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Crossfit with Albion Fit {GIVEAWAY}

All Photos Credit Jonie Sumsion
Clothing- Albion Fit 
Gym- Crossfit Kimokeo Kaysville, Utah

Lets start from the beginning. I have always had a love for fitness. Since I did gymnastics for ten years and it was who I was for those ten years. I put all my blood, sweat, many tears and my heart into that sport. I loved the way it made me feel, the accomplishment, competing, and all the life lessons I learned from the sport, my coaches and teammates. Then my senior year my dream of being a college gymnast was well crushes when I found out I had fractured my lower back in three different places. I was heart broken. I stayed involved and coached, which was amazing but it just wasn't the same. I didn't know how to work out, gymnastics was fun yes it was a crazy workout but I had no clue what do to in a gym.

Now I'm in college. Brand new city, roommates, feeling like a baby and well out of shape. I started going to the college gym and it was good and kept me exercising but the void of gymnastics was never filled. Then a couple years later I discovered my love of running. I was sprinter in high school and hated long distants but somehow, some way I fell in love with long distance running. I trained for a half marathon twice and both times got pregnant while training lol. It was not my time. So I kept running and doing some fun 5ks.

Then once I had my last little man I decided it was time to challenge myself so I joined a Ragnar team {You can read about my ragnar experience HERE} and wow was that crazy. It was amazing, exhausting, fun, crazy and I was freakin pumping the whole time but I am so grateful I did it. After that I was hooked it was time for me to do the half I had been wanting to do for years. I trained and trained and ran my first half in September of 2013. I did it under 2 hours, didn't stop, got emotional throughout it and loved every freaking second. I was so proud. I loved it and I think I always will, in fact my next goal is to run a full marathon, but there was still something missing. Looking back I had no clue what that was or if I would ever know.

Then my little brother moved in with us and he started talking to us about crossfit. He had been doing it for a while and knew his stuff. I had heard of it, heck, I had even watched the crossfit games in complete awe but I could never do that. That just wasn't for me. Well after some convincing I was getting really excited and my brother built a little crossfit gym in our garage. Now this was super make-shift but it worked for us and it was a lot of fun. We started doing modified crossfit workouts in our garage from the end of August 2013 through December 2013. It was getting cold and kind of miserable doing it in the garage by the time December rolled around. Then I got thinking about how I maybe wanted to take this to the next level. Oh man again looking back I had no clue what I was getting myself into.

I thought about just going to a crossfit gym once a week to learn from a coach and be around other people. I knew I could learn a lot more that way. I posted a picture on instagram asking about boxes, how much they were, if they accepted visitors and so on. Then my cute friend Katelyn told me about a gym in Kaysville, Crossfit Kimokeo! Kaysville? I live in West valley I would be passing all these gyms to go to that one that is silly. But for some reason I thought I just had to give it a try so my very first WOD there was a memorial WOD for the owners amazing brother T.J. who had passes away, way too young. I wish I could have met him. That day the gym was packed full of all the people who loved him and wanted to celebrate him, it was crazy and I was so nervous. Oh P.S. when I first got there I locked my workout shoes and my keys in the car. Ugh. So I went through the workout and fell in love. Seriously not knowing why I needed to go there, or what this place could offer me. The people were amazing the atmosphere was amazing and I just knew I had to give this place a shot.

Please if you are in Davis county or close to Kaysville at all you have got to go and check this gym out. I will even workout with you if you want. They know their stuff, they are super welcoming and its like a party there! Check them out on facebook HERE. You can also email me @ with any questions or email Crossfit kimokeo @ and tell them I sent you.

 So I went the next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday all the next week and I couldn't stop going. I started there the middle of December and am still there today 2 months later and can't imagine going anywhere else. So why do I love crossfit so much? It is filling that void. You know the piece of me that was missing since my gymnastics days as a teen. That passion of mine was back. This isn't just working out to me anymore I am training. I am a part of something and I am loving where it is taking me. I am registering for the open in a couple weeks and I am so excited to see where time and really hard work will take me. in the future.

 So my point is to find your passion. Find something that you are good at that you feel good doing. Push yourself and get moving. There is some kind of exercise plan out there for you. It may be crossfit it may not, it may be running and it may not, but there is something that you will just click with and you will love yourself and the way you feel while you are doing it.Find that passion.

Along with my love of working out, I have a love with fitness clothing. What girl doesn't like to look good when you workout. There is something about when you feel good about yourself you work harder. At least I do. I am all about cute fitness clothes, that are high quality. That for me is Albion Fit. If you haven't heard of this company you have to go and look them up right now. Their clothing is not only the cutest workout stuff you have ever seen, but they are feminine, sleek, the most comfortable clothes I have worn and they are such high quality. They are going to last me forever. I am rough on my clothes especially doing crossfit and my albion clothing still looks brand new. They have pants, capris, shorts, tanks, long sleeve, vests, short sleeve, jackets, hoodies, sports bras and amazing swimming suits. They have them in all types of styles, colors and patterns. Everyone can find something they love in this store and I promise you will not be able to leave with just one thing. They have a store located in City Creek here in Salt Lake city, Utah and they also sell online for all your worldwide peeps of mine. Their clothing i good for all types of fitness, running, crossfit, yoga, lifting, class, zumba, barre, sports, you name it these are top of the notch.

The tank and compression shorts, I am wearing in these photos are both from albion and they are my favorite items I have gotten to date. But I really do love everything I get from that company. The tanks are so much fun because they are comfortable, have amazing colors, are cute and they seriously suck you in in all the right places. The shorts! oh my they are so amazing. I wear shorts a lot in crossfit but these are so amazing. They fit perfectly, are thick. and suck you in. The compression shorts come in black, orange, blue and gold! Do yourself a favor and get some for the warm weather coming up {wishful thinking}.

Albion fit and I have teamed up to bring you, my fabulous readers a $50 gift credit to go toward the item of your dreams from them. Not only that but even if you don't win we have something for you all! You will all get 15% off your entire purchase at Albion Fit through march 7, 2013 by using the code Stamina15 at checkout. Simply fill out the rafflecopter below and go to instagram to enter. 

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  1. Love seeing all of this. I think my favorite thing from the site is the summit half zip

  2. Love the blousy suit, or the Athena suit.

  3. I love the loveracer tank top the best especially in grey/silver!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  4. I love the Unwind Pullover in any color. It looks so comfortable yet stylish.

  5. I can't figure out a favorite!!! But I think I want to try the compression shorts! Eek! You are gorgeous! And I miss you!

  6. All their items are so cute! I love the aqua/grey sip up!

  7. I love their striped ruffle jackets. and pretty much everything else in their store.

  8. I would love a pair of the compression shorts! They look so comfy for work outs.

  9. I love the Timp Vest!

  10. I want to know what nikes those are that your wearing so I can get a pair. So cute!

  11. Oooh, Albion stuff looks amazing!

  12. I love their jackets!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I like the flatter me hoodie in navy

  15. I really like the Love Racer, Daffodil and the aqua. Thanks Whitney!

  16. I pinned!

  17. hanks

  18. My favorite: Criss Cross Suit, Plum

  19. I've heard a lot about Albion Fit and would love to try some of their stuff!!

    1. Totally didn't say what I liked...the Unwind pullover is really cute!

  20. I've heard a lot about Albion Fit and would love to try some of their stuff!!

  21. I've heard a lot about Albion Fit and would love to try some of their stuff!!

  22. I've heard a lot about Albion Fit and would love to try some of their stuff!!

  23. I've heard a lot about Albion Fit and would love to try some of their stuff!!



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