Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sometimes I like Fashion {What I wore}

Well ya know sometimes I like fashion. But really what better way to ring in the new year then with some of my favorite fashion pieces and color! When I first paired all this together on my bed I thought it might be a little too much but when I put it on it quickly became my favorite. How can you go wrong with leather, fur, polka dots and my opinion you cannot!!! Well maybe if you tried real hard...but this time I am calling it a huge success in the style and fashion department.

Blouse // Adorn it 
Fur Vest // Brickyard Buffalo 
Leather leggings // A Modern Boutique 
Yellow Wellies // Amazon  
Glasses // Americas Best 

I am telling you everyone needs a fur vest in their closet. It is my favorite piece from this fall/winter season and I wear it way too much. It keeps me extra warm and it is freakin cute, what more do you need? And the blouse is so comfortable and I love how feminine it makes me feel with the details and pretty yellow bow on the neckline.

So what is with all of the hype of the wellie Boots this season? Are they really all they are cracked up to be? the answer is yes! YES! YES! They are cute, come in all sorts of colors, are so so warm, your toesies will never be cold this winter, and they keep you all dry while you are trekking through the snow and rain. 

Notice something new...? Yuppers I got some new specks and well I am kind of loving them. Although my eyes are crazy and they can't get my prescription right where it needs to be, things are looking better. It is safe to be on the road with me now, no worries. Just kidding but kind of not.

Y'all have a super fantastic Wednesday 
A great new year and new beginning
Put on a fun outfit and smile!
You don't know whose day you will brighten up if you do!

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  1. So yeah i totally want your shirt! Super cute outfit

  2. Whit! You are so adorable :)! I want your whole outfit! You deft pull it off! I love when fashion rules are broken and after all there aren't really any rules ;) ! It is always what you feel/look best in it :)! And you are rocking it!

  3. You are always so cute!!! Love the shirt!



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