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Potty Training tips {with Cottonelle Clean Care Routine}

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Last year I wrote a POST sharing my favorite tip and how we got my son to stop using his binky. It was a hit and I had a lot of other questions coming in that had to do with raising my toddler. I am no expert by any means in fact most of the time I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to being a mom, but when I find something that has worked I love to share it because well who doesn't love a little help every once in a while. Now that being said, every kid and mom is different but advice is good and you can always try it out or use parts of it. With my first son growing so fast I feel like it is always something new that we are doing or learning. After taking away the binky it was time to start potty training. We potty trained last September and today I am going to be sharing some of my tips when it comes to potty training, what worked and what didn't, etc. Now I have to start out by saying potty training was probably the thing I dreaded the most that I knew I had to do being a mom, next to cleaning up throw up. I was super nervous about it so I am going to share with you what worked for us so you can skip the worry and stress.

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First things first. Do NOT push them. Now I say that with a little bit of caution. I am a firm believer in waiting until your child can understand what going in the potty is. Now that could be a different age for every child. Some may be ready quicker than others. I would not put an age of when you should potty train because like I said it all depends on them and you. For example my second son is 18 months old right now and there is no way in the world that he is even close to ready. Now that doesn't mean that we don't talk to him about it. We are always telling him what the potty is for and since he has an older brother I think he will be interested a little bit sooner, but for now we are getting him ready by talking to him about it. Now my first son never showed interest. I am dead serious. He was over 3 and about to start preschool and did not want to use the potty. We were waiting until he was showing interest and well that was going to be never. So I learned that waiting until they are ready is not the same as waiting until they show interest. He was not interested but he was ready. He was old enough to understand and he caught on so much quicker because of that. I would much rather wait until they can understand then push them too early and have way more headaches. Because we waiting until he was ready {which again can be different ages for each child} he was completely potty trained no accidents after a week and a half.

Next, what type of potty is the best to use while potty training? Well we used them all haha. I figured they were cheap enough that i would get both types. But really since he was so much older and caught on so quick we mostly used the attach to the big potty kind. The small sit on the floor potty is great to get them interested and to start out with. Most kids would be more comfortable with a potty more their size. Then we graduated to the sit on the big potty type, this one is great for when they are doing really well potty training but just don't feel comfortable going on the big potty yet. My son was scared he would fall in. Their bums are so little and I can see why that would make them nervous.We used that attachment until he was ready to go without it. Usually they will learn quickly to go on the regular potty after they have had to go at someone slse's home or at a store. I am not one to take a potty seat around with me every where I go, use moms have enough to tote around with us.

My next tip is to use a reward system. I think rewarding your child for good behavior is a great way to help them get excited about something new. I didn't want this to be all about the rewards so I caped it off to filling up two potty charts as soon as the charts were full we were done with the rewards each time. That again can be different on the progress of your child. If you feel like you need to go a little longer there is nothing wrong with that. The system for the chart I used was very simple. Each time he went #1 he put one sticker on the chart, each time he went #2 he got to put 2 stickers on the chart. But here is the catch if he had a #1 accident he had to take a sticker off, and if he had a #2 accident he had to take 2 stickers off. Each time he went he got a little penny candy or a couple m&ms, when he filled up a whole row {5 stickers} which he filled up really quickly he got a treat or a dollar store toy {we rotated each time, and when he filled up the whole chart he got to go to target and pick out a $5-10 toy!  

My next tip is to use Cottonelle Clean Care routine products to help for the comfort of your child. Not only is it more comfortable for them, because it is the softest toilet paper I have ever used, but the flushable wipes are a great transition from the baby wipes they have used their whole little lives.

I love the flush able wipes for potty training and for toddlers because they are so so easy, they are cleaner and they can do it themselves easier,then just patting themselves dry with the toilet paper.

Sometimes being a mom is super hard. I always say it is the hardest but most rewarding job out there. There is a lot to teach, a lot to learn, a lot of patients required, a lot of messes, a lot of mistakes, a lot of love, a lot of breakdowns from kids and mom, a lot of hard times, a lot of amazing times, a lot of practice and well we are just each trying to be the best we can and giving the best to our children. We simply want to be the best we can and are afraid of failing. But they love us and we love them and we learn from each other and from other moms. So give yourself some credit because well YOU do A LOT and you are AMAZING!!! I love all you moms and women out there I am learning from each of you so keep it up.

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