 123 is hands down the best primer out there. Kilz has nothing against this stuff. It is the perfect light mist, it goes on so smooth and it covers like magic. I promise you are saving time if you just get this kind. I have tried so many, take my word for it. The only place I am able to find this primer is Lowes and Amazon

15. Yellow Metal Stools

I had been lusting over these stools for months, when I finally saved my pennies and convinced the hubby they were a must and well he said yes so they are now in my kitchen and they fit so perfectly. I got these at target and the set of 2 tall were about $100 but they were a little less since I used my awesome target red card!

16. McDonalds Shamrock Shakes
I was obsessed with these over the month of march last year, so much so that I found out how to make them just like Mcdonalds and made them way too often. Yummo! 

17. Costa Vida Sweet Pork Burrito

Has been my favorite since the beginning and always will be. Yes I am specifically saying Costa Vida because well I like it better than Cafe rio. The pork is sweeter, the sauce is less spicy and the dressing is creamier. Yes I smother my burrito is the salad dressing don't judge and I eat the whole thing all by myself in one sitting. I like food. Next time try it with the dressing, you can thank me later, maybe with a surprise burrito to my doorstep.

18. Haagen Daz Salted Caramel Gelato 

My very favorite ice cream of the year and to make it even better it is gelato. So creamy and delicious with caramel. What is not to love? If you haven't tried it make sure to try it this year.

19. Running/Races

I have always loved running, but this last year I finally took it to the next level and completed my first ragnar and my first half marathon, doing very well in both. I cannot wait to do ragnar this year and of course another half.

20. New Kicks

Lovin my new nike frees. I got them right before my Ragnar and they did my good then and continue to do me good in all my fitness adventures and goals. And they are CUTE!!!!

21. Crossfit

Speaking of fitness I started a new fitness journey this year that I will forever be grateful for. Thank you to my brother for introducing this amazing sport into my life and for teaching me so much. We started this adventure in September in our garage and I am lucky enough to be apart of a Crossfit affiliate gym, Crossfit Kimokeo, in Kaysville. I feel so blessed to have this in my life and I really can't wait to see where this all takes me. I have big goals and big plans, so stay tuned for all of those this next year. If you have any questions about the gym I go to feel free to ask, and I will be doing a post all about it soon.

22. Temple

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) to learn more about my religion you can go HERE or you can email me and I would love to talk to you about my beliefs and answer your questions that I can. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I am grateful for my testimony. I am grateful that I was able to serve in the young women in my ward this year and everything I have learned from them in the time I was with them before we moved. I don't know what I would have done with out the knowledge and comfort of the gospel in my life this year or any year for that matter. It has put my life in perspective, it has taught me what really matters in life and it has made me want to be the woman my heavenly father wants me to be. Having the knowledge of the truth is one of my very favorite things that can never be taken away.

23. My Family

I am so grateful for this sweet family of mine and they are my very favorite thing this year and ever year to come.

What are your favorite things from 2013? 

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that you are obsessed with instagram! My feed would be pretty boring without you. LOVE that photo of your little fam too!

  2. why i haven't gotten any of those agnes and dora leggings yet? I know you had a party, but can I buy them online? I'm pregnant and I want to wear leggings EVERYDAY! Also, we have the d5100. Best camera ever! So fun to see your year faves!

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