Monday, March 31, 2014

Split Pea Spring Wreath {DIY craft Tutorial}

It has been far too long since I have shared a DIY/craft tutorial over here in cyber blog land and I have missed it. I have missed this part of me that I have struggled finding time to do. Between the kids, the house work, errands, and crossfit it has all kicked my butt and all I want to do is be lazy and relax when I finally do have time to sit and breath. But I have missed creating, so the other day I said enough of that I am going to make something, and then I whipped up this fun split pea Spring wreath. Spring is in the air and not only am I craving that warm weather but I am craving all the Spring happy colors in my home decor as well. Although I might have jinxed the weather, because the day I hung this out on my front door, it decided it was going to snow, so that was not so fun.

 I love how the wreath turned out so of course I am going to share with ya'll how I made it and just like most things I create it was easy peasy, just a little time consuming, so do it while watching a movie, or in my case a little Desperate Housewives on Netflix. 

{Supplies I Used}

***Note. Some of the items pictured above I later changed to make it more simple, and stay all together better. 

-Green Foam Wreath
-3 bags of Split Peas
-Mod Podge instead of glue gun pictured above 
***I tried to do the hot glue first but it was drying too quickly for the peas to stick on 
-Sponge brush
-wood flowers {The Wood connection}
-Small wood circles {The Wood connection}
-White and yellow paint
-fishing line 
-Hot glue gun 

{What I did}

First off make sure to get a green wreath form, because then if it is not perfectly covered you won't be able to see a white wreath through the peas. It just looks more complete and high quality. I got a cookie sheet and poured a bag of the split peas onto it. Paint on the mod podge right onto the wreath and then roll it into the split peas. 

You will also need to use your hands to pour them onto the mod podged wreath form and push them into the glue. This part gets a little messy and it is time consuming, like I said, but it is easy and if you are watching a movie it goes much faster. 

After I got around the whole wreath I let it dry over night. You are not going to be able to get it completely covered your first round so make sure you let it completely dry. Then the next morning I took my mod podge, sponge brush and split peas and filled in all the little wholes from the first layer. Then once it is completely covered and how you want it to look you are going to let it completely dry.  Once it is dry I covered the whole thing with mod podge over the top of all the peas. This is going to keep them on, protect them, make it more durable, and it will seal in the bright green color of the split peas so they don't fade over time. Let that dry over night.

Next up, I got some ribbon and simply tied it at the top to hang it on my door and add a pop of a Spring happy color, Yellow for me of course but you could do any color your little heart desires. 

And there you have your Spring and Summer Split Pea Wreath. Perfect for your front door, a door in your home, or your Spring mantel. 

I put mine outside and I loved it and I think the simple look it perfect. This is how I am going to keep it for the summer months, but.....for Spring I wanted something a little more. So I thought I would add some flowers to it, but I wanted to be able to take them off for the summer months, and this is what I came up with...

I got three small wooden flowers from the wood connection, painted them, painted a center and glued it on, and sanded them. Not to attach them to the wreath temporarily was the part that I was having a hard time with, but it ended up being so simple. All you need is your flowers, hot glue and some fishing line. Hot glue the fishing line to the back of the flowers. 

Let the glue dry completely, then tie the flowers to the wreath nice and tight and TADA you have temporary flowers for the Spring/Easter months, and they can be removed for the summer months if you wish. 

Perfect little add on, now if only mother nature would get the hint that we are ready for the snow to go away and the flowers to come out that would be nice. 

The texture, the colors I just.... LOVE!!! 

Go get your spring craftiness on and give this little Split pea pretty ditty a little try. I know you will love it and it is just what your door, wall, or mantel needs, I promise. 

Happy Monday my friends
start your week off right
Love a little more
and spread the happiness 

Oh, oh and I almost forgot, make sure to come back tomorrow for a fun little series I will be starting that will go through every day of APRIL!!! Its exciting, fun and I think ya'll will enjoy it and of course the end will include a little something fun for you! But I am not leaking what it is just gotta come and see tomorrow. Love you all MWAH

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