Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Day {Day 30} of Leggings

Leggings: Ross // Lace Shirt: Groopdealz //  Undershirt: DownEast // 
Booties: Target // Necklace: Jane // Earrings: Target 

Well you guys it is the last day! Can you believe I made it all the way to day 30?! Each day a new pair of leggings, and I only wore the same shirt once the whole 30 days as well. And can you believe I actually have more than these 30 leggings? You will be seeing the other styles through some what I wore Wednesdays throughout the next few weeks! This was fun for me to find different pairings and ways to style the different leggings I own instead of wearing the same plain black or white shirt with every pair. It got me to be creative. I got to share a passion of mine. I got to have fun with it and I got to give y'all ideas on the different ways to can style leggings, whether it be in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, whether it be casual, or dressy, for working out or for date night.

Leggings are my favorite clothing item and it is not just because they are comfortable it is because they are loud and cute, and I am able to express my own style through them I feel like they were made just for me. I have a hard time wearing jeans anymore, The leggings are comfy and they stay right in place, no riding down or up no matter what the activity I am doing. I love how you can be crazy with them, or you can be conservative. They really are for all styles and fashion types, you can make them fit your style because their are so many different colors and patterns available. I want to see how you wear and style your leggings. Post them on instagram and tag me @whitneyulrich then use the hashtag #30daysofleggings Oh and you might want to come back to the blog the next few days for a fun giveaway that well has to do with this little series here!!!

Now let's see your leggings! What are your favorite? How do you style them? I want to see!!! Take a picture post it on Instagram and then tag me @whitneyulrich and hashtag #30daysofleggings remember if you use the hashtag you are entered into the giveaway happening at the end of the series.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your leggings! I loved these posts!

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