Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life's little lessons where we least expect them...

I think it is time I get more personal on this little blog of mine. I have been around for a couple years now and I feel like I can be a little more vulnerable and open up. I don't know why but lately I have been feeling like I need to every once and a while share more about me and my experiences. Not sure if it is just for me to be able to get it all out into words, or if I could actually help someone else out there that just might need or want to hear my my experiences, thoughts and the lessons I have learned.

Today I am talking a little life lessons. Deep. A few weeks ago on a  regular ol Monday these were the thoughts that came to me, and it was one of those times that really hit me, that I really needed and that I am glad I wrote down and now have the courage to share. 

How did you start off the new week? Life's lessons come when we least expect them, at the weirdest time and the craziest places. They come when you don't think you can handle any more and you learn the most when you feel like you are going to break. It's those moments we have to hold onto, its those lessons that make all of this worth it. We are here on this earth to learn. I am guilty of forgetting that far too often. I know it but I do not always remember or embrace it. I forget in the hustle and the bustle of the day that it shouldn't be just another day that passes by. I am here to learn and grow, to fall and get back up. I am here to improve, to love, to care for others and yes even myself, I am here to be the best I can. These are the thoughts that came to me this day after a tough WOD, outside the gym panting for breath, exhausted, standing on a tire and looking at ll the outside beauty around me at the time (pictured above...picture captured without me knowing...I love those perfect candid moments). That is what I mean about soaking up the lessons, the moments, no matter where you are or when they come.

I always want to be better! A better mother, a better wife, friends, better at crafting, better at fashion, a member neighbor, member of society, member of the church, a better daughter, a better sister, a better student, a better teacher, better at crossfit, better at managing my time. I always think I could have done better! Could I have? Probably. But that is what this journey is all about. Now it's time for me to remember that when it does get hard. To stop being so hard on myself. 

And I am sharing this with all of you because it is also your turn to soak up the lessons, the moments, stop being so hard on yourself, giving yourself more than just a little credit and remember the journey is about growth and getting right back up.

I have been learning a lot lately posts about my specific learning experiences coming soon, for you to be able to draw and learn from too.

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  1. beautiful post! i always appreciate when bloggers open up about personal things that weigh on their heart and mind. that shows a lot of bravery! so thank you! i needed that reminder!



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